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8 Popular Brain Training Games & Websites To Exercise Your Mind

Improve your basic brain abilities and heighten your memory with fun!

Today’s era, it’s very important to keep your brain fully trained. No matter if you are a a kid,  middle-aged person, or a 65 years old.

Brain training exercise is a must tool to stretch and exercise you mind.

Fortunately, internet is stuffed with tons of brain training games and activities, so, you don’t need to find any teacher or special classes to exercise your mind.

These mind training activities improve your mental health and therefore your brain skills. Some of the best benefits to exercise your mind are – boosting memory, response time, logical skills, focus, and many more.

So, get ready to leave your brain sweating with these most popular brain training games and websites that you must explore for yourself.

Brain Training Games & Websites

Train your brain with these most popular games and websites to enhance your mental fitness. Find best brain training gaming websites on the internet.
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1. Sharp Mind Games

Play and train your mind with Jigsaw Puzzles, Mahjong, Sudoku, and many other games available on this website.

All of these games are highly popular among teens and youngsters, and being played for decades by mathematicians, students, professors and people all over the globe.

These classic games are really fun way to keep your mind focused and improve your problem-solving skills.

2. Brain Bashers

Another great website that provides you a wide range of brain training puzzles and games.

Here you’ll find huge collections of puzzles, words, illusions, logic puzzles, and much more fun stuff to exercise your mind.

Apart from these games, it also offers other brain training delights such as maze logic puzzles, Japanese type puzzles, and Sudoku to help you and your kid develop logic skills.

3. Brain Den

Brain games are more fun way when you have numerous tools to train your mind.

BrainDen is another popular websites in series that provides a wide range of games and trivia. Some of the most popular games provided by this website are jokes, puzzles, logical puzzles, math playground, quizzes, riddles, and optical illusion to solve while you learn reasoning skills.

The best thing about this website is that it is designed for kids and adults at the same time.

Also, you can try these things for great mental strength.

4. Sharp Brains

SharpBrains also provide the series of most enjoyed games. Here you will find various color games, number games, optical illusions, and puzzles at different levels to sharpen your brain in different ways.

So, challenge your cognitive abilities while trying some of the quick and fun visual illusions provided by SharpBrains.

5. Braingle

Braingle is another fun platform with largest collections of brain development activities.

A unique range of around 15000 brain teasers, riddles, mind puzzles, logic problems, codes & ciphers, optical illusions, and many more to exercise your mind daily.

Starting from trivia, two-word games, and daily puzzles, this website is absolutely perfect to enhance your brain abilities everyday. One of the awesome place to keep you engaged smartly.

6. Brain Metrix

Sixth on our list is Brain Metrix. This website is an educational website dedicated to the brain training program.

It also provides wide array of brain games, memory games, reflex tests, free Chess games, IQ tests, concentration games, and many more.

These dynamic brain fitness program are perfect to achieve optimum fitness of your brain. Solving them everyday can help you boost memory and access information quickly.

7. Brain Teasers Network

Brain Teasers Network is a classic brain training website.

Classic games like Rubik’s cube, Sudoku and some of the most unconventional new games to train your brain.

Choose the one that interests you most and then start your brain workout right away!

8. Happy Neurons

Last but not the least, in our list, is Happy Neuron.

This website is a dynamic amalgamation of a brain-stimulating program. Starting from games to riddles, they focus on building all-rounder experience for your brain.

Stimulating all the aspects of your brain, these games and activities are designed to make your mind sharper, better and faster.

Exercising your brain with these websites can help you learn something new everyday. As they say, there is no age for learning; you should always keep upgrading yourself.

So, upgrade your mind with these amazing brain training games and websites with FUN!

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