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24 Pro Travel Tips For Beginners In 2021

It feels good to be lost in the right direction.

It is not unusual for first time travelers to be confused about how to go about things, as speaking from a personal experience, there is too much information to understand, too much uncertainty.

It might sound tedious in the beginning but this is where the real fun is. This is where the magic happens, as they say “the best things in life are unexpected” or “spontaneous plans are the best”. Because, you never know, who you might meet, where things may lead.

Even more so, since the Covid-19 pandemic, it is natural to be nervous and have many questions on how to go about things. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about!

Given below are some travel tips about how to travel in 2021, with safety precautions and comfort, especially if you are traveling for the first time.

You may ask, “why?” in the beginning in response to these tips, but the experienced travelers agree as we have all been there at some point.

Discover some of the best travel tips on how to travel like an experienced traveller.

Best Advise Or Travel Tips From Experienced Traveller

Best travel quotes to inspire your journey. Know 24 best travel tips from experienced travelers in 2021.
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#1 Maintain A Journal

Maintaining a journal is a necessity in the beginning especially if you are one who gets confused with all the bookings and travel information.

We would suggest writing things down category wise in terms of places, the ticket information with PNR number for going in and out of those places, the timings, and definitely the cost.

To make this fun, you can even stick old tickets and stickers in this journal to remind you of the time you have had once you are back home.

We would also recommend this app called “Splitwise” which helps you make a record of expenses. The way it works is, you add an expense in your desired currency once it happens, and you will know exactly how much you have spent at the end of the trip.

#2 Travel Solo

If it is your first journey, definitely travel solo. Nothing can give you a better jump start than this.

By travelling solo, you discover a lot about yourself and learn how to be independent. It teaches you how to fend for yourself, converse with strangers and navigate unfamiliar situations with ease.

It also gives you the freedom to make your own plans and do what you want! Want to go to that café? Go for it! Had to take a bus, but got invited to this awesome event with the new, amazing friends you made at the hostel? Go for it!

#3 Pack Light. Less Is More

It is absolutely fine to carry less clothes and recycle them, i.e. wear the same clothes over and over before assigning them to the laundry.

Believe us when we say, you will not need half the clothes you will want to pack. It is just going to make your bag heavier to carry around.

#4 Pack Sanitary Equipment

Ever since the pandemic, hygiene has become the top most priority in our lives. When we travel, water is not readily available.

The surfaces we sit on or touch might be cleaned after the previous occupant or user left, but it should still be our responsibility to clean for ourselves.

The sanitary equipment we would suggest carrying is, a hand sanitizer, tissues, wet wipes and sanitizing spray to spray sanitize the area we sit in. This will not take much space in our backpack.

#5 Carry A Lock

We highly suggest carrying locks with you regardless of where you stay, as it becomes easier to lock your important valuables in a locker or a cupboard when you go out, especially if you are in a hostel.

Either the one with the combinations, or if you have trouble remembering numbers, then tiny locks with tiny keys. Do remember to have that key in a key chain or somewhere you will not lose it.

#6 Carry Extra Bank Cards

Unfortunate situations can happen. It is always a nice idea to have an extra card or two  in case you get robbed or misplace a credit card. You do not want to be trapped in a new location without access to your money.

#7 Never Fly Directly

Most times, instead of flying directly to the destination, it is cheaper to fly to a closer location and then take a train or a bus from there.

#8 Most Cafes Have Free Wi-Fi

Data can be very expensive in some countries. This is when it makes sense to go to a café, buy a cheap coffee and use the Wi-Fi available to work or connect with friends and family.

#9 Treat Yourself

Traveling can become exhausting sometimes, as some days can be longer than the others. It is absolutely alright to treat yourself to a fancy meal at a good café or a restaurant once in a while. You deserve it!

#10 Eat The Street Food

If you really want to experience the local culture, always eat the street food. It will surprise you!

There are so many flavors waiting to be discovered that a continental or mid-range restaurant will not be able to offer you. Plus, street food is cheap!

#11 Carry A First-Aid Kit

It is absolutely worth to carry a basic first aid kit for random accidents which often happen unplanned. We would recommend carrying anti-bacterial cream, powder, some waterproof bandages, ointments etc.

#12 Take A Flashlight

Flashlights are useful in the dark, especially if you are trekking, or if you are alone when there are no lights. If there is incoming traffic, it can even be a potential lifesaver as they will be able to see you and avoid you.

#13 Carry Emergency Cash

Keeping small amounts of cash in separate areas of your backpack etc., are good idea.

Sometimes, ATMs do not work or the nearest ATM is miles away. In those situations, there is nothing that can be done about it. Thus, it is useful to carry extra cash for emergencies.

#14 Carry A Metal Water Bottle

This is a good way to 1) Save money and 2) Reduce your carbon footprint because this way you will avoid buying plastic water bottles.

Most restaurants, cafes, hostels will happily oblige for free, even more in 2021, when you ask for a refill as you do not want to pollute the environment. Assuming you drink 2 liters of water a day, you will have saved 14 bottles in a week!

#15 Carry A Power Bank

Batteries die quick sometimes, especially when you really need it. It is always good to carry a power bank to charge your phones to use in emergency situations, or in situations when you are travelling in a bus where no charging points are avilable.

#16 Buy A Travel Towel

It is a good idea to invest in a microfiber travel towel, as they are very lightweight, take almost no space in your backpack. They absorb moisture very quickly and dry faster than any other towels. It can even double up as a beach towel.

#17 Make Extra Copies of Your Important Docs

Most important travel tips that beginners ignore initially or until they met any accidents.

Always remember to keep few copies of necessary docs with you during travel. You never know when you will need it, especially when you are not carrying the original around.

A copy of your passport can also come in handy if your passport is stolen and you need to file a police report.

#18 Do Not Shop In A Tourist Area

Another pro travel tips to keep in mind that makes people out of money soon.

Make it a rule of thumb to never shop for souvenirs or food in tourist areas as not only will it be horribly overpriced, but also of low quality which means that it will get spoilt quickly or in case of food, cause health problems.

So, its always better to identify what you need and buy from local areas where it will be cheaper and good quality.

#19 Buy Grocery

Locals do not eat out every day and neither should you, it is expensive in the long run and you will end up wasting lots money.

So, if you’re staying in a place for a considerable amount of time, we highly recommend buying your own grocery and cooking for yourself.

#20 Stay In Hostels

If you are traveling solo, staying in a hostel is the best way to meet new people from all walks of life here.

The most spontaneous plans happen at hostels, as everyone is usually open-minded, flexible and most importantly, experienced with lots of travel ideas! Plus, there is always something to learn from everyone you meet.

Owing to the pandemic, if you are not comfortable with sharing an entire dorm with people, it is absolutely okay. Most hostels have an option to book dorms with half occupancy so that you can have less people in your space.

#21 Learn How To Bargain

Bargaining is fun when you travel, especially when you are on a budget!

The art of negotiating will help you not only during you travels, but your whole life. It is a much recommended skill to learn. Get ideas on some of the cheap travel tips to save your lots of money.

#22 Invest In A Good Camera

Invest in a decent camera because your pictures will be some of your most treasured memories. And, of course, before you leave, take the time to learn how it works.

#23 Research Local Customs

It is always a good idea to read about the basic local customs you can follow, especially when you are traveling in a new country. This way, you will not be offending anyone by unintentional offensive behavior or gestures when travelling.

#24 Trust People

While some people will try to take advantage of you, the vast majority of people you meet while travelling are nice, decent people who will be happy to help you. This is where your intuition will kick in.


We hope you find this list of travel tips useful! Take a leap of faith, take safety and precautions and make great travel memories!

Tell us, how inspired are you to solo travel? Where do you plan to go next? Get ready to be wowed and have the best travel experience of a life time.

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