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How to Train Your Mind For Success

‘Whatever happens to you, it takes place within you and not anywhere else.’ – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva

You have a Magic Lamp and It’s your own Mind! Are You Ready to Unleash the Genie?

As Sadhguru explains through the logic of optical illusion, it seems so easy to understand. However, when we try to implement the same logic to personal experience, it becomes so difficult to deal with it.

It is true that – ‘it’s all in our mind.’ Our mind is the most significant part of our entire being. Your mind is a wonderful slave but a horrible master. Let’s find out the best possible ways to train your mind.

Train Your Mind For Positivity

Training your mind is not an overnight thing. Let’s learn to take one step at a time and slowly induce these powerful practices into our system.

  • Observe Your Thoughts

“Worry means Writing a Negative Movie Script of Life. Watching the movie again and again on the screen of your mind and creating Fear each time. You are the Scriptwriter, Director, and actor of your movie. Create what you enjoy Watching.” – B.K.Shivani

Sister Shivani explains, our thoughts are as real as this existence whether we get pinched in reality or we visualize getting pinched, it is one and the same thing for our mind. It is the same with experiencing or visualizing some kind of accomplishment, happiness or contentment.

To put it in the words of Sister Shivani, “You create your own thoughts. Your thoughts create your intentions. Your intentions create your reality.”

Need we say more? Our thoughts are important. So a potent exercise to train your mind is to think before you think.

  • Express Gratitude

Practice saying – “I am grateful for…” is a very important tool for inducing positivity in your life. It is true that if you want to fix something, you have to focus on that.

But most of our attention goes to what trouble us. We tend to dwell instead of keeping a solving approach. The practice of expressing gratitude is one such positive approach.

Develop a habit of counting your blessings every single day. Maintain a journal and write down the things that you have been truly grateful for on that particular day. It could be a skill, or a small gesture of love that your family or friend might have extended towards you. Few days into this practice will magically transform your life.

  • Focus on What Is Good

So what is good for you? Things that make you happy and things that help to grow as a human being. It does not matter how big or small they are as long as they fulfill these two factors.

It has become a human tendency to measure everything from their output. However, simple things like staring at the rainbow or helping someone in need can be extremely fulfilling. These help us to connect with the human side of our personality.

  • Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

We have a propensity to measure our success in the pretext of other’s achievements. This is the sure-shot route to misery.

The first step towards unleashing your inherent potentials is to step out of the rat race and stop trying to prove yourself. Laud yourself even for small achievements but at the same time don’t stop your pursuit to go for higher goals.

  • Be Mindful About the Company You Keep

Your thoughts and actions are influenced by the kind of company you keep. Stay away from naysayers, backbiters, and toxic people whose intention can be hurtful.

  • Train Your Subconscious Mind

It is said that our subconscious mind is more powerful than our conscious mind.

It is our conscious thoughts and actions that prompt our subconscious mind about our purpose and intentions. And thus it changes its pattern which eventually changes the course of action in our lives.

Train Your Mind for Success

Let’s find out how to train your mind for success, power, and a game-changer personality. These superb mind tricks will help you to explore your new version.
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What do you see in a successful person? Or may I ask – what attracts you the most in a successful person? Money? Lifestyle? Social status?

If you ask any successful person – what do they work for? They would not cite any of these three reasons as the motivation behind the work they do. So how exactly is their brain wired for success? Let’s find out.

The pursuit of success requires ceaseless and persistent effort, unwavering focus, willingness to leave your comfort zone and a healthy diet for your mind.

Well, let’s begin with a backward sequence…

  • Food for Your Mind

We are aware of the nutrition that our body requires. But are we equally conscious about the things that we expose our minds to?

The very first step to train your mind for success is to get the right kind of information that your mind needs to make it wired for success.

Shun all the distractions as much as possible, shun negativity. Try to surround yourself with information that enriches and invigorates you.

  • Upgrade

Upgrade your professional skills to stay ahead of others. It is your adaptability to the changing scenario and conscious efforts to change before others that will help you to hail as a leader in your line of work. Also, learn new skills and diversify the ambit of work.

  • Challenge Yourself

Deconstruction and Reconstruction – this is the very basis of life’s existence. Every muscle tears up to form a new muscle. Hence, be prepared to challenge yourself with something new.

Be ready to leave your comfort zone. Make a list of things that fascinates you, but you think that they are not your cup of tea. Take it up one at a time and do what it takes to achieve them. The kind of confidence it will breathe into your soul will make you invincible in everything you do.

  • Visualize and Focus

Yes, the focus and visualization is an important tool to train your mind for success. First, visualize your success and then set your focus on it. What is it that you want to achieve?

Set small goals. Collect pictures and make a note of everything that you want to achieve. Set a deadline and a route map to achieve your goal and get, set, go for it.

  • Treat Failure as a Learning Lesson

For true achievers, failure means the opportunity to try something bigger and better. They would tell you how important it is to fail.

It is important to be experimental without thinking about success and failure. It is the spontaneity in your efforts and the freshness of your idea that will help you to arrive at something truly disruptive.

Strength Training For Your Mind

Your mind is a wonderful slave but a horrible master. Let’s find out the best possible ways to train your mind.
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Our mind is also a muscle that needs to be strong and trained like any other muscle in our body.

Again it is all about developing a habit regarding the same. Like any other strength training exercise, it will be challenging and might make you want to run away. But if you are determined to stay, you will be rewarded in the most unprecedented way.

So let’s see what it takes to strengthen your mind.

  • Discipline

First and foremost, discipline is not a cup of tea for everyone. 90 percent of the people set their alarm at 5 AM in the morning but only a handful of them actually wake up at that time. Then again, among the ones who manage to wake up, are not able to sustain the habit after a few days. These are all the signs of a weak mind.

Anybody who is able to stick to a discipline’s lifestyle is indisputably the owner of a very strong mind. Hence, as it turns out, becoming disciplined is one of the most potent hacks to train your mind.

  • Fitness

A strong mind is a result of having a strong and fit body. And essentially, fitness is an inevitable part of leading a disciplined life. Hence, inculcate a fixed fitness regime in your daily routine. Exercise regularly and pay attention to what you eat. Make sure your diet is nourishing to your body as well as your mind.

  • Meditation

Meditation is the ultimate tool to train your mind and unleash your inner potentials. This brings us back to the initial point where we discussed that our mind is a horrendous master but an awesome slave.

Meditation helps us to enslave our mind and make it work for us. It calm our mind and detaches us from the distractions in the most beautiful and effortless manner.

  • Follow Strong-Willed People

Following and learning from people with a strong mindset help to train your mind to be strong and indomitable.

Be mindful of what attracts you most about the people you admire. Every role model has one thing in common – that they have been extremely stubborn and uncompromising about what they set their aims at.

That is exactly what pulls us towards them. Try to identify this trait in your role model and make conscious efforts to inculcate that in your life.

It is only when you learn to train your mind is when you begin to realize what an incredible magic lamp your mind turns out to be! And indeed, it has a genie trapped inside it – the genie with unearthly powers that can fulfill all your wishes and take you from rags to riches.

Try it for yourself and let us know about your mind training pursuits.

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