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55 Common Ways to Practice Gratitude In Your Daily Life

“Whenever there’s a grateful moment, I note it. I know for sure that appreciating whatever shows up for you in life changes your personal vibration. You radiate and generate more goodness for yourself when you’re aware of all you have and not focusing on your have-nots.” – Oprah

Gazillion of peoples carrying their default settings as a regular schedule or habit – A habit of complaining every small things.

We continue to focus on things that leaves us anxious and stressed all day long, and then think, some magic to happen in life.

How would it be possible? if you continue to underestimate the beauty of life.

Sometime it will be a roller coaster ride and sometime a smooth one. But our default program always focus on the roller coaster ride. Right?

Its time to change our attitude towards everything by being more grateful and awake.

Gratitude have power to change everything in life. It has been beautifully said by many philosopher,

“When we start focusing on positive things, more positive things start appearing”

It happen when you shift your focus or attention towards good thing of life.

From morning to evening, we face number of situations in our daily life. Some makes our day and some spoil our mood.

Why don’t we think like – appreciative for the good one, and gratefulness for the lessons.

Don’t forget days that break you are the days that make you. We should be grateful for everyday whether good or bad.

Its our attitude towards situations that decide we will be stressed or not? So, when we shift our attitude to gratefulness, everything seems to workout in life.

Now let’s make a positive shift by transforming our thoughts consciously and feel more grateful.

Today we will talk about some very common ways to practice gratitude in our daily life.

Powerful Exercises to Practice Gratitude Daily

Practice these gratitude exercises to express your love and have more in life. These 55 amazing ways of being more grateful will change your life positively around. Don’t miss them.
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There are numerous of gratitude exercise that you can practice in your daily life.

Let’s take baby steps towards it.

  • Wake up everyday with “Thank you” attitude. Remember there are millions of people not awake this morning and you still got the chance.
  • Always pray for your physical, emotional and mental well-being and keep faith.
  • Say positive affirmations about yourself and your life. It will helps you to focus on your strength.
  • Write “thank you notes” for peoples you loves.
  • Meditate with gratitude.
  • Be Kind or volunteer.

This will shift your attention from bad to good things of life and when your inner world start changing, automatically your outer world start inspiring.

Appreciating what we have is like making more space for other positive things to happens.

Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude helps in these four aspects i.e. the emotional, physical, mental, and social that combats the negative aspirations and boosts self-transformation.

1: When It Comes to Emotions, Gratitude –

  • Calm the hate and jealousy symptoms
  • Make you more peaceful, happy and pleasant
  • Help you to see the unicorn side (optimism) instead of the devil (pessimism)
  • Boost your mood and inner satisfaction
  • Remove toxic emotions and make you stronger emotionally

2: When It Comes to Physical, Gratitude –

  • Enhance sleep
  • Declines depression and stress
  • More likely to exercise regularly
  • Happy and healthy heart
  • Boost metabolism
  • Glowing body
  • Improved blood vessels
  • Better bodily function

3: When It Comes to Mental Level, Gratitude –

  • Raise your self-esteem and confidence
  • Make you more optimistic and positive
  • Boost your productivity
  • Helps be more resilient
  • Improves decision making
  • Reduce stress
  • Make you mentally strong

4: When It Comes to Social, Gratitude –

  • Strengthen relationship
  • Inspire group of people
  • Boost your social skills
  • Give you more patience, humility and wisdom
  • Sense of satisfaction from everything you do

If you are a moody person and often face bad mood swings, these creative mood boosting tips are best for you.

How to Practice Gratitude Daily?

Inspirational gratitude quotes to aware you of the power of gratefulness. Try these 55 ways to feel grateful every day.
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When things won’t work your way, you can use the power of gratitude to release your negative emotions and gain strength.

These daily gratitude rituals can help you to stay stronger and more optimistic in your life.

Make them your regular habit!

  1. Write down the things you feel grateful every single morning.
  2. Appreciate people who bring love and a positive change to you life.
  3. Greet everyone with a gentle smile.
  4. Have a morning coffee and appreciate the aroma and warmth it provides.
  5. Watch something that inspires you.
  6. Express your feeling of gratefulness to people you care about.
  7. Decorate your vision board or wall with pictures you love.
  8. Try to give more than you receive.
  9. Practice mindfulness.
  10. Positive affirmations every morning.
  11. Learn something new every day.
  12. Volunteer more often.
  13. A savoring nature walk is must.
  14. Make your health a priority.
  15. Appreciate the qualities you see in others.
  16. Shield yourself from negative news, gossips or movies.
  17. Call someone whom you haven’t talked in a while.
  18. Say “thank you” and “sorry” more often.
  19. Read more often.
  20. Ask “what’s good about this” in every bad situations.
  21. Call your parents more often and spend some quality time.
  22. Keep a phone-free day and do something artistic like dance, draw, click pictures…
  23. Nurture your strengths.
  24. Give your attentions to hobby you enjoy.
  25. Get yourself a gratitude chair and when you sit on it, Just say thank you!
  26. Pray for others.
  27. Focus on your breath.
  28. Compliment yourself every day.
  29. Look for your gratitude trigger.
  30. Make “thank-you” notes for 365 days and keep them in a jar. Read one note every day.
  31. Learn from your mistakes.
  32. Every day applies an act of kindness.
  33. Go to your favorite place (coffee shop, library, or nature) and relax.
  34. Hang positive quotes and images on your walls all around the house.
  35. Live every day as if the last day of your life.
  36. Be there for your friends and family in need.
  37. Never forget to appreciate your beauty.
  38. Set a reminder at night time to appreciate everything you encounter the entire day.
  39. Add something new to your thank you list.
  40. Avoid getting disappointed frequently and convert that energy into creating something useful.
  41. Tell people how much you appreciate them.
  42. Spend quality time with your lover or family.
  43. Make a gratitude collage.
  44. Always carry a physical token of gratitude that can be a stone, crystal or whatever. When you look at it, feel grateful.
  45. Say thank you for your meals, shelter, and all the comfort.
  46. Cook meal and feed poor children.
  47. Host a fun party for your friend and family.
  48. Watch motivational videos.
  49. Pursue some courses that channel your attention to other things than stress.
  50. Before you sleep thank God for getting you through the day.
  51. Donate cloths or items you no longer use.
  52. Focus on persons rather than things or experience.
  53. Send your message with a beautiful bouquet to your sweetheart.
  54. Do not take anything for granted, value it every day.
  55. Consistency is the key. You have to get into the habit of thank you every day.

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling that rewards us so many health benefits especially, emotional and physical.

Just a small change can make a huge positive difference to our life, if we do it consistently.

Be the change and inspire peoples with your journey.

“Forget yesterday–it has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow–you haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift–today.” – Steve Maraboli

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