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How 10 Days of Vipassana’s Silence Renew Me?

Ever thought meditation can be executed in many forms?

Meditation is known to have originated decades ago by those highly prudent people in the ancient ages. It has become a major part of everyone’s life.

Meditation is the key to inner harmony and peace. This beautiful art has various types that we aren’t acquainted with yet, keeping ourselves under the covers.

There are known to be 9 types of meditation:

  1. Mindfulness meditation
  2. Spiritual meditation
  3. Focused meditation
  4. Movement meditation
  5. Mantra meditation
  6. Transcendental meditation
  7. Progressive relaxation
  8. Loving-kindness meditation
  9. Visualization meditation

When eyeing on these 9 types I kind of feel there is one missing, that is known to be the sum of all of them in my perspective.

Ever Heard About Vipassana?

Vipassana is known to be a pathway of transforming yourself via self-analysis. The core technique of this blessed form taught by S.N Goenka helps you align your entire focus on the entry and exit of the air through your nostrils, very popularly known as “ANAPANA”.

The other technique is a special one as it helps you discover and control your inner soul, by making it feel balanced and Equanimeous (when you do not react). It is a detailed technique of meditation that helps you focus deeply, helping one understand and connect with their soul closely by feeling the sensations.

According to my experience I would say Vipassana is the collective power of all the various forms mentioned above, that makes you even more controlling with your soul, mind and body.

It is tough at first, because it involves cutting ties with your phones and not speaking for 9 days. Having a disciplined lifestyle, from waking up on time to spending time with the nature. Food is simple and pure, and in one way you can say it detoxifies you wholly.

I recently attended the Vipassana camp for 10 days and this is how it renewed me.

What I Felt There? Unbelievable Benefits of Vipassana

Benefits of 10 days of vipassana meditation and how I felt there? Best experiences to inspire your first yoga and meditation class.
Credit: Freepik

1. Found Myself

The first thing everyone seeks is, oneself!

The day you liberate your thoughts from the subconscious as well as conscious mind, it is like you have pressed the refresh button of your body and soul.

Vipassana helps you transcend the negative emotions from the physical world and that only comes when your mind is focused. Perhaps to discover the other side of yourself, you need to be at peace with your mind.

2. Got Rid of Inevitable Frustrations

Ever heard that you can get rid of unavoidable stress and even if you have heard about it, have you ever seen the output of it?

Believe me when you embrace the practice of Vipassana you will realize the humbleness of it. All you need to do is practice it every day and you will find yourself separating from the negative emotions that were holding your gut and soul back from changing the lane. It as simple as that.

3. The Art of Balancing

Whenever failure knocks at our doorstep, the embarrassment trail stretches for a long time, whereas on the other hand when success knocks we are all over the place placing ourselves on the throne.

Something one needs to learn in life is how to balance every situation, emotions as they make acquaintance with you.

You know life is like a buffet system, you have variety out of which there might be bad and good too, and it is all on you what platter you wish to create for yourself.

Life does take imperfect turns but that doesn’t mean you get biased and elevate yourself towards your comfort and happy zone.

When you are known to be one of the practitioners and followers of Vipassana you’ll automatically know how to pull yourself out of the cage of wonderland and balance the beam on both the aspects.

4. Seeking Perfection Amidst The Imperfections

We all have this superficial urge to get everything to fall into place and just right. During this blurred vision we do not realize how many things we are putting at stake, and harming ourselves.

We find it OK to pressurize ourselves without realizing the fact it is plaguing us emotionally and physically leading to depression, stress and anxiety.

When I indulged myself in this beautiful creation of meditation I realized how smoothly I was handling my flaws and considering to work on them rather than aiming to put it on the victory stand.

I had self-control to take the process slowly and naturally. This helped me gain confidence about even the smallest scars I abhorred all this while.

Now I sometimes enjoy seeing those scars as they help me remember how far I have come.

5. Karma Is The Key

You know there are people around who do not believe in this powerful word stated as “karma”, wherein there are the rest who adamantly follow it.

They have faith if they do good that same deed would return to them in any way. It is not only spiritual but scientific as well.

Newton said this, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

While I was in the camp attending S.N Goenka Ji’s lecture, he mentioned that if your karma is fair and good no one can harm you, but if you do bad and think it is good for you, here enters the selfishness which apparently your mind has substituted with selflessness.

It is on you to make out the difference and make the right choice. Vipassana helped me realizing the power of it and now it become a major part of my life which I follow thoroughly.

6. It Is You Responsible For Your Actions

Since a kid, unconsciously we tend to make decisions. Even though our parents tell us that this path is harmful but sometime we choose to take risks and walk down that lane.

This statement here emphasizes on the fact that you are wholly responsible for your actions and you need to take ownership for it, instead of blaming others.

Your future lies in your hands and the power is vested in you from the start.

Yes, it is difficult to have full faith sometimes of the decisions you make, but once you realized the flaw in it, your willpower is to own the game. There you stand as the winner.

Vipassana helps you realize the vitality of taking responsibility of your own actions.

I remember Goenka ji mentioning that if you have had a bad incident with a person 10 years ago and you meet him after 10 and carry his same visual that is on you, because you don’t know if he has changed or not.

By thinking negative you are filling up your void with negativity, not him. Therefore, when I was meditating and focusing on Goenka Ji’s words I realized how powerful they were and that changed my perspective completely.

I now believe in living in the present and try not to carry any hatred for anyone.

The only conversion involved in Vipassana is from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation – S.N Goenka

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