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15 Healthy Ways To Detox Your Body Daily

Detox your body naturally with these daily detox rituals…

Hair loss, brittle nails, dull skin tone, feeling tired everytime are few signs you need to detox your body daily.

When your body continues to deposit these toxins, you fall sick. That’ why detox is very essential for the body to remove toxins buildup.

Pollution, unhealthy food, stressful lifestyle are few common build-up sources. Actually, the truth is we are living in the sea of toxins.

According to The Environment Working Group, “The average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in which 180 cause cancer”.

Surprisingly true!!

Now you may think, how many toxins you have been exposed till now? This is the reason you need to detox your body daily.

Natural Ways To Detox Your Body

Here are few simple ways that you can use to cleanse your body internally out. Including these healthy detox ways to your daily life can help you feel light, and happier by both  physically and mentally.

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Let’s get started…

1. Start Your Day With Lemon-Honey Water

Help your body to detox naturally with these refreshing lemon detox drinks. Best drinks to cleanse your body internally out.

Hydration is very important when you wake up in the morning. Drinking warm lemon-honey water fulfill your water requirement, gives you energy, and helps to remove out toxins from the body.

It kicks start your metabolism every morning. You can also add cayenne.

2. Practice Pranayama

Deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to detox your body naturally.

When you breathe consciously, it helps to reset your nervous system and make you feel calm by removing negative energy, stress, and anxiety.

In Ayurveda, we call it “Pranayama”

For that, inhale slowly from your one nose while keeping other nose closed by finger. Now, exhale slowly from another gateway. Repeat this process both sides.

For great benefits, practice it in the morning, when fresh air blows. It will boosts your energy, and cleanse your breath pipe to recharge your system for the rest of the day.

Practice these breathing technique to relax your body within 10 minutes.

3. Sip Detox Tea

Just sip few cups of herbal detoxifying tea every day to boost metabolism, improve digestion and remove out toxins.

Some herbal tea – green tea, ginger tea, oolong tea, and mint tea keeps your system cleanse naturally. These detox tea also claims to burn belly fat, gives glowing skin and improving digestion.

Sip for your own good!!

A. Lemon-Ginger Detox Tea

If you’re looking for some strong, tangy, and, warm flavor then this detox tea is perfect for you. Being very popular detox among people trying to lose some belly fat, it’s have many health benefits that will blow your mind.

In terms of detoxing your body healthily, this is the best choice of all health conscious folks.

Lemon-ginger detox tea recipe to cleanse your body internally out. Try these awesome ways to detox your body naturally. Fat burning detox recipes, bath and so many.

B. Green Tea Detox

When its green tea, we don’t need to convince you guys. We all are aware of its amazing health benefits for weight loss, skin care and body care.

Especially, one of the best choice of all the gym loving peoples.

Green tea detox to cleanse your body and lose some belly fat. Try 15 more healthy ways to detox your body internally out. Best detox drinks and recipes.

C. Detoxifying Mint Tea

Another very aromatic tea to mesmerize your mood when you feel tired, and off-beating. Its strong scent is known to suppress your appetite healthily.

Moreover, this refreshing detox tea is favorite pre-workout detox drink of many peoples.

Mint detox tea to get rid of unnecessary toxins out from your body. Try these 15 healthy ways to detox your body naturally.

4. Drink More Filtered Water

Drinking 8-10 glass of water is what everyone suggests. And why not?

Water is essential to keep your body healthy. It flows great energy, flushes out toxins, brings a natural glow, enhances physical performance, improves body function, sleep and digestion.

Many nutritionist claims that drinking 2 glass of water every morning on empty stomach can regulates your bowel movements so you take less time to cleanse your stomach.

Also, when you have a headache, anxiety, and stress; start drinking plenty of water.

5. Cleanse Your Body With Dry Brushing

Dry brushing right before you bath improves blood flow from head to toes. Using a soft-bristle brush, gently start at your feet, and arms towards your heart.

It’s an ayurvedic detoxification process that stimulates the lymphatic system and  remove the toxins out from your skin.

7. Fruit-Infused Detox Water

Cucumber-Lemon detox water to cleanse your body. Natural ways to detox your body. Healthy water to burn belly fat in summer.
Credit: Freepik

Fruit infused water is one of the coolest ways to cleanse your body naturally in summer. It’s best for the people who don’t like to drink plain boring water.

Adding high fiber fruits to your plain water can makes it delicious, and healthier. It keeps you hydrated, flush out toxins, improve digestion, anti-aging, aids weight loss, and bring a natural glow to your skin.

Add cucumber, lemons, lime, grapefruits, berries, and mint (sliced) to water and keep aside for 2 hours to infuse flavor completely.

To prevent the summer heat, you can also add some ice cubes before serving.

Try some of the all-time favorite refreshing detox-drinks recipes to remove out toxins from your body.

8. Sweat More

Sweating refers to get yourself moving through exercise, aerobics or yoga. Exercise recharge your system, increase blood flow by making your heart pumping fast.

Daily exercise keeps you active, energetic and productive throughout the day. So, sweat every day to detox your body naturally.

9. Get A Good Night Sleep

Improve your sleep quality with these healthy detox ways that work wonderfully well. Try these daily rituals from detox drinks to bath and food to cleanse your body.

All day, we exhaust our energy and sleep is the only time when we recharge our organs again. That’s why its important to sleep 7-8 hours every night.

Try these Ayurveda ways to enhance your sleep quality –

  • Meditation
  • Sip warm milk and honey before going to bed. But not too close to the bedtime as it may disturb your sleep.
  • Dilute essential oils with an air diffuser.
  • Spray essential oil on the pillow to induce good sleep. (Lavender oil is trusted).
  • Herbal oil massage on feet.
  • Practice pranayama.
  • Take a lighter meal at night.
  • Turn off computer, laptop, and TV before you sleep.

Waking up well-rested in morning can turn your day more positively around. And more importantly, encourage you to eat healthily.

6. Eat Clean

A healthy and balanced diet is very important to detox your body naturally.

Our foods play an important role to design our feeling, emotions and wellbeing. That’s why its very important to select our food wisely.

Incorporating more fibers, vitamins and minerals can eliminate various toxic loads naturally.

Focus more on nuts (almonds, walnuts), seeds (sunflower, flex), oil (extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil), proteins (grass-fed beef, wild caught seafood), legumes (beans, lentils), fruits and green vegetables.

Avoid high mercury fish such as tuna, mackerel, marlin, swordfish, and grouper. Also, avoid refined sugar, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, non-organic fruits, and veggies.

10. Oil Pulling

How to do oil pulling. Try this coconut oil pulling. Best ways to detox your body naturally.
Credit: Dr. Axe

Oil pulling is a very powerful detoxification process that can be done with coconut, or olive oil.

Swishing one tablespoon of organic coconut or olive oil around your mouth for 10-15 minutes can pull out bacterial toxins from the deepest crevices in your oral cavity.

It removes bad breathe, reduce inflammation, treat tooth decay, strengthen your stomach, heart, lungs, liver, and reproductive organs.

11. Do Meditation

Meditation is one of the powerful tools to remove negative energy, stress, and anxiety from your nervous system.

It not only calm down your mind, but also reward various mind sharpening benefits such as you become more aware, creative, improved memory, and concentration.

It balances your body by releasing emotional and mental fatigue.

Give yourself enough time to close your eyes, and concentrate in between eyelids for about 15-20 minutes everyday.

12. Cleanse Your Body By Taking Detox Bath

Try this detox bath recipe to get rid of toxins from your body. Use other healthy ways to cleanse your body daily with these highly effective detox drinks, detox baths, and food recipes.

Bathing itself is detoxing that help to reduce toxic load and impurities from your body externally.

So, what does a detox bath means?

Adding various natural salts and oils to your bathtub can cleanse your body inside out effortlessly. These salts have various therapeutic effects on your body and mind.

Detox bath calm down your nerves, boost your natural detox system, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and recharge your body naturally.

Try this simple but most powerful ways to detox your body once a week.


  • ¼ cup of sea salt or Himalayan salt
  • ¼ cup Epsom salt
  • ¼ cup baking soda
  • 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 10-12 drop essential oil


  • Mix all the salts together.
  • Add baking soda and 10-12 drops of essential oil in a bowl.
  • Fill warm water in the bathtub and pour this mixture.
  • Soak yourself for 20-30 minutes and pat dry.

You’ll surely love this relaxing detox ritual.

13. Get A Relaxing Massage

Massage is another relaxing treatment you can do to detox your body.

It increases blood flow, stimulates the lymphatic system, removes toxic build up and relieves in headache, and anxiety.

14. Spend Time In Nature

Just pack yourself up and go out to spend some time in nature.

According to the American Heart Association, it relieves stress, anxiety, improves mood flow and boosts happiness. The way you see, hear and experience nature is the moment you start transforming healthily.

Go for a long walk or take a bicycle ride instead of using a car. This pleasing environment will detox your body more powerfully than any other ritual.

Try forest, park, beaches, an indoor greenhouse, or even a hotel courtyard.

15. Show Gratitude & Appreciation

Yes! Gratitude. You might be wondering how gratitude can help you to detox.

When you become grateful, you start to admire everything in your life. This admiration leads a healthy relationship, a healthy lifestyle, good vibrations, and eventually, you start attracting good people in your life.

These people make your life happier and easier effortlessly. Just a small appreciation can change your life positively around.

And this detox is one of the most healthier detox by both; physically and mentally. It’ll brings a big smile on your face.

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