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10 New Relationship Rules of 21st Century

When it comes to relationship advice, everyone has a different perspective as per their relationship status.

Your relationship can a super sweet thing that has ever happen to you or the worst thing keeping you lonely and sad.

Initial days are superb to keep brightening your life effortlessly. But as your relationship grow older, you start seeing the actual picture of that person.

You start looking for why words are not matching to actions? Why promises are not fulfilled? Why calls are not answered? Why do they start avoiding your needs? Why they are not supporting you? What they are busy with? Why they are not giving you time?  Why so many hiding things come and endless others.

You go lucky if don’t face any of these… but not everyone is lucky.

After being in 10 years of heartbreaking relationship, I learned so many relationship saving rules that can be avoided if you are a beginner.

Love is all we need. But what if that love becomes your greatest loss. The loss is not of love only, but of your life and time too. You are investing so much into your significant half and he or she is not ready to invest even a single penny.

How to recognize such people in the relationship?

Well! Your soul and gut answer to every single things you ask. But what we do is…just ignore it.

We ignore every single thing that needs our immediate attention at that time. We thought so innocently that they might be busy in life, tired enough, struggling, or not in a good mood to talk and discuss about the matter.

But what if it occurs regularly?

Always remember the Red Flag!!!

As one of my friends says, you must have seen the red flag before?

Yaa… I have seen it many times, but all I did was just ignored and loved him back to keep us together. This made my love worthless. Even if I was angry I was choosing him only over and over.

This made me feel stuck and the time comes when every door was closed to me. He put me through hell and I call it LOVE.

After so long time, finally, destiny helped me to accept reality and move on. The scars can’t be fade away but reward me a great life lessons.

Facing the things alone made me strong and smarter enough.

Tom Hardy once said,

Nothing is more dangerous than a person who healed himself with help of nobody. If you can rise up from the shit they left you in, there is no MF out there who can tell you shit.

Relationship Saving Rules That You Must Know

A hug is the best healer for any wounded heart. Keep your love warm with these latest 21st-century relationship tips. Best love quotes.
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Love is very sweet thing that happens to all of us. It brighten up our life and personality effortlessly. We feel the day is more brighter, the air is so fresh, and the moon is so wide. It transformed everything beautiful and magical initially.

And every beautiful things have its cost. In order to maintain the love and harmony, we must do something that can hold us together.

1. Never Allow Your Person Go to Bed in Stress

No matter how worse your argument is. You both should stand up against the problem, not to each other.

When you go to sleep angry, it comes as your first thought next morning, and again the fight will take one more day. So, choose to speak up openly which is bothering both of you, and make sure you both feel relax before going to sleep.

2. A Relationship Is Exciting When It’s New

There will be more late-night calls, more meetings, dine out party, fun, cuddles, love, and romance. You don’t put efforts, it just goes with the flow.

The problem arises when it gets older, and you lose interest in your partner. That is the time when you must put effort to create new memories with your old sweetheart, rather than going out and haunting another person for excitement.

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3. Don’t Try To Be Smart With Your Person

I have seen many people using the sales technique to make their partner fool about why they late, why they dint answer calls and telling lots of overcoming lies to hide things.

You must remember, when it comes to relationships, you must be true to your things. These people are so used to telling lies and covering things that they don’t even feel bad  about taking their relationship for granted until it’s very late.

4. Make Yourself a Priority, Self-Love Is The Key

Normally when we entered a relationship, we forgot ourselves and start putting the other person first. I am not saying you should not keep them first.

But unless and until you are not sure about the intensity of love is same from another person also, Please Wait!

Don’t rush to disappear your fun, friends, people, and other priorities. A real man or woman always adds to you, not to separate you from.

Motivational love quotes to awaken your self-love. Keep your love warm with these 21st century relationship tips.
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5. A Relationship Is Not A Guessing Game

Speak up about your needs clearly. Initially, many people fear stating their needs and later they feel the disappointment of not getting what they want from their partner.

Perfectly make sense!

6. Respect Is The Key

Sometimes you feel intense love and sometimes out of love. That’s totally okay.

That is the real moment when you must remember how to respect your partner even if you are not feeling the love.

But disrespecting is not okay. It hurt more than anything else and makes people move out of you suddenly.

7. Power of Conversation

Always remember, a conversation is the key to a healthy relationship.

I can’t figure out why this new generation feels cool to ignore things. No, it’s really not cool. A real conversation can heal any wounds especially when he or she is your lover.

8. Don’t Judge Your Person When They Express

When you truly listen to their concern, don’t judge them. Instead, make them comfortable by giving them the undivided attention that is required.

Look at the things from their perspective too. This will help both of you to understand and value each other’s differences.

9. Don’t Leave Them Alone Even If They Say It

They need you most when they say, “leave Me Alone.”

Don’t always look for words that have been said rather check out the intention behind that.

Always make efforts to keep them warm with your love. They will love this act that you refused to give up on them.

10. Love Is Not Always A “Feeling Good Things”

Most of the time love is pain, misery, and hurt.

At that time don’t think you are out of this feeling of love. That is the time when you must keep your partner closer to your heart, even if it hurts.

Such times come in every relationship. But once both of you are over to that bad phase, your bonding will grow stronger than ever. Face everything together.

Soul healing love quotes to overcome the hardship of a relationship. Keep your love warm with these best relationship rules.
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