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150+ Signs of Maturity: Incredible Answers From Quora

Find out how mature you are as a person with these power signs of maturity that will guide you what maturity truely means. 

How maturity looks like when it comes to emotional, mental, personal and relationship means?

Do you think maturity comes with age?

We believe that the signs of maturity comes with the deeper experiences of life’s struggle, situations, how we take things and so many others to decide our maturity levels as a person.

The very famous quote about maturity says that –

“It doesn’t always come with age, infact it’s deeper than age. It’s about the way you see and understand things. The way you consider others. The way you communicate. The way you react. The things you value. The things you entertain. The way you represent yourself and others as an adult. Everyone grows older but not everyone is growing up.” – VD.

What Maturity Truly Means in Real Life

These incredible answers about the signs of maturity will help you to figure out how mature you are as a person in your life, work, and relationship.

You must have a look on this list that will leave you speechless.

Table of content:

  • Signs of maturity in life
  • Sings of maturity in a relatiosnhip
  • Signs of maturity in persoanlity
  • Signs of maturity in teenagers
  • Signs of emotional maturity

Signs of Maturity In Life

How mature are you as a person? Find out your level of maturity with these signs of maturity from a psychological perspective.

Maturity in life is when –

  1. It’s good to make your bed every morning!
  2. Gossiping is boring, useless, and time-wasting.
  3. Speak up for yourself, or people never know.
  4. Stop buying H&M and Forever 21! Quality > quantity!
  5. I need to give up in order to obtain it.
  6. You realize that life is not fair but you have to accept it.
  7. You help someone without expecting anything in return.
  8. Stop to find any excuses and deal with the fact.
  9. Have no expectation about anybody or anything that doesn’t belong to me.
  10. Set an appointment with a doctor for an annual general physical exam.
  11. You understand that 95% of people are always wrong.
  12. You realize girlfriends and boyfriends are not the only things in life.
  13. Smoking, drinking, driving, gymming, chilling are not cool anymore.
  14. You stop checking-in on Facebook for every restaurant you go to, and every airport you land.
  15. You come to know that people who take “humanities” courses are not dumb.
  16. When you are not serious all the time and know how to add a flavor of mischief – The absence of humor.
  17. You feel no shame talking in your mother tongue
  18. You respect people for their knowledge/Experience and not because of their age.
  19. You choose to read a book over movies.
  20. You cherish friends who are always there when you need them.
  21. You smile even when the circumstances force you to cry.
  22. You stop peeping into someone’s life.
  23. You choose to stay with your parents during their old age instead of sending them to old age homes.
  24. You stop wasting food, which took years to grow.
  25. You stay simple.
  26. You realize that home-cooked food is better than fast food.
  27. You realize that you cannot fix everything and you have to accept it the way it is.
  28. You realize that you have to live alone and you accept it.
  29. You believe in “work is worship.”
  30. You know that, your own shadow leaves at the time of darkness.
  31. You learn the art of ignorance.
  32. You realize that God is about peace and not about religion, caste, or different names of god.
  33. You are special to people only when or till the time they need you.
  34. You know the fact that you are not eternal.
  35. You spend your time/money wisely.

Signs of Maturity in a Relationship

How mature you’re in a relationship? Find out these 150 signs of being in an emotionally matured relationship from Quora.

Maturity in Relationship is When –

  1. You remember the promises you once made & you never break it, no matter what.
  2. You realize ‘I cannot live without you’ is the biggest lie you hear from your gf/bf.
  3. You are hurt & cried last night and no one knows about it.
  4. You know the difference between Love, Infatuation & attraction.
  5. You understand that I love you is not just about happy times.
  6. You know the relationship needs patience and crush doesn’t last long.
  7. You choose a girl to love based on her character.
  8. Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says: ‘I need you because I love you.’ – Erich Fromm.
  9. You hit the office instead of the gym because a girl always chooses a person with six-digit income over six-packs.
  10. You say “Ok, you win, I lose” even though you were right.
  11. You realize an Apple I-phone and a Duke 390cc won’t make girls fall in love with you.
  12. You know that other people too have feelings and emotions.
  13. You don’t play with someone else’s emotions for your happiness.
  14. You neither hate nor take revenge from your ex and move-on with a wide smile on your face.
  15. You don’t get confused between friendship v/s love.
  16. You know that in a relationship “Everything matters when it begins and nothing really matters when it ends.”
  17. You get to know the function of your heart is to pump the blood but not to love.
  18. You know that people walk in your life promising not to change or not to leave, but they still change & they still leave.
  19. You have a lot to say but know that the person in front of you isn’t worth a penny so you choose to stay quiet & walk away.
  20. You know the difference between the feelings of falling in love and the actions of choosing to love. Remember the former, sustain the latter.
  21. You don’t bother to call your ex no matter how much it hurts because you know it was him/her who finished everything because they lacked willingness & it requires (Love) to stay.
  22. You realize that being loyal to only one person is far more important than having many.
  23. You realize that you don’t fall in love with every other beautiful girl if you are single.
  24. You understand money can’t buy everything.
  25. You are not in contact with people for years who broke your hurt and behave normally when they talk to you after a long.
  26. You realize that you should always have some innocence in you.

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Signs of Maturity in Man & Women

150 traits of a powerfully matured person. Find out how mature you’re as a personality. Signs of maturity.

Maturity in personality is when –

  1. You change only to become a better version of yourself and not to please someone.
  2. You don’t need this, so you won’t buy this!
  3. It’s OK if you don’t know everything.
  4. You know action speaks louder than words.
  5. A phone call with your mom is not annoying but relaxing one.
  6. It’s good to be serious sometime.
  7. You focus on what you love and everything else will come along.
  8. You talk less, listen more, and let other people shine.
  9. You say NO to people who waste your time.
  10. You love yourself more and don’t hurt (yourself) for someone else.
  11. You learn to say NO and have the courage to disagree.
  12. You don’t judge or make fun of people on the basis of skin color and dressing style.
  13. You stop complaining and start adjusting.
  14. You were never ugly, you were just not rich enough.
  15. You drop the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ to ‘I don’t care’ attitude.
  16. You don’t make friends based on their financial status.
  17. You realize that now it’s your turn to take care of your parents.
  18. You realize that giving some respect to the janitors, waiters, etc doesn’t degrade your position.
  19. You realize that posting too many pictures on Facebook is a waste of time.
  20. You start thinking about your actions and how it affects other people.
  21. You stop impressing someone and start giving time to improve yourself.
  22. You forgive people for their mistake.
  23. You choose happiness over money.
  24. You stop choosing the branded outfit and start buying according to your budget.
  25. You start appreciating the great works without any ego.
  26. You start saving for the future instead of spending on Saturday night pub’s.
  27. You learn the art of crying without getting caught.
  28. You realize that 90% of the gf/bf relationships are all about short term attraction & favorable conditions, not about TRUE LOVE.
  29. Blue ticks & Last seen on social media apps don’t bother you because you know what’s Privacy and you respect it.
  30. You realize that your parents are the only ones who always support you.

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Signs of Maturity In Teenagers

150 characteristics of mature teenagers. Find out how mature you’re as a person. Sign of maturity in your personality.

Maturity in teenagers is when –

  1. You don’t upvote an answer just by going through a girl’s profile in order to have her attention.
  2. You choose to spend time with family on weekends instead of roaming around with friends.
  3. You don’t get offended easily and can take jokes cracked on you.
  4. You don’t want that new phone because your parents cannot afford it and moreover, it’s useless.
  5. You realize that you can’t build up a relationship through texts.
  6. You realize that Social networking sites only waste your time.
  7. You realize that having a single status, for real, is bliss.
  8. You realize that criticizing others doesn’t make you superior.
  9. You stop pretending and showing off on social media.
  10. You stop uploading your good morning selfies on Facebook.
  11. You realize that adopting unhealthy habits aren’t good at all.
  12. You realize that having a large number of proposals doesn’t take you anywhere.
  13. You realize that no-one cares except your own family.
  14. You realize that people have two faces. One fake and other real.
  15. You realize that you can’t please everyone.
  16. You realize that Facebook is actually a virtual place and friends on Facebook are also virtual ones.
  17. You realize that your parents were right every time they objected to any of your decisions in the past.
  18. You know that you make 100’s of friends but the real one stays in your life.
  19. You know the value of hunger and money, by yourself.

Signs of Emotional Maturity

150 signs of an emotionally matured person. Find out what your personality reveals about you. Traits of emotionally matured man.

A person is emotionally matured when –

  1. You see someone take a breath before they answer a sensitive question.
  2. You don’t look to pick fights and tries to stay neutral on subjects they aren’t properly informed about.
  3. You say “I don’t know” when you don’t know something.
  4. You know when to stop specifically in an argument.
  5. Saying “please”, “thank you”, or just being courteous in general.
  6. You patiently listen before defending and then try to resolve the issue.
  7. You finally realize that just because you have the money for something, doesn’t mean you can afford it.
  8. You apologize easily and sincerely, then move on.
  9. You are capable of interacting with people of multiple age groups, not just your own.
  10. You don’t gossip about other people.
  11. Knowing when to let people “win”.
  12. You have the ability to hear constructive criticism about yourself without getting angry or defensive.
  13. You show integrity, respect and diligence.
  14. Being able to change your opinion when new information is available.
  15. You handle disagreements like opportunities for problem-solving instead of getting defensive and upset.
  16. You understand others’ point of view, respectfully disagree with it, AND be able to explain why you disagree.
  17. You respectfully step away from an unhealthy relationship.
  18. You keep your mouth shut and let people reveal their own asshole tendencies.
  19. You embrace responsibility.
  20. You realize 5k is a lot of money to spend, but not a lot of money to have.
  21. You do things that terrify you because you have to do them out of responsibility.
  22. You letting conversations go before they turn into arguments.
  23. You know when you’re hanging out with the wrong people and actively making a change.
  24. You don’t make excuses for failure.
  25. Others feel almost totally comfortable and at ease every time they see you.
  26. You are not prone to outbursts even when you faced with one.
  27. They tell you they are upset because it’s not apparent.
  28. People feel an uncanny sense of calmness with you.
  29. You don’t get upset when you are not liked.
  30. Being able to be relied on instead of relying on others.
  31. You have an opinion on something and once presented with new facts you are open to changing your opinion.
  32. You accept that you were wrong.
  33. You know when to shut up even when you’re right.
  34. Being able to talk about something no matter how bad it could end; not avoiding them and hoping it’ll just go away.
  35. Knowing when some of your friends are holding you back and you stop hanging out with them.
  36. You make room when someone is trying to move into your lane in traffic.
  37. More thinking, less talking, and more listening.
  38. Have the ability to be happy for others.
  39. Realizing certain people in your life aren’t good for you and having the ability to move on.
  40. You have the ability to truly understand someone else’s perspective, leaving your own personal values and ideas aside, and focusing on their values, their story, and their situation.
  41. You take responsibility for the things in your life, especially the consequences of your actions.
  42. You are able to reap without apology and not complain when things don’t go well.

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We all are growing and learning fellows. At some point of time we all did some stupid things that left us in pain and life’s struggles. Experiencing those incidents makes us more stronger and open.

The level of maturity deeply depnds upon how we take things and react to the situations. Experience of being wrong at some point of time gives us insights to act right.

Hope these great answers and signs about maturity will guide you to act right again.

Source: Quora on growing older, maturity, emotions, and teenagers.

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