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8 Beauty Food That Boosts Collagen Production

Want to look glowing and radiant every day? Eat them daily…

If it’s about beautiful skin, collagen is what you must aware of.

Sometimes we focus too much over fancy products that almost ignore the power of ordinary natural foods.

You believe it or not, but this nature is filled with lots of mesmerizing beauty ingredients that leave you speechless if you eat them regularly.

They not only gave you beautiful skin tone but also reward many health benefits at the physical, and mental level.

Today we will talk about these collagen boosting foods.

Collagen – You might have heard this name more commonly in the skincare industry, for e.g. collagen boosting creams and lotions.

Now, what is collagen? What are collagen boosting foods? How collagen helps us to give youthful skin?

All these questions might be revolving in your mind. Right?

So let’s talk about collagen for youthful skin and how it helps to enhance your beauty?

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body that gives structure to your skin, bones, muscles, and all over connective tissues.

It makes up nearly 80% of your skin and found in middle layers called dermis. It works together with other protein called elastin to strengthen skin and improve elasticity.

Collagen makes you look younger by firming your skin texture. Due to its prevalence throughout the body, our quality of life highly depends on our ability to produce collagen.

But as you age, its production get slows down and all other aging factors start affecting your body, like, sun exposure, smoking, pollution, and many more that cause aging.

That’s why collagen is used in skincare products as anti-aging supplements.

Its deficiency gives you wrinkled face, hair loss, joint pain, dull skin tone, dead skin cells accumulations, brittle nails, gut problems and many more.

To prevent its deficiency with age, you need to switch on collagen boosting foods.

What Are Collagen Boosting Foods?

Some foods promote collagen production naturally and are highly required as extracts in skincare industries.

These foods are powerful anti-oxidants loaded that shows great impact over collagen buildup.

Age is not the only variable that tells our ability to produce collagen. But our lifestyle choices – healthy and unhealthy – also have direct effects on collagen.

Your unhealthy choice, like poor diet, more alcohol, smoking, sun exposure, automatically decrease collagen synthesis.

And, in return, your skin started showing aging signs.

But, now it’s time to replace all of the unhygienic foods to high vitamins, and nutrients rich foods.

If you really love your skin, then for sure you will love eating them regularly.

Let’s have a look over most potent sources of nutrients.

1. Berries

Berries for anti-aging. Anti-aging foods that boost collagen production. Best glowing skin foods to eat.
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When it comes to beauty, berries rock the world.

Yes! Berries are one of the most powerful fruit for youthful skin. It’s rich in anti-oxidants, and vitamin C that boosts collagen production fast.

These nutrients protect your skin against free radicals and keep it nourishing, radiant and beautiful.

All berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries) have potent nutrients that slow down aging.


You must eat a bowl of a mix of colorful berries for a youthful and healthy glow.

2. Kiwi

Eat kiwi for beautiful skin. Kiwi for anti-aging. Best glowing skin fruits that boosts collagen production. Glowing skin foods.
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Kiwi Fruit – A brown-skinned fruits, exceptionally high in vitamin C helps your body boosts collagen production.

Vitamin C is popularly known to firm and repair your skin. It heals your skin, softens it, reduces wrinkle, brings glow, and load the essential beauty nutrients.

Even if you apply a slice of kiwi over your skin, it ends up nourishing skin, firming elasticity, makes it supple and hydrated.

In short, it’s another beauty food you must eat regularly.


Try eating kiwi on breakfast cereals, pancakes, yogurt, or ice cream. But when you use kiwi in fruits salad, add them at last minutes to prevent kiwi from getting overly soft.

3. Almonds

Eat almond for beautiful skin. Best foods for anti-aging. Anti-aging foods to eat daily. Best collagen boosting foods.
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Eat almonds daily – You might have heard this statement thousand of time from your mother, grandparents, and doctors. Right?

But do you really eat them regularly?

We tend to ignore when someone says, Eat almonds! It’s good for health. But yeah! I will defiantly eat when someone says, “Almonds are great food for beautiful skin.” 😉

This is how every woman thinks for beauty …

This powerful food provides a healthy dose of vitamin C, E, anti-oxidants, and many nutrients that stimulate collagen production.

Almonds are also loaded with minerals, copper, zinc, vitamin B and healthy fats that are highly essential for healthy hair and skin.


Soak a handful of almonds in water every night and eat them next morning before breakfast or in breakfast (As topping over oats).

4. Avocados

Eat avocado for beautiful skin. Healthy fat foods for glowing skin you must eat in breakfast. Best anti-aging foods to eat daily.
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Avocados – another amazing food, rich in vitamin E and makes perfect breakfast, salad, and smoothies.

They’re great alternatives to almonds but not as rich as almonds.

This green fruit is rich in healthy fats – omega-3 and carotenoids, that works to slow down aging by boosting collagen production.

If you eat them daily, for sure your skin and hair will say thank you.


Try including avocado in your toast, sandwich, burger, salad, stuffed with egg, scrambled eggs, pickled, as toppings, in smoothies, in salad dressings, in desserts or many more ways.

5. Dark Green Leafy

Green leafy food for glowing skin. Green leafy vegetables and foods to eat everyday for beautiful skin. Best foods for anti-aging. Glowing skin foods.
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Dark green leafy is the mother of all above beauty foods.

These are nutrients dense superfoods, rich in almost every nutrient that our body requires for healthy growth.

All green leafy are potent sources of vitamin A, C, and E.

Spinach, kale, green beans, broccoli, are few green leafy veggies you should incorporate into your daily diet.

The study reveals that chlorophyll present in these green leafy is shown to increase procollagen (precursor to collagen production) in your skin to reap natural beauty.

It also protects your skin from free radicals to prevent weaken collagen.


Don’t struggle to eat them alone. Just add to any smoothies, salad, soups, green chips and every food you prepare.

6. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers for anti-aging. Food for beautiful skin. Anti-aging foods to eat daily.
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Bell peppers not only add flavor to your foods but do more than you imagine.

These red, green and yellow color peppers are rich in vitamin C, and beta-carotene which stimulates collagen production to your body.

Lycopene in peppers acts as a natural sunblock, therefore, protect your skin from damage.


Try to eat bell peppers raw or semi-steamed to prevent essentials nutrients during the cooking process. Adding dressings, and oil to the peppers increase only calories and fat content.

7. Salmon

Raw salmon for anti-aging. Best foods for anti-aging. Eat salmon for glowing skin. Healthy skin foods.
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Eating salmon is so damn good for your skin.

Its great source of omega-3 fats – A protein higher in healthy fats. It also contains zinc which is vital ingredients for collagen production.

Salmon retain moisture content and helps to maintain the skin elasticity.

If you don’t eat salmon much, then have fish oil capsules.


The American Heart Association recommends you eating at least 2 servings a week to reap maximum benefits.

8. Citrus Fruits

Eat citrus fruits for anti-aging. Best anti-aging foods to eat daily. Grapefruits, oranges, lime and lemons are best glowing skin foods. Anti-aging foods.
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Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, and other essential nutrients that require for youthful skin.

The application of vitamin C is vast in the skincare industry, as a serum, creams, and lotions.

The best way to add more vitamin C to your skin is to focus on citrus fruits.

It protects your skin from photo-damage effects, free radicals, and aging by boosting collagen production.

Also, the vitamin C content of citrus fruits reduces the risk of heart disease, kidney stones, and all kind of infections.

They boost good digestion and detoxification into your body.

Just see the most beautiful skin around you… she must be on vitamin C rich foods.


Include oranges, lemon, lime, grapefruits and sweet lime to your everyday diet. Detox drinks are a great way to consume citrus fruits.

These foods are popularly known to work wonderfully to transform your skin. Eat them daily to reap maximum beauty benefits.

Along with these anti-aging foods, follow the best skincare routine to take care of your skin externally. Both habits are proven to be key for youthful skin.

What’s your favorite anti-aging foods?

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