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4 Priceless Things That We Take For Granted

Human life is a compilation of moments, great moments, and moments that make us sad. Each moment makes us what we become in the future; often, these moments are the outcome of our previous decisions.

Most of the time, we don’t realize which actions lead us to that very moment, but small privileges and our attitude towards it take us to that spot.

We, humans, tend to forget all those decisions, and that’s the only reason we start taking things very lightly.

We start taking things for granted, those commodities or privileges which are dreams to others.

Life is full of unfair advantages and challenges, but people suffer just because they fail to recognize the things they have taken for granted. The sheer amount of items that we are grateful for today is, if we start enlisting one by one, that will create a big book.

Here we have created a list of priceless things that we always take for granted.

1. Time

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life – Steve Jobs

Every second we live in our life full of surprises, we might not notice it, but each minute of our life determines what is coming next.

If you compare the times of the 90s or 80s with now, you will see we have built all the tools to serve our life purpose to save our time. Time is the single costliest commodity we have which we can’t even control.

We should be more aware while spending our time because it is an unrecoverable commodity.

Learn to practice gratitude in your everyday routine.

2. Love and Relationship

To balance work and life, or due to social distancing, we are forced to stay apart from our loved ones.

Maybe 2020 was the biggest lesson for everyone, that how much we undervalue our loved one, with the excuse of work. Be it our lovers, parents, or any loved one to whom we put so little time and effort.

They go through so much of hardships just for us.  So, if you have someone you care about, just let them know how grateful you feel for them; maybe that can turn their bad day into a joyful one.

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Taking your love and relationship for granted can be your biggest loss. Best quotes to realize you why you should be grateful for the love you have.

3. A Helpful Hand

Not every person in the world is lucky to have a helpful hand or friend.

In today’s world, everyone is suffering from distrust; the concept of “friend” has become an illusion. In the crowd of best friends, special friends, and close friends, we have forgotten what it means to be a friend.

So if you ever receive unexpected help from a stranger, be sure to thank them properly and be grateful about it. Because many people are looking for one resource to get the next thing, but there is no one to help them.

4. Other Privileges

Privileges can be many types. It can be based on the location, the upbringing, the time or era when we were born, the neighborhood we had, family, and lots of other things like electricity, internet, food at doorstep, water, nature, and so many others.

It can be as small as breathing or as large as having your own house. We live in an era where we have roofs to cover up from rain, summer, winter, and other natural calamities. Many people don’t even have a shelter.

From the primitive era, our ancestors have tried to find a secure sanctuary to live in, but unfortunately, only very few people enjoy that kind of privilege.

Electricity, the wonder of the 80s, nobody thought we could create artificial light during the night. There are so many people living in poverty who can’t afford to have electricity. Just think about the gap between the privileges we have and what they have.

More Things To Be Grateful For –

  • A healthy body
  • Food
  • Parents
  • Nature – Sun, Air, and fresh water to drink
  • Job
  • Waking up everyday
  • Technology at fingertips
  • Internet

And so many endless…

What Are Those Things That You Take For Granted?

Make a list of those things that you always take for granted. This will help you focus on those great things that really need your attention.


After studying successful people’s lives, who have done something incredible, It has been found that they wanted to do something they love.

They never started anything thinking this will bring them what they wish to; instead, these people just trusted themselves, found out if they validate what he/she wanted to make.

You don’t need a list of only 4 essential things to be grateful for. You need to listen to your inner voice to guide you to the right path.

Your life road-tests around your decisions; if you are not grateful for what you have, maybe you will not live your life the way it is meant to be.

Be thankful for what you have; you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough – Oprah Winfrey

Things We Take For Granted: Infographic

Most amazing things that we always take for granted in life. turn your for granted things into gratefulness.



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