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12 Secretive Things Cheating Says About A Person

There are countless things cheating says about a person which reveal his or her actual personality. Know the cheating mindset of a person and what they were hiding in this relationship.

Infidelity is an act that one can’t digest, especially when one loves someone immensely. People do not realize the energy and time invested to create a relationship, and without thinking they tend to hurt the other.

When you discover that your partner is cheating and you choose to confront them, there will be enumerable things that you may realize and discover about them.

Some may directly respond to you but some will come up with excuses that might suck up all your energy gathered to even talk to them.

Believe it or not, but cheaters do give excuses! They can be great at warping your senses and making it seem you are the one who is wrong in accusing them.

“One lie is enough to question all truths” – Anonymous

Manipulation for some can be a convenient pathway to shield them when being blamed for some deed they have done. But cheating is an unforgivable act may it be done for any reason.

There is no excuse for hurting someone who willingly puts effort to keep the bond alive. Do you know?

“The worst kind of hurt is betrayal because it means someone was willing to hurt you just to make themselves feel better”

Let’s check out some unbelievable mindset and outright shocking things that say when someone is cheating on you.

What Does Mindset of A Cheating Person Reveals?

What does the mindset of a cheater reveal? Find the surprising psychology behind cheating and the betrayal mindset of people in relationships. Broken heart quotes.

1. They Have An Absurd Bond With Commitment

This excuse is likely to build up due to numerous reasons. Commitment issue is known to be a commonly stated excuse for cheating.

There are many commitment-phobic people. Not like they don’t want love and affection but it is their deep-rooted issues walking with them like surplus baggage for a long time.

2. They Are Not Happy With Relationship

What do you think about this?

Is it a worthy excuse to give someone with whom you willingly entered in a special bond?

Yes, in every relationship there tend to be ups and downs, but if you collectively work on it that makes more sense than creating a new bond while you are already with someone.

It is said that when a person is unhappy with the relation they should communicate, it helps them to sort out the issues and not lead to such practices that might hurt your partner.

Not compulsory that everyone chooses this pathway to solve, some choose to move away from the relation respectfully whereas some choose to act cowardly and cheat on their partner.

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What does betrayal reveal about a person? Know the shocking psychology of a cheater’s mindset that will show you the actual picture of his character. Sad cheating quotes.

3. They Are Weak Mentally

Loyalty and commitment are the two main factors when one is talking about being strong mentally.

Cheaters are good at this blaming game and they point out their partner for not being emotionally available for them or giving them attention.

4. They Are Indecisive

Many people lack the art of decision making which somehow de-accelerates their willpower.

They do not possess the ability to make concrete decisions about their life. This floppy behavior results in cheating on their partner and still be unsure about it.

This is the category who, after cheating on their partner, says, “it was just a one-time thing” and feel guilty about their actions.

5. They Are Impulsive Idiots

Why do people cheat? It seems some secrets are hidden, some feelings are not spoken and shared. Know the surprising psychology of the cheating person in a relationship.

Cheating can reveal those scrapes of the character of a person, which one never could have known existed in them.

A person is always responsible for their actions and it reveals a lot about them. A person who dare to cheat on their partner displays impulsive and immature traits in their character. They fall into the category of thoughtless people with a lack of emotions.

6. They Have Some Deep-Rooted Issues

The only sad excuse to a cheater’s personality is the deep-rooted issues that are still left to be dealt with. These individuals carry baggage from the past which affects their actions in the present.

They are the ‘troubled child’ whom everyone comes across at least once in their lifetime. May it be family issues, insecurities, overly dependent, relationships issues, whose scars are still not healed?

The desire to gather attention often attracts them to cheat their partner.

7. Cheat Thrills

Every individual has at least once stumbled across a “bad boy” or “bad gal”, who seemed pretty cool but were total jerks. This is a category that loves adventure and love taking risks.

They feel a rush when they cheat or bully someone. This category can be called the cheaters as they don’t ever hesitate to break someone’s heart.

They can even trash talk about their partner without thinking twice. They are the people one should be apprehensive about.

8. They Are Secretive

A natural trait of a cheater is that they are good at hiding things. Their first instincts is to keep everything SECRET.

They know that they do not want to leave traces behind so that they do not have to deal with their past mistakes.

Hiding their phones if you looking, not picking up calls when you are around are some signs which should be suspected.

“Secrets and Lies Kill Relationships. No Matter How Careful You”

9. They Lack The Virtues of Appreciation & Gratitude

Most of the cheaters betray their partners just because they do not value them. They are not thankful for the bond and relationship that they share with the other person.

They take emotions for granted and do not appreciate the understanding and emotional connection with the other person.

They are downright ungrateful people who have no affection or importance for your bond with them.

Want to apologize sincerely? Give your deep apology to person whom you hurt unintentionally.

10. Their Love Is A Lie

A person who has the guts to cheat on their partner is not as invested in their relationship as the other. Their feelings aren’t sincere towards their partner and they take the other one for granted.

This clearly shows that emotional well-being is not a priority for them and they lack the affection they should have towards you.

Once a cheater always a cheater. Very True! Know the 12 surprising things cheating says about a person and mindset. What they were planning behind you. Know the psychology behind cheating.

11. Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

“No matter how small the dishonest deed is, at the end of the day, cheating is cheating.” – Mohammad Amir

If a person has had the heart of cheating you now, they WILL do it again.

If you have ever stumbled upon a cheater, you should forget him or her and move-on or you should think that will you ever be able to trust them again and then call the shots. But make sure to ponder over a hundred times before deciding that the person is worth giving another chance to or not.

12. They Are Selfish Hypocrites

Cheaters are selfish and this states a powerful meaning through their actions. They will always put themselves at priority which may lead in hurting you as well.

They not only have the power to cheat on you but also to treat you bad. Although they hate to be cheated on but they will be comfortable doing that with you.

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There are countless things cheating says about a person which reveal his or her actual personality. Find your true worth with these heartbroken quotes that will help you gain strength.


There are countless things that can cause one to cheat. Although always remember it has nothing to do with you. You aren’t at fault with this. So, do not go into this heavy self-doubt zone of blaming yourself and finding faults in you.

“Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock”

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