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The Beauty of Lockdown

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. – William Shakespeare

The preservation or recreation depends on nothing but the destruction. Every calamity, whether it is natural or human, sows the seeds of rebirth.

There are some rules in nature and the rules have always been like this. No one has the power to change it and human beings are merely a species which is barely trying to prove their existence, anything more is just an illusion.

The recent terror of the world named COVID-19 took so many lives that it has made the rest afraid of it.

Now people fear the virus more than anything else. They have become more civilized and decent out of that fear.

The daily life of every human being changes drastically in a very short time. We are kept locked forcefully inside the house for the betterment.

The lockdown always creates a breakdown in the productivity of everything. But it looks quite different from the other way round. If we see things from nature point of view, it is beautiful and magical.

Unfortunately human and nature are two different sides of it.

Different Sides of Human and Nature

Two different sides of corona virus memes.
Source: Google image

Human and Nature are two different things, working absolutely in a different manner.

Nature always tries to help the humans by whatever it has, but humans destroying the natural resources.

During this lock-down, everything becomes lonely as a desert. There is a divine serenity that you can feel all over the world.

During this period, nature heals itself from the damage that has been done over the years.

Through this, the healing period of nature is very short, and it passes like rain in the mountains and wind in the meadows, but at least it is something to keep the world glowing.

How Lockdown is Beautiful?

A renowned philosopher of the past greeted the human beings as the head fewer monsters. And it has been justified several times.

Shakespeare knew more philosophy than others and he portrayed that in his writings like Macbeth which says:-

“What is good for human beings is bad for nature & What is good for nature is bad for human beings”

The lockdown period justifies his philosophy and makes it a universal truth.

On the other side, nature is regenerating itself and getting fresh and alive again in this lockdown period when everything has been shut down forcefully.

And this gives a tiny little opportunity to nature to take a full breath again.

Earth is healing itself which is the best thing happening during this lockdown. Some particular natural sources are changing drastically in a good way.

On one hand, we see people are suffering so badly and end up dying but Mother Nature is living to its fullest.

1. The Ozone Layer is Healing Gradually

The more and more people staying at home is helping nature to regenerate itself. Healing of ozone layer is one of those.

The earth protecting layer has showed up some positive signs of improvements during this lockdown.

It will get back to its former stage soon. The UV ray is so harmful to the human being and it is a piece of good news that the Ozone layer is recovering.

2. Wildlife Flourishing

While human staying indoor, birds and animals are taking over the streets.

During this lockdown, as people have very fewer things to do at the house, they are getting a good amount of sleep at night.

And suddenly one day they woke up by the chirping of the birds. They realized that all the migratory birds which left the lakes a long time ago again has come back.

Sika deer showing up outside their normal habitat in the park in Nara, Japan, wild turkey are showing up in a park in Oakland, California, and orcas venturing farther up Vancouver’s Burrell inlet.

Also, due to absence of cruise ships in sea, dolphins have returned to the Italian port of Cagliari in greater numbers. And presence of swan in canals of Burano sparked a flurry of social media attention.

Although its a challenging time for human but nature is flourishing so well and animals are enjoying their new holiday destination.

3. Rivers are Getting Cleaned

All the water bodies are getting cleaned automatically during this lockdown phase.

Water pollution has dropped down to huge in major cities which is impacting all the rivers and lakes positively.

That’s why all the fresh water birds and animals are coming back to their old habitat.

4. Air Pollution is Reduced and Weather is so cleared

Beautiful view can be emerged due to drop down of air pollution in cities.

The stats show that the perimeter of the air pollution has decreased in a significant manner as all factories are locked and cars are stopped at once.

Some Other Ways Lockdown is Beautiful

During this lockdown, I stay at home.
Credit: Freepik

The lockdown is not only protecting us from the Pandemic, but also teaching us “The art of living.”

  • It brings the family closer as everyone gets the full time to spend in the house.
  • Everyone starts paying attention to the things which they usually overlooked.
  • It is the best time for self-examination or rather an introspection.
  • You have quality time in your hands to think about your self.
  • Moving towards spiritual and meaningful life.

You make the full use of the time by applying so many fruitful things such as practicing spiritual things, yoga, meditation, or reading good books is the best way to make you a better person when you at your leisure.

When you spend time alone, you find so many unknown things about yourself.

Things that you have never thought of, things that you never paid attention to, things which you always wanted to acquire but never knew that it was always there, under the very nose of yours.

This barren time can be so much fruitful for your self if you have the will to do it.

So many bad habits, addiction will be lost when you spend so much time in the house. This one bad thing brings so many good things.

At the time of non-corona, human beings were so cruel to nature whether it is deforestation, environmental pollution, water pollution, or other that was under the control of the humans.

Disturbing the balance could lead to a calamity and nature’s vengeance will also have its time. The suffering of human beings seems like nature’s revenge on them.

Will not it better if the Corona goes and never comes but it leaves the terror behind for us, the humans? So before breaking any rule, we think twice.

The virus is bad because it harms the people but the terror is good because it makes us better people or more organized ones.”

Featured Image: Freepik

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