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8 Unbelievable Things Happen When You Do Yoga Regularly

Considering yoga as your new workout routine? Then you must know all these things that comes naturally when you start practicing yoga.

The physical and Physiological benefits of yoga encourage you to join the yoga classes.

But soon after attending the first few sessions, you feel loosey-goosey. Means, start  struggling to bend into moves which leads to QUIT.

Of course, your first class never decide the strength and harmony of your 30th class. Right?

Keeping your struggle regular will lead you to some life-changing transformations.

Very soon you’ll realize that doing Sun Salutation is really helping you losing weight, practicing Pranayama making you more calm and everyday morning yoga helping you to get active and productive in every task.

Now you’re able to control your stress, anxiety, and frustration in a much peaceful manner.

Let’s explore more about how yoga helps you manifesting your desired life.

Amazing Benefits of Yoga

why you should do yoga everyday? 8 Unbelievable Things Happen When Do Yoga Regularly. Yoga everyday benefits.

1. Yoga Makes You Stronger, Healthier, and Flexible

We don’t need to explain what yoga does to your body?

We all know that every physical exercise makes us healthier, stronger, flexible and active. Yoga also does the same by developing more muscular strength by stretching your body at its peak potential.

Certainly, you have seen people curing their disease with yoga for which they lost every hope.

Many people ask for the same how yoga is different from other physical activities in healing body and curing disease.

Although every exercise works wonder to the body. But yes! Yoga has some special power.

It’s because, in yoga, we connect our breathing with our movements that make yoga super healing.

Breathe that we normally not aware of is really one of the most powerful tools in yoga. It connects our body with mind and soul.

Breathing consciously can do many miracles to our life. It helps to detoxify our body naturally.

We’ll Understand This With An Example –

Now the story starts from here…

Do you have a water tank at home? Of course, everyone has.

Now, what happens to the pipes if there is always a normal supply of water to the tank?

The Algae will start accumulating. Right? This algae may either slow down the water flow or even block it from going to the tank.

Now, suppose if we increase the water-flow all of sudden. What will happen?

It may wash away all the blockers, algea, or waste outside the pipe. Right?

The same things happen to our body, when we do normal breathing, it develops many blockers that create unhealthy and diseased substance inside.

But when we breathe consciously and deeply, then the great flow helps to cleanse our breathing pipes and whole system deeply. This is how yoga works to our body.

Nothing can detox your body like this. And most importantly it cost you nothing. So, why not to give yoga a try?

2. Yoga Releases You From Emotional Pain

Yoga to release emotional pain and blocks. Explore yoga to release tensed, anxiety and stressful energy from body. Know yoga benefits for mental strength.
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Now, this is something that non-yogi surprised the most. How come yoga helps people to release emotional pain?

Even after a breakup, most people turned to yoga to heal their emotions and find self-love.

An emotionally weak body look stressed, tensed, fatigued, and tired. It’s like every cell of the body is telling a painful story of breaking of emotions.

So how to release such emotional pain?

People will suggest you, talks to your friends, open up to strangers, have some fun, go to party, start traveling, visit nature, date someone new, and so many endless.

But do all these things are a permanent healer? Just think?

For permanent healing, you must go for calming therapy – Yoga & Meditation.

Yoga released your unexpressed emotional pain which is stored in the form of physical tightness, tension, fatigue, and weakness.

It helps your body to align with universal energies that bring more calmness, peace, and clarity to you.

There are many tools in yoga that you can use to release emotional pain –

  • Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)

Breathing techniques helps you to release emotional pain and negative energies fast. It encouraged emotions to be stimulated, brought to the surface, and then release.

Kapalabhati strongly stimulates and move emotions. Also, Hara breathing (exhaling with a “Haa” out of the mouth) help release anger and frustration.

  • Vocalize: Make Sound

When you make a sound, you actually open up your throat chakra to allow tension and emotions release from your body.

For e.g: Letting out loud sigh ease frustration; humming release joy; groaning softens fear; howling unbind sadness.

So, when emotions become activated and start becoming painful, do vocalizing to release them out of your body.

  • Through Asana

There are certain areas where your emotions get stuck e.g. around hips, shoulder, chest, and throat. These are the primary places where emotional tensions relies on.

During yoga practice, focus on these areas and practice them more. Once you’re aware of your emotional tension area, you can easily focus on postures that target those area.

  • Intensity

When you find the posture which open area of tension and involve emotional sensations, it is important to hold the posture to your edge.

Just going to the physical or mental edge in any posture can activate an emotional release. But longer holding these pose should be in the presence of your yoga teacher or therapist.

All these techniques are extremely powerful, so try to practice only one technique at a time to release emotional blocks.

3. Yoga Develops A Peaceful Mind

Meditation de-stress your mind and keep it healthy, sharp and clarity. Best way to improve your lifestyle. Know how yoga affect your lifestyle positively.
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To reach the peaceful state of your mind, you need to work on your mental symmetry.

Just focus on your mind what it really demands. Otherwise it’ll always keep you engaged to dig-in your emotional and mental trauma.

So, how we can make our mind less-talkative and more calming?

This is what we all seek for.

In yoga, we call this technique – Meditation.

It allows you to get out of your head and feel emptiness for sometime. It relaxes your nerves and allows you to visit those peaceful area of your mind that you didn’t explore till now.

Initially, it may be difficult for you to sit and concentrate. But start it and soon you’ll notice lots of positive changes around.

It shift your mental state from suffering to joyful and train you to control your senses.

If you want to sit longer in meditation for such experience, do Pranayama and other breathing exercise that can help you achieve meditative state easily.

Initially sit for 10 minutes, then continue for next 10 days. After 10 days, start sitting for 20 minutes and maintain this duration for 1 month. Like this keep stretching your time…and you’ll start craving for longer duration.

4. Yoga Makes You Disciplined

Yoga makes you consistent, disciplined and dedicated. Explore unbelievable benefits of yoga. Yoga benefits for physical and mental health.
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Discipline is a great power that keeps you committed, regular and consistent. it is usually hard to develop, but once get establish, can do wonders to your life.

Being disciplined always demands to ignore physical comforts and allowing you to break your boundaries to make you limitless.

Yoga gives you enough physical and mental strength that helps you build such powerful attributes – discipline.

Once you get into the habit of doing yoga consistently, discipline comes naturally to your life. It makes you more aware, active and consistent for every day task.

This immense power of being consistent improve your self-esteem, never give-up quality, keep-moving attitude and ready-to-learn life approach.

By improving your potential limits, it makes you winner in every area of your life where you find yourself easier to stay on track of achieving goal while others still struggling.

5. Enhance Your Clarity

Clarity gives you the vision to see everything the way they are, so, you can handle them in the best possible way.

Suppose if you’re a driver and driving through some street across your city. But now the vision is, you don’t see the things as they are. For e.g. – You see bicycle and think it’s a truck. What would happen?

What a paranoid driver you’ll be then. You always get messed up on roads and reach nowhere.

But if you see everything the way it is, then you can drive through the traffic and go somewhere. Right?

So, the first thing you need to do in your life is – bring clarity to yourself. It help you to face any challenges easily in life. It gives you enough strength to make healthier decisions, and smarter choices without less distraction.

6. Yoga Makes You Happier and Joyful

Yoga bring joy, freedom and happiness in your world. Try yoga for real joy. Know how to explore in yoga. Yoga benefits.
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“Everything happens within you whether happiness, anger, sufferings or joyfulness” - Sadhguru Click To Tweet

Happiness is a sweet emotion that arises from within.

For such feeling, if you’re dependent on the external environment, then probably there will be the least chance for you to be happy and joyful.

The science of happiness, and being joyfulness comes from a positive frame of mind.

Now, the question is, if everything starts from within, then why don’t we think to take care of our body and mind every day.

Why we suffer and blame someone else for our misery?

Being into yoga, you start using your life energies to establish peace, joy, good emotions, and calmness. It doesn’t mean now the problem will not arise, but now you won’t be much affected from such situations and handle them gracefully.

Slowly and steady through yoga, you will be an expert into controlling your life energies.

7. You Become More Optimist and Positive

If you want to be optimistic and positive? Then try practicing yoga and meditation for more positive energy. Explore how yoga help you to becomes successful. Best yoga benefits for physical and mental health.
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Only an optimist person can see numerous possibilities and opportunity in their way to success.

Regular practicing of yoga makes you happier, satisfied, energetic, and extremely positive.

Stretching your body with coordination of breath is a wonderful way to calm down your nerves, establish a healthy frame of mind, improving concentration, focus and well-being.

8. Glowing You

Now, this is really something you might be interesting a lot.

Yes! Yoga is really a powerful skin rejuvenating tool that every woman must know. Through breathing, it cleanses your skin from toxins and helps to encourage proper blood circulation.

In turn, it improves the skin as it feeds the cells the required nutrients. The downward facing dog pose reduces the dullness, clear acne and helps to keep the stunning youthful glow over the face.

Leave all those expensive commercial beauty products for glow and start investing some time in yoga. The benefits of yoga will surely reflect over your skin.

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