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8 Romantic Ways to Express Your Love Instead of Saying “I love You”

Love is a feeling, and thus it is hard to express your affection to someone through words. Saying “I love you” to a person is not an easy thing, especially when you are saying this for the first time.

Moreover, those three magical words are so overused that they are not much convincing enough. Instead of saying “I love you”, you can express your love differently.

A unique way to express your love can deeply hit your partner and shower their love back to you. Get some of the most romantic love expressing ideas on this valentine’s day.

1. Gift With A Drone

Showing your love is not only about the gifts that you choose but also about the ways of sending.

In many popular movies, we have seen that actor climbs the ladder to reach the actress living on the second floor of the house. In few others, gifts and letters are sent through pigeons.

LoL! You are not advised to do such things. Instead, replace your pigeon with a drone.

Using drones is a unique way of sending gifts to your partner. Moreover, drones can carry different kinds of goods. From foodstuffs to the bouquet, you can send anything depending on the capacity of the drone.

The good thing is that you do not need to purchase a drone for sending the gifts. You can easily rent it. There are a few drone operators that provide you the service of sending gifts.

This unique way of sending even a simple gift can make a person feel special and realize your love and affection towards them.

2. Starry Night Dinner

Candlelight dinner is a conventional idea of expressing love. If you want to make your dinner more interesting then opt. for starry night dinner.

Many restaurants offer comfy seating under the open sky or you can also opt for starry night themed restaurants that create a night ambiance with artificial lights.

Apart from great food and drink, get some romantic and soothing music. With such a lovely setup, you can easily express your love to the person.

3. A Giant Box Filled With Gifts

If you love someone, you can consider the special occasions, such as birthday, Valentine’s Day as a bonus day to express your love.

A giant box filled with balloons, flowers, toys, candies, and other gift items would be an excellent ways to make special place in their heart. You can send it by yourself or find a courier service to surprise them.

4. Love Quotes on Balloons

Balloons are loved by everyone. You can decorate a room with colorful and uniquely shaped balloons. From birthday parties to romantic events, balloons have been used as interior decorative items.

For making things a little interesting and creative, add a note with each balloon. On these notes, you can express your feelings via some funny love quotes, poems or romantic love messages.

5. Feelings on Flower Petals

How about writing your feelings on the flower petals? Now, this may blow her mind.

Although, it takes lots of efforts and time but surely will be recognizable and appreciated by your partner. Adding a little fun element can make the whole thing even more romantic.

6. A Customized Proposal Cake

You can order a personalized proposal cake on her special day. Decorate your messages or love proposal to makes the offer more romantic.

7. Cook Her Favorite Meal

Cooking her favorite meal is not a very fancy idea but surely a warm gesture to express your love. Just simple but heart melting ideas to keep other person happy.

8. Go For A Long Drive

A long drive through country roads gives you enough opportunity to express your feelings. Spending time together can help you to get more closer.

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