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8 Morning Habits For A Positive Start of The Day

Early morning is the most beautiful time of the day. Your senses start feeling every vibe. The kissing of the warm sunbeams has power to turn even a dull day into the brighter one.

The great things must be done in the morning. It is the purest time that can be properly utilized by following some fruitful Morning Routines.

You don’t have to be an early morning person but when you wake up, you must start your day with a positive mindset.

If you are eagerly looking for “Change my morning habits” then this little piece of advise can help you to redesign your morning again.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. –Jimmy Johnson

How Morning Habits Help Us to Stay Positive?

How to make a day more productive, successful, and happier by changing your morning habits?

There are thousands of people to advise you on morning rituals. Don’t you think you need to understand the facts more thoroughly and deeply?

You must develop the insight to understand this.

  1. Setting the tone of the day is very important because even without rhythm, music is also a piece of noise. When you set your tone for morning routines, it boosts the positive influence. Adding productive habits is very basic thing to start your day.
  2. Every species including the human being runs in cycles of twenty-four hours. It is regarded as the existence of the body clock. Scientifically, the cycle is called the Circadian Cycle which defines the rhythm between eating, sleeping, and other psychological progress.
  3. Cue> Routine> Reward; This model exists behind our habits. But one must improvises this model regularly as we humans work on autopilot mode. In this model, the cue is what wakes you up like the alarm clock or inner clock or anything else. Then appears the routine phase which can consist of anything like taking a glass of water or sitting for yoga. After the routine phase, the loop generally ends. But if you want to make your morning really exceptional, then forget the reward and keep another routine to start your day ahead.

According to human psychology, ‘human beings don’t like orderly life’. The great things happen to those, who drive their life through challenges.

You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event – It is a habit. – Aristotte

8 Powerful Morning Habits

To start a great day, you must catch up your morning habits and routines that transform your life positively. Best morning habits to follow for a positive day.

Top 8 morning habits to make your day positive and successful.

1. Open Your Eyes With A Pleasant Smile

This may seem awkward and goofy, but has a great impact on our psychology. It gives us a sense of fulfillment and grows self-love. It is the most powerful weapon one can have in the quietest time.

When you smile, your body releases Endorphins which are considered to be natural pain killers. The mixture of these neurotransmitters makes you feel good and relaxed from head to toe.

2. Drink A Glass of Water

After getting up, have a glass of water first to clean your bowl and awaken the body. It will re-energize and re-hydrate you to expel toxins that were stored the whole night.

3. Yoga and Meditation

At least 30 minutes of yoga and meditation session is a must. The benefits of yoga aren’t hidden from anyone. Meditation helps to be more determined and focused. It builds a strong character that won’t make you panic in stressful situations.

4. Visualize

To achieve your desired goals and dreams, you must develop a habit to visualize. and morning is the perfect time to do such inspirational things.

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions. –Albert Einstein

5. Positive Self Talk

Do not get lost in the fast-going digital world. Spend some time with yourself and have a nice conversation about your mind, body, work, soul, relationship, and life. It’s the best time to face you.

Your body hears everything that your mind says.

6. Feel the Divine Power

There are so many precious gems hidden in the mystic morning for peoples who have guts to find them. Instead of spending time on social media, you must transcend yourself to the world of divinity.

7. Listen to the Binaural Bits

To start your day great, listen to Alpha bits to activate your brain cells. You can freely get the Alpha and other bits on YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Alpha waves boost your brainpower, hence keep you focused and customized for the day.

8. Plan Your Day

Before your morning ends, you must scrutiny your schedule and routine to achieve your day to day goals.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. –Napoleon Hill

Its our habits that decide our future, not our wish. We often procrastinate a lot to start good things in life.

If this is what you regularly do then look for the reasons from where procrastination comes, such as, no proper sleep, disturb biological clock and routines, laziness, no workouts, tiredness, and bad eating habits.

When you will start working on these things, automatically you’ll start shifting to good  routines and patterns on which our habits are build.

What’s your favorite morning habits that you would love to do each morning?

We would love to listen from you guys? Your suggestion are most welcome to boost inspiration around the world.

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