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20 Creative and Fun Things To Do When Feel Lonely

Not every days are same, the time comes in everyone’s life when we feel lonely, and sad.

No matter, if you’re surrounded by friends, family and your loved one, you still feel same.

The reason can be anything. It’s common to humankind.

In-fact, realizing the loneliness itself can be a big help for people struggling to overcome loneliness.

But remember, loneliness is just a feeling and feelings can be changed anytime. So, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of loneliness.

You might be feeling lonely today, this week or even month, but it doesn’t mean that you will be going to lonely for the rest of your life.

Once the feelings are over, again you’ll hit this world with the same intensity of joy. Again you can see love, confidence, happiness, support, care and everything you deserve.

Now we’ll not talk more about loneliness as we all know how it makes us feel…..let’s get into some creative, relaxing and crazy fun ideas you can do to overcome loneliness.

Today we’ll talk about on how to cheer up your mood by being silly and crazy.

Yes! Its very necessary to do to stop loneliness as sometimes engaging our-self in fun activity can reduce most of our worries and emotional pain instantly.

So, just look around to create some relaxing and crazy AWW… Moments!!!!


Let’s start slowly from easy to super crazy…. Choose the one best suited for yourself at that time.

1. Just Take A Walk

Trying to overcome loneliness? Walk down to nature, wild side, around the lake or any calming place you normally visit for peace. Find 20 more creative and fun ways to reduce your loneliness.
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If you’re nature lover, then just walk outside where you can find more peace and relaxation. As talking a walk to nature have shown many health benefits to mind and body.

This is the best thing you can do if you’re not more hooky-pooky type person.

Walk down to park, wild side, around the lake or any calming place you normally visit to cheer up your mood.

Also, bring your headphones to listen slow and soft music (just tunes) to boost your dopamine level (Happy Hormone).

Doing this will help your mind to get some fresh air and pictures to experiences the life closely rather than keeping you sit at home and making you feeling lonely.

2. Go for A Body Massage or Pampering

Don’t feed sadness, and loneliness to your body? Pamper yourself to express self-love by getting a soothing body massage. Find 20 more relaxing ways to overcome loneliness.
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Often in our busy schedule, we forget to do this one of the most important thing – Pampering.

Yes! you need to pamper yourself to show love and kindness to your own body, and soul.  As doing this will helps you to boosts happiness, confidence, productivity, health, and inner satisfaction.

A well-pampered person always put a positive impression on everything they do at home or the workplace.

There are so many ways to self-love your soul, like, going for body massage, facials, groom up, mani-pedis, luxury bubble bath, yoga, and relaxation therapy, or anything that you would love to do in your Me-Time.

Only the well-rested and pampered people take charge of their life passionately. They are the people who make good friends, happy kids, good workers, and lovers.

So take out some time for just yourself. It’s really important.

3. Self-Date Yourself

Feeling lonely? Treat yourself with your favorite food at favourite place OR must plan a candlelight dinner to pamper your soul. Find 20 more funny and creative things to do while feeling lonely.
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Dating people and having conversations like, how do you do and what would you like to eat, can sometime irritate you more during loneliness.

Its time to self analyses your life. So, disconnect yourself from social to connect with your own-self is the perfect ideas for you.

As self-date works great!!

It sounds like “I just want to enjoy my favorite food at my favorite place without any interruption of judgment. Because THIS IS ME – THE REAL ME.”

I know it sounds weird!!

But actually being weird is the freedom to live life on your own terms. Not every time we want to be surrounded by family and friends. Right?

So, don’t hesitate to create some of these calming and happy treats for your soul. Just plan a self-date or I must say, a candlelight dinner to enjoy your own company. πŸ˜‰

Find ways to celebrate your won time. Self-date yourself to pamper your soul and inner being. Eat your favorite food at your favorite restaurant. Funny quotes to stop loneliness.

4. Write A Gratitude Journal

If you’re a little bit spiritually lifted, then you know the importance of expressing gratitude in life. Right?

When we feel down, often forget or underestimate the things we have…and feel sad for those we don’t have.

So, it’s time to write a gratitude journal and feels thankful for your family, friends, house, food, people, job, money and everything you have. Also, write down your feelings as it will help you to find why you’re so sad and low.

Definitely, there is a way and you’ll find it out…

When we feel abundant, hardly we feel down and de-motivated. This comes out as one of the greatest strength that we were not aware of.

Reminding yourself what you have can easily shift your emotions from loneliness to abundance.

Repeat these affirmation to overcome loneliness instantly.

Best affirmation to reduce loneliness.Meditate on them and realize your worth to overcome loneliness. These magical words will get settled in your subconscious and boost you inner strength.

5. Watch Sci-Fi Movies

One of the best fun way to shift your loneliness to happiness.

Just call up your friends, grab lots of candy and popcorn and enjoy the adventurous Sci-Fi show.

Immersing yourself into an interesting story can erase all your gloomy negative thoughts by cheering up your mood.

6. Welcome A Cute Pet

Adopt a cute pet to lighten your mood from loneliness. This fun idea is really soul warming as pets give us lots of love through fun playing, scrolling and endless hug. Explore 20 more creative fun ways to reduce loneliness.
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Aww!!  A cute and furry cat or dog can enhance your mood with a sweet act of fun.

Their playfulness and love fills your heart with love and kindness. Think of scrolling, playing, sleeping and all the endless fun with them.

Feeling love…?

Don’t worry it’s not too late!!

Welcome a sweet pet to your house and give him a warm hug as they will going to detox your mood and emotions faster than any other therapy.

7. Talk to Strangers

How crazy this idea can be….? You have no clue until you get into the one….Hahahah!!

Do you know what is the funny things about strangers?

They don’t know you and therefore won’t judge you…but even if they do, you won’t feel bad as you know you will not meet them again. CRAZY!!! πŸ˜‰

So, just look around…..You can see them everywhere.

Now, waiting for what?

Go and grab your chance….

Take a cup of coffee and have few words with strangers to make yourself feel more connected socially. Compliment them for their smiles, their dressing sense, their humor, their style, their kindness, their beauty, and everything.

And see how they make your day great.

Many researchers reveal that chatting with strangers can reduce your emotional pain and anxiety very fast and allow your brain to experience the new side of your inner-being. That’s right.

So, don’t forget to say HELLO…HOW ARE YOU to the person sitting beside you in bus, train, or table. You can approach them in anyway….ONLINE or OFFLINE.

Just talk about your feelings and whatever in your mind. These small act can make a big difference in your life while disappearing your feeling of loneliness within seconds.

8. Go For Stand Up Comedy Show, or Any Fun Activity

Don’t stuck in your mind by feeling lonely and sad, rather than treat yourself a rock show or any comedy show to lighten up your mood. Find 20 best fun ways to overcome loneliness.
Credit: Freepik

Now, this could be super enjoying and funny.

Attend any rock show, event, exercises class, fun dancing, pole dancing, trampoline jumping, standup comedy, or anything that can help you to cheer up your mood.

The point is when you get yourself moving into these funny things, you took a step to explore more things in life.

9. Meet Up Your Old Friends

Don’t waste your time feeling bored and lonely. Call up your crazy beloved and embrace fun to overcome loneliness. Explore 20 more fun ways to stop loneliness.
Credit: Freepik

Call up your friends with whom your energy and mindset match perfectly as only they can understand you more than anyone.

Talk to them casually and reveals the things stealing your smile. Sometimes we just need a dear one to sit besides to make us feel loved and worthy.

Also, talk about all the silly things you guys did together in the past. It will strengthen your relationship and lighten up your mood instantly.

10. Soak In A Bubble Detox Bath

This is one of the most powerful Ayurvedic ways to detox your mind and body.

Although bathing itself detox your body but taking a warm bath with natural salts and essentials oils to your bathtub help you release emotional pain and loneliness, spiritually.

As every bad emotional feeling is just blockage of energy within us. To overcome that, you must know how to release them divinely.

Being a spiritual folk, I totally believe in this concept of taking a detox bath with these salts (Sea salt, and Epsom salt) as they have various therapeutic effects on our body and mind.

So, get ready to overcome loneliness and cheer up your mood with this calming therapy instead of drowning in self-pity. Also, prepare a glass of wine, chocolates, and magazines to enjoy a long relaxing bath.

Try this detox bath recipe when you feel lonely, sad, and emotional break down.

 To release your emotional pain and anxiety, soak yourself into a detox bath-tub with all essential oils and herbs. This most powerful Ayurvedic way will remove loneliness and fatigue fast.

11. Crazy!! Take Any Random Bus, Flight or Train to Anywhere

OMG!! This shot out as real crazy stuff!!

Doing this thing can either meet you to the adventurous person resides in you or to the strangers….;)

Yes! Sometimes we need to do such crazy things to break the monotony of life to explore our hidden potential.

12. Volunteer

Stop loneliness and make yourself feel worthy and valued with this little act of kindness. Offer them food, clothes, and love to overcome loneliness and sadness. Find 20 relaxing ways to beat loneliness.
Credit: Freepik

Offering a helping hand to needy people or animal not only satisfies your soul but also makes you feel valued by others.

In fact, self- valued is earned.

This small act of kindness (feeding homeless, giving clothes, caring for orphanages, or saving animals and more) fills your soul with love and great-fullness.

At least you have home to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, people to help and family to celebrate. This greatness make you more richer and kind.

So, don’t forget to give a helping hand to people around you in need as it always comes back to you multiplied.

Famous quotes to support volunteers. When feeling lonely, volunteer others. This is the super kindness act you can do to make your soul more peaceful. Remember, you’re helping yourself by helping them.

13. Talk to Your Parents

Often in our busy schedule, we forget to talk to our parents. They keep us calling and texting but we tends to ignore them each time.

They are the real people of our life.

Remember, you’re not lucky enough to see them forever. One day they won’t be here to look for you. So, don’t take their love for granted otherwise you’ll regret it later.

Just call up them and tell how much you love them. It will make their day….and yours too!

14. Go On Holidays

Nothing can beat the charm of holidays whether you’re lonely, bored, depress, happy, or want to celebrate. Find 20 more fun ways to overcome loneliness and boredom.
Credit: Freepik

Nothing can beat the charm of holidays whether you’re lonely, bored, depress, happy, or want to celebrate.

Vacation always fills our souls with lots of happiness and memories.

The most funniest and craziest thing you can do is randomly booking a flight for any beautiful place.

Sounds crazy!!

We know such acts require lots of courage…..that you have right now. And after bookings what can you do…? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, you need to go now….

Sometimes you don’t really need to plan a trip normally. Your best vacation always gets planned like this only.

So, boost your adventurous spirit, and steer up your mind from negative thoughts.

Go for shopping now….

15. Get Your Camera Ready

No time to feel lonely! Take out your camera and find beauty around you to explore your life more. Find 20 more fun ways to stop loneliness and feel happier inside.
Credit: Freepik

Try to be a photographer even if you’re not the good one.

Get your camera ready, and move out in nature and start taking beautiful pictures around you.

The sunrise, sunset, sea waves, old loving couples, a barking dog, dancing kids, laughing baby, and all the beautiful things around you. It will help you to overcome loneliness in a more relaxing way.

16. Go for Workout or Yoga or Run

The relationship between exercise/yoga with mood is very deeper.

You can check it at the time of loneliness…how doing exercise helps to lift up your spirit and make you feel better about yourself.

The science behind is when you exercise, your body release chemical – Endorphins that boost your sense of well-being and suppress hormones – Adrenalin and Cortisol which cause stress, loneliness, sadness, and anxiety.

Also, it helps you to lose weight, gain hotness and healthier body.

17. Dance Naked πŸ˜‰

Dance alone to cheer up your mood and stop loneliness. Lock the room and strip off your clothes and be CRAZY!!! Find 20 more creative and fun ways to overcome loneliness.
Credit: Freepik

This is the most funnier act you can do to reduce loneliness and increase dopamine.

Yes! Dancing can heal your body magically. Also, you can make it more funnier by wearing small stuff like just shoes, or just a tie, or scoff or may be nothing. πŸ˜‰

Feeling lonely?

Then take your chance now.  Lock your room and get ready to dance on your favorite beats.

Doing such crazy things alone gives you lots of laughs later. And surely you’ll feel yourself as wonderful human being. I am proud of you!!!

18. Go To Coffee Shop

Treat yourself a nice coffee. Sometimes all you need is just few sip of coffee with your friends. So, don’t waste time on feel lonely, find 20 more fun ways to stop loneliness.
Credit: Freepik

Getting a coffee is one of the awesome things of the day.

But this time you don’t need to brew a coffee at home.

Yaaaa… move outside to a coffee shop far from your home or office, and then place an order. Till the time observe people around you and appreciate the beauty they hold. Just feel the place by being completely aware of it.

Compliment them for offering such a nice coffee and engage in small talks. After some time you will feel lighter and happier.

19. Do Something Crazy!!!

Call up your friends and jump into more craziness to improve your mood and add lots of laughs. Find 20 more fun ways to overcome loneliness and improve your mood.
Credit: Freepik

So, What’s the craziest thing you did till now?


Add some more memories by jumping into more craziness to improve your mood and boost lots of laughs. Call up your friends to record the show… πŸ˜‰

  • Stand in the middle of crowded place by pointing up, dance and singing loudly in-crowd.
  • Hide a walkies-talkie in your tree and scream when people pass by.
  • Go to burger king and ask them for direction to McDonald.
  • Prank people.
  • Handshake to people you like in crowd.
  • Tell her beautiful.
  • Go to any person randomly and ask, “Can I ask you a question” and when they say sure…say thank you and walk away.
  • Write SORRY FOR DAMAGE on random car and record from back.
  • Go to a supermarket and try to put items into people cart without them noticing.
  • Go up to the random people in the mall, show them your ID and yell, “Have you seen this person?”

And so many uncountable to cheer up…..

Crazy!!! Try these super funny things to do with friends. These 10 best funny ways will help you to overcome loneliness and boredom fast and cheer up your mood. Best fun ways to reduce loneliness.

20. Join A Club of Like-Minded People

Just get out of your comfort zone and try some brand new things in your life.

There are so many things you can do, like joining a book group, write poetry, dance classes, playing chess, managing events, organizing beach party, hosting an art and crafts night or anything to connect with like-minded and passionate people like you.

Remember, you’re just giving yourself a chance to create new social connections.

So, why to feel bore and sad when you can do so many things. Explore your life from different angle and you’ll get to know so many hidden things about yourself….

Get Ready To Explore!!

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