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A Simple & Realistic Guide to Start A Fitness Routine

“You have to think it before you can do it. The mind is what makes it all possible.” ~ Kai Greene, pro bodybuilder and artist.

Staying fit and healthy is something that all of us wants but only some of us work towards it.

But once you convince your lazy self (that had kept you comfortably numb on your bean-bag with your favorite bag of chips; flipping between Netflix) to give ‘healthy-lifestyle a try – the battle is almost over!

Challenges always come when we work against our comfort zone and search something new.

Its a sign that you are trying to create something new that you haven’t explored yet. So, let’s break the monotony of life while testing your abilities?

Congratulations!! You have taken first step towards it.

This is what everyone wants. But the questions arise how you gonna do that? What magic you will bring to maintain this motivational energy to achieve your goals?

To answer your “how”, you need to journal about why you want to start this fitness routine?

Find your reasons…

Want to shape up sexy? Lose Weight? Get fit into your favorite dress? Prepare for wedding? Impress your boyfriend? Come out from break up pain? To be succeed? Get motivation? OR want them to regret why they left you?

The reasons can be anything. Always remember why you started?

They act as power booster to provide you enough force and strength to fulfill any task. But If you’re starting your fitness routine without any goals and reasons, then it won’t happen.

For every reasons, sweat-out is the best way to burn all those negativity. Not only fitness, it helps you in every area of life.

That’s why successful people workouts before going to work to maintain their physical and mental well-being.

Remember, success always comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

Its been well said –

Fitness motivation for beginner. Find out how to start workouts at home and exercise your body.
Credit: Freepik

And even when you have nothing to do, go for sweating. 😉 Just find your reasons to kick start your fitness routines.

This is why Michael R.Bracko, (EdD, FACSM, chairman of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Consumer Information Committee), has said, “Exercise is the magic pill.”

So, break the chains of monotony and find a fitness routine that suits you, remember the ‘thumb-rule’ to continuing something that you have started is to enjoy it.

Fitness is not just about hitting the gym after work, climbing on the treadmill and running aimlessly for 20 minutes or even an hour.

Its about fun!

Yes, you heard it right – fitness can be fun too.

“Any little increment of physical activity is going to be a great boost to weight loss and feeling better,” as Rita Redberg says, (MSc, chairwoman, American Heart Association, Scientific Advisory Board for the Choose to Move Program).

There is an array of fitness routines and exercises that you can choose from, varying form power yoga or cardio workouts to high intensity interval training and weight lifting.

Of course, if you’re not an indoor person – the options are never ending!

AHA recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity, that includes walking on a daily basis. However, if you are juggling between work and home hardly even finding time to look at yourself in the mirror – a 5 to 15 minutes of simply moving around is also considered beneficial.

Sounds possible now?

Remember this, if you are not healthy and fit to handle yourself – how will you possibly be there for your loved one?

Think long-term! Today’s overlooked neck pain might turn out to be something serious tomorrow.

Read on for simple ways to start working out at home, what to eat before and after, what to expect when you are just a beginner on the workout mat, and how to handle motivation that will get you up.


Start today as there will be no better time than NOW. First and foremost before you dive into a pool or even hit the gym – access your fitness level.

How fit are you – listen to what your body has to say and then convince your mind to see it through.

How do you access yourself?

A visit to your doctor who would be able to clarify any major health concerns that you have, especially if you are above 45, says Cedric Bryant; (PhD, Chief exercise physiologist, American Council on Exercise).

He continues to say that there aren’t any such medical conditions that prohibits you from working out in some way or the other.

Once you get your health card – selecting the right fitness routine that falls in line with your current condition becomes easy.

However, if you find yourself without any ailments – your options to pick a fun fitness routine are numerous.

Just make sure you have a goal in your mind – what you want to achieve is what is going to get you there – staying motivated is the key.

If you are a beginner, start by setting weekly goals that are specific, measurable, attainable and time bound says Ashley Artese (ACE Contributor, Assistant Professor, Health & Exercise Science, Roanoke College).

With a goal in mind (weight loss, toned body, control diabetes or address any other ailments) – get connected to a personal trainer or a health coach who will be able to guide you or create a pathway for you to attain this goal. Trusting the internet and googling workout routines is not the way to go!

There are multiple things that are not discussed in such video or posts that might lead to injuries which in turn get you demotivated to continue.

Your health coach should be able to guide you towards the perfect workout routine along with advising you on what to eat before and after workout – not to forget mentioning that right amount of sleep is also equally important as your fitness routine.

Celebrate small achievements – not by treating yourself (remember we do that with our pets only!) to a pastry or a bag of chips, but rather gift yourself that sippy bottle or that fit-bit watch that you have always wanted.

Planning for set backs are equally important as there will always be challenges and barriers you may face – the biggest one being TIME.

So, plan ahead says Ashley Artese.

If you know you are coming up with a deadline at work or a party where you know you will end up gorging – plan a short workout or a heavy one the days following to the mega family feast – but make sure you do not miss out on it completely. Working out should be as important as brushing your teeth or charging your phone!

Here are some simple “At home workout routines” that are meant for the work-o-holics out there. This will just take you 15- 30 minutes.

Warm Up

Dynamic stretching before workout is as important as washing your hands before a meal!

“The big advantage of dynamic stretching is that it gently works your muscles up to their full range of motion. As a general rule, you should only stretch until you feel a slight pull. Stretching should never cause you pain.” – Runtastic

Here are a few great examples of dynamic stretches. Once you are done with these simple movements – proceed into the next main set as shown in the images below.

Main Set For Beginners

1. Modified Plank

Modified plank for beginners. Fitness routine workouts for beginners.
Credit: ACE

All you need is a bit of a space and a mat and you are good to go!

Notice how close her elbows are placed in the image – directly under the shoulder to be precise – with palms facing down – tighten your core while engaging the abdominal muscles but make sure you are not holding your breath – constant flow of oxygen helps muscles from getting fatigued faster.

Once your core is firm lift your body in a plank like position making sure you don’t allow your back to sag low. You can keep your knees on the floor for initial support – while you hold this position for 15-30 seconds with repetition of 3 set and rest of 10 seconds in between each set.

2. Bird Dog

Bird dog exercise for beginners. Fitness routine workouts.
Credit: ACE

As shown in the image – get on all fours to start with, tighten your core muscles and lift. Now, extend your opposite arm and leg in a straight line.

Remember to engage your hip and maintain stability. Once you attain that, hold this position for 15 seconds each with 5 second rest in between each side for 3 repetitions each.

3. Reverse Crunch

Reverse crunch exercise for beginners. Fitness workout routine.
Credit: ACE

Lie flat on your back while bending your knees at 90 degrees with your core muscles engaged, hands as shown in the image.

Now slowly extend your legs without them touching the floor and bring them back in the same position as in the image – the highlight here should be that your back in not arched but flat on the floor while doing it and that you are constantly breathing in-out through your mouth while supplying oxygen to your body and brain.

You’re What You Eat

One of the most important questions that everyone skips through is “ what should I eat before and after my workout?”.

You either end up in front of the fridge or google some recipe that tastes like muck!

Simply remember – before mostly CARBS after mostly PROTEIN.

Carbohydrates is like the fuel to your engine while Proteins help you recover and repair your muscles.

Here are some simple things that wont take too much time in the kitchen to fix:


  • A peanut-butter and jam sandwich
  • Yogurt and berries/ Smoothie
  • Oatmeal with milk and fruits
  • Fruits/ Dry fruits

Post Workout

  • Smoothie with low fat milk and fruits/\veggies
  • Chicken/Egg/ Spinach Sandwich or Wrap
  • Low fat yogurt with berries
  • Tuna or Tofu Salad

Simply put – follow a fitness routine that can be changed over time when you reach a plateau in your motivation, be conscious of what you eat and when you eat it and remember – rest is equally important for a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

Always consult your coach, doctors, or nutritionist to guide you through, and make this journey enjoyable and fruitful.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” ~ Winston Churchill.


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