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25 Cool Skills to Learn from YouTube for Your Stay-At-Home Life

Time is the most valuable currency so spend it wisely – Debasish Mridha

This quarantine season has forces many of us to live a stay-at-home life. Fortunately, time to learn something new.

Many of us are enjoying this time as watching Netflix, playing games, scrolling social media, doing Tiktok and other things online which is really a fun way to pass your time at home.

But still their is always a way out for creative people as they tends to get bore very easily and start seeking for new ways to spend their time productively.

If you’re also getting bore from this Netflix-Routine and want to explore some cool skills set for yourself, then we have this crazy and useful list of skills to learn from Youtube.

From cooking crazily, to doing DIY from waste bottles, spinning a ball on fingers, and taking perfect selfies, we have lots more cool options to give a boost to your creative mind.

Best Skills to Learn from Youtube

Let’s explore new skills that can make your friends say WOW! This Is Amazing! From Where You Learn This…;)

1. Make a Dalgona Coffee

The Dalgona coffee has been running viral these days. And why not? This foamy stirring coffee has won many hearts all around.

When its coffee, you don’t need to ask. We are always ready-to-drink type of peoples. Right?

This favorite coffee require lots of stirring to make foam at the brink of the mug which is pretty much hitting the charts over the internet these days.

Let’s try it out…

2. How to Look Like a Charming Personality Over Video Call

Nowadays, we are mostly at home. So, technically this is the time for video calls with our friends, family, and other dear ones.

Learn to look good and impressive from these top hacking tips using better location in your house where the light is better, filters, dressing your clothes and much more.

Go girls! This of especially for you.

3. Cook McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Within An Hour

While sitting at home, explore some crazy ways to cook you favorite food. During this lock-down, surprise your siblings with your amazing cooking skills.

Learn to cook and bake these favorite McDonald’s chicken nuggets at home that you and your siblings have been craving for so long?

Soon you will know it doesn’t even take that long to cook these nuggets at home. Serve it to your siblings first for a happy testing episode. 😉

4. Make Your Own Funny Mask At Home

Beat Corona and other viruses with equal swag and safety.

This video will help you to make your own fancy, safe, and even colorful mask at home before you wish to step out for the daily grocery shopping.

Also, try these fun and innovative things at home when getting bore.

5. How to Make A Crazy Led Fountain?

While sitting at home, learn to use all those junk stuff lying around you while killing the boredom for sure.

This is a perfect time to learn to make a perfect lightened fountain by a led and a plastic bottle.

6. How to Create a Paper Mouse and Make it Jump

Talking about the craziest skills to learn at home, this is definitely one of them.

Through this video, you’ll get to know the crazy and unique idea of forming the paper mouse and have fun with it.

You just need few colorful papers or can color them if you would like to add more fancy and unique design. Your kids will love this.

7. How to Read People Instantly

This 11-minute video will update you the latest and persuasive tips on reading people and their body language as soon as you meet them.

When you are at home, you can try these tricks on your siblings, parents, or even spouse. And then later, let them tell you if you have deciphered their mood and thoughts right or not.

It could be a fun game and best skills to learn when you have nothing else exciting left to do at home.

Moreover, this game can, later on, help you in your professional life after you move out of the house.

8. Learn to Act Like Your Favorite Anime Character

Mimic your favorite character is the best way to pass your time at home.

For cartoon lovers, this is the cool skill to learn from Youtube while sitting at home. This short video streams lessons or quick tips on changing your voice according to the your choices of the anime characters chosen.

It will also help you learn the art of voice modulation. And if you are good at it, you might even end up getting a voice-over artist gigs in the future.

9. How to Start Listening Better to Others

Listening is completely the next and deeper level of just hearing the things around you. When at home, you can improve your communication skills.

Through this animated movie, you will get to know every small things to improve your listening skills and how you can implement it in your life.

10. Prepare Yourself for Any Kind of Apocalypse

From this short movie, you will get to know the experience of a person knowing how to prepare himself for the apocalypse.

This is another kind of skill that you can learn from Youtube to prepare for the worst situation in the future.

11. How to Speak Like A True Frenchman

Are you excited to learn a new dialect while sitting at home? Then learn the top tips to speak like a true Frenchman.

Within hours of practice from this video, you can easily speak at least basic French, even if you don’t know the exact meaning of the entire sentence, you are speaking it.

12. How to Be A Ninja

Now, this is a very fun skill to add in your personality if you are missing the child in you.

If you have been living an adult life for quite some time, and have not tried anything stupid or unreasonable, then this video will give you the chance to enact the tactics of becoming a ninja at your home.

After doing that, you can even entertain the kids at home.

13. How to Take An Instagram Picture Alone?

If you want to be the next social media superstar, then be it so.

For that, you don’t need to depend on any other person. From the tutorial, you can learn the skills of shooting crazily unique pictures like none other for your Instagram page.

14. How to Make A Long-Lasting Fairy Jar?

Get to know the wacky ways to create your own fairy jar.

It hardly takes 5-10 minutes to make one if you get the right accouterments ready on time.

15. How to Solve A Rubik Cube?

Sitting at home, learn to solve the Rubik cube within minutes.

Follow the instruction and you will sincerely learn a new intellectual skill for sure.

16. How to Sharpen A Dull Knife?

To learn this skill, you should be actively present.

Just make sure that you are holding the knife right while doing the trick, as explained in the video listed above.

17. How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

Learn the best possible ways to open your favorite wine bottles without putting any hard efforts into the same.

Later on, you can impress your guests as well.

18. How to Make a Bird Water Feeder?

Test your creative skills at home by making the bird feeder for kindness.

The entire procedure have easy to follow ways and will not take more than 10 minutes to get it ready whom you are waiting to get fed this summer.

The best thing is that it can be prepared from waste bottles and plastics.

19. Colorful Flower Plastic Pots for Small Garden and Balcony

Learn better ways to dress the nursery at home. You can easily start painting the plastic pots which you already have and plant new saplings.

In fact, if you take this video seriously, you can transform your balcony and house garden more beautifully.

20. How to Grow Onion on the Table?

Be an epic gardener this season while sitting at home.

From this video, learn to grow as many onions as you want. This will only require a few days of vigilance and a very limited number of items that are usually found at home.

21. How to Speed Read?

This video will teach you better ways to become the best reader in your social circle.

These tricks also work when you do not have time but still want to skim through multiple books with better knowledge.

22. How to Hypnotize People With Only Your Eyes?

This is one of the most interesting skills to learn while sitting at home. Start hypnotizing people around you for fun.

It will only take a few minutes initially to make people or volunteers fall into a heavy sleep or similar state of mind.

But at the same time, each participant should be serious about doing so, and there should not be any background noise.

23. Learn to Spin a Basketball on Fingers?

We bet that you have seen such scenes only in the movies to date.

But you can do it too by learning the trick of placing the fingers together to carry the balance of the basketball as it starts to spin.

24. How to Make an Application for Beginners Within a Few Hours?

If you are interested in making an app, you don’t need to be a heavy programmer. You just need to know how to begin using the right tools and own a creative mind.

With this video, you will definitely start to learn the basics of developing your favorite application within hours.

25. How to Make Your Favorite Website Within Minutes?

By sitting at home, start to learn creative procedures for opening a professional website by yourself.

Learning is a never ending habits. There are so many skills you can learn from YouTube to explore your inner potential.

We should always try to learn something new in life. Who knows which skills turn out as your silver spoon to change your life positively around.

During quarantine, we have this opportunity to learn.

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