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9 Strangest Things Celebrities Carry In Their Purse!

Do you carry those extra weird things in your purse that you basically assume to be a necessity or ends up being of no use?

Don’t you think these are just a weight bagger in your purses or really the lucky-to-go things…

Yes! People do carry a lot of fun stuff as memory, and relaxation. Especially when it’s about celebrities, we get more curious about what they carry in their purse.

They wish to have a sneak peek as this is something everyone wants to know specifically talking about the one who is 5-minute getting ready person as they tend to add the weirdest of things.

It is known to be one of the biggest mysteries of what a person has in their bags. It is like an archeological puzzle or treasure one has solved if they get to look in the other person’s bag and know their little secrets. It is like a pride you carry.

Anyways let’s give you some interesting and bizarre things that tend to be in a purse:

1. Weird Old Stuff Given by Your Special One

Shocked Lana Condor GIF - Shocked LanaCondor Seventeen GIFs

There is this belief people like to carry is one should stay in nostalgia.

Securing the old memories like having the first photo clicked by with your partner or even a used toothbrush, a pencil or pen you used ages back, a little gift by your parents when you were small like a gnome Lana condor yet carries.

A diary, a letter that means the world to you which never let you part away, like, I carry small pocket diaries gifted by my loved one.

A celebrity carried her husband’s old passport with her and his photograph as well. There are millions of things close to your heart as I remember my friend carrying a pen named after the initials of her name and gifted by her brother.

At times it is only out of love and when you do not want to part away from certain memories you carry certain things like these.

2. Ketchup

Hey You GIF - Hey You OliviaHolt GIFs

There are few people who like to involve ketchup in all their food items maybe it a bag of chips or bread. They like to add it to their regular course of meals as well.

This Hollywood celebrity Olivia Holt also does the same thing. She tells herself a “ketchup conscious” that is why she carries it everywhere possible.

I pretty much remember me carrying oregano packets for every food item I encounter with. Now I don’t and instead found this habit in my mom who carries pickle everywhere she goes.

3. Clothes and Shoes

Oh My God Anna Faris GIF - OhMyGod AnnaFaris Omg GIFs

I am a person who always prefers to carry an extra t-shirt just in case anything ruins up. There are many people out there, who love to do the same.

Some carry dresses, some carry jeans, an extra pair of socks and I remember one of my friends carrying an extra pair of shoes as well.

If you wondering about celebrities doing the same. The answer is a straight yes.

One of the celebrities we know from Hollywood is Anna Faris carries her sweatpants and immediately changes it as she gets on a plane. Not only that, but she also preferred carrying in a variety of colors.

4. Goldfish

Phoebe Buffay Friends GIF - PhoebeBuffay Friends Phoebe GIFs

Sounds about weird right having a goldfish in anyone’s bag?

Let me tell you people do carry goldfishes as for some it is their liking and for some, it is their good luck.

Watching T.V show friends the other I came across the character Phoebe Buffay aka Lisa Kudrow who carries quite weird stuff in her bag and one of them is a goldfish too.

5. Tooth Mousse

Dancing Shake GIF - Dancing Shake ShakeThat GIFs

Our very own star Emma Watson makes sure to take good care of her teeth even when she is out for a normal day too.

She surely carries a tooth mousse which is a cream, used to prevent tooth decay or mouth dryness. This entire process takes out a whole four minutes wherein you apply the cream in your teeth and spread it with your tongue.

Yes a totally strange object but yet a beneficial one you can say.

6. A Key

Faking It: Karma Ashcroft Having A Tasty Treat GIF - FakingFit KatieStevens KarmaAshcroft GIFs

I am that person who carries an old key which is of a place I stayed years back. It remind me of days in that very place I like to cherish.

There is a celebrity Katie Stevens who carries an old hotel room key as it has a sentimental value attached to it. Reminding her of the place she got engaged and spend time with her husband.

7. A Sharks Tooth

Ronda Rousey Shadow Boxing GIF - RondaRousey ShadowBoxing Natalya GIFs

This is definitely an amusing one as I have personally never heard of anyone carrying a shark’s tooth. Even though there is this celebrity I read about who carries it.

Her name is Ronda Rousey a real daredevil who had the guts to swim with the sharks and obtain one of their tooth’s which she keeps close enough to be reminded of her kickass move.

8. Rubber Duck and Slime

Garbage Eater Camilla Luddington GIF - GarbageEater CamillaLuddington GIFs

Yes, you read that right these two objects are carried by very famous mommy in the world of Hollywood.

Camilla Luddington and Busy Philips carry these objects for their kids as they like to chew the rubber duck and play with slime a lot.

9. Stuffed Toys

New Girl Jess Day GIF - NewGirl JessDay JessicaDay GIFs

People find stuffed toys to be more comforting when with them. Therefore, they tend to carry it all the time the cute tiny ones.

It has a strong reason behind it as toys can help people release their anxiety and stress when in a difficult situation.

There is one celebrity named Hannah Simone who likes to carry Mice stuff toys to beat stress. There are even weirder stuff people carry but these were a few of those strange things.

Let us know your strangest carry-outs in your bags?

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