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12 Smart Ways To Motivate Yourself For Anything

“One day I realized that if I just had somebody behind me all the way to motivate me I could make a big difference. Nobody came along like that so I just became that person for myself.” – Unknown

If you think motivation needs only sad, and depressed people, its a misconception.

We all need this positive dose everyday. In-fact at every stage of life.

It is humanly impossible to stay motivated and higher all the time, throughout the life.

Ups and downs are part of life and our mind is highly variables to every situations. To maintain more peaceful, mental and physical harmony; we all need this inspiring force.

So, in case, if you feels low and unmotivated for some reason, try these simple and super easy ways to motivate yourself again.

These creative and smart ways will motivate you for study, work, gym and fitness; and most importantly for better mental and physical well-being.

Explore New Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivate yourself with these mind-blowing easy to follow tips. These 12 best motivating tips will guide on your low, sad and depressing days.
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1. Start Small

Scared of taking first step??????

Its obvious to get afraid when you are not motivated enough.

But don’t worry!! Not always you need to start “BIG”.

Even small steps leads greater results.

“The secrets of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Just get into habits of “Starting At Small”.

After some time, you’ll notice that these small things are developing big and phenomenal positive difference to your life that you haven’t imagined.

Whether you are preparing for study, workouts, yoga, meditation, work, or any other task. You must start small, like I did.

Few months ago, I was struggling to start mediation, and thinking to mediate for one hour at least, but it never happened as I promised.

Then one day, one of my yoga friend told me to start from 10 minutes. From that day, I develop a habit to sit. And, this is how every beginners should start.

Now I can proudly say, I reached to 45 minutes just within 20 days.

I simply develop this habit from starting small. My intellect and energy are awesome now and rarely feel low and stressed.

On the other hand, small tasks are easy to do, quick to perform and visible results in a short time.

2. Put the Daily Distractions Away

What’s distracting you????

Kick them all.

One of the reasons your mind is not allowing you to work dedicatedly is the presence of your daily distractions.

These distractions can be your thoughts, emotions, objects, people, or activities around you. You must maintain a distance from these distractions while performing the task.

Hence, if you are working on a laptop, make sure not to open social media, use smartphone, play music or watch TV.

But if you are performing a physical task, focus on your breath and make sure you do not check the time.

3. Meet Up Your Family & Friends

How do you motivate yourself? When feeling low, and sad, just meet up your family and friends to find love and inspiration again. The warmth of their love will bring great joy to you.
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This may confuse you; however, here is why we said it.

Your friends and family knows, what you’re up to, as they have the immediate access if you need any help, support, love, or care.

If you wish to have some “ME-TIME” to overcome your lack-of-focus, they know, not to call or visit you.

4. Get Motivated From People Around You

Always you don’t have to look for famous role models or philosopher for motivation.

You are observant enough!

Just look around, you are surrounded by these kinda people. Street hawker selling products irrespective of rain, cold or heat; the newspaper guy gives you the newspaper daily without missing a single day. And, there are lots more.

You must have eyes to see these people around you.

And most importantly, spend the least time possible with negative people who deplete your energy (If needed).

5. Learn to Say “Its Okay”

These magical words have power.

We know, not every days are same. Our emotions are highly variables with the time and situations.

But I must say this trick is super healing and powerful. When you learn to say “Its Okay! You gonna be alright”. You start activating your inner power within.

Of-course, it won’t solve the problem, but definitely give you strength to overcome your emotional pain.

Very soon you’ll feel relaxed and come out from that “sad-zone”. The technique helps to higher your energy and boost mental peace.

OR you can also use bellowed positive affirmations, like,

  • I am strong person.
  • I deserve to be happy.
  • I attract beautiful things to my life.
  • I am in control of my emotions.
  • I am positive and vibrant person.
  • My future is bright and filled with happiness.
  • I choose to focus on my strengths.
  • I understand my hurt comes from words spoken by other hurt people.
  • I let go of my need to control everything and everyone.

“You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” – Louise L. Hay

6. Be Compassionate Toward Yourself

Pamper yourself!! Love yourself!! Take Care of yourself!! Do these 12 easier and simpler things to motivate and find compassion towards yourself.
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Heard of Self-love?

It is easier to show compassion for others as compared to showing compassion to own self.

We tend to self-criticize more. However, this doesn’t help.

Self-criticism create self-doubts, a lack of confidence, and self-judgemental behavior.

Self-judgemental people feel worse and less motivated. So, if you wish to feel motivated, try to be kind to yourself, understand yourself and nurture your mind to do better. Nagging will not help.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

7. Be Constructive About the Failures

Failures are as natural as success.

A well-constructed mind can learn from failures by having a transparent perspective. A constructive approach leads to less hurtful feelings.

If you meet failures, dissect it to know why it happened and go ahead.

8. Competition With Self

Now, this should be taken in a positive way, as the misunderstanding of this concept can make you a self-criticizing person.

The gist is to keep the focus on yourself.

Make sure you become a better person than who you were. Self-comparison allows you to grow at your own speed and get rewarded too.

9. Know Why You Started

When you feels to Quit! Remember why you started. Just do it anyway, no matter how afraid you’re. Find inspiration and motivation from these 12 best mind-blowing hacks.
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When you feels low or lost, its easy to forget why you started something.

Lack of motivation makes you lose sight of the ultimate goal. Here, what can come to the rescue is a trick of writing down the goals; include what you will get, where you’ll reach, and how it’ll transform your life.

Put this note at a place where you can see it frequently. You can also play motivational songs.

10. Step By Step Win the Race

A long and stuffy list of to-do things will confuse you and make you feel burdened too.

Too many things on this list will rather de-motivate you and lead procrastination that might end up doing nothing.

So, go step by step; start with small tasks if possible, finish them and go to the bigger tasks.

11. Breaks are Fruitful

If your work is draining you, then you’re not doing it right. Just risking your physical and mental health.

Rather than working throughout the day, take small breaks during work. Don’t go by the number of hours, go by the productive working hours.

Your work should motivate you to do more, so make it interesting and less stressful.

12. Reward yourself

Reward yourself for your efforts, hard work, and struggle. Find 12 most inspiring ways to motivate yourself when you feels low.
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The second side of not criticizing yourself is to reward yourself for the smallest things you did right or good.

Rewarding yourself is a way of telling your mind that it has done a good job and capable of doing more and better things.

These rewards have to be tempting enough to provoke you to perform certain tasks. Remember, rewards can be anything, a trip, a favorite dessert, coffee or anything.

Where the tricks mentioned above are talking about motivation in general, here are few specific goals tricks of motivation:

How to Motivate Yourself at Work

  • Convince yourself to getting start
  • Make friends at the workplace
  • Know your work well
  • Surround yourself with more positive and inspiring co-worker
  • Understand the importance of your work
  • Break your tasks into small tasks

How to Motivate Yourself When Depressed

  • Take a detox bath
  • Go for a walk in nature or join a gym
  • Entertain yourself
  • Take it easy on yourself, and don’t judge.
  • Surround yourself with positivity as much as possible
  • Have a routine and dare to break it too.
  • Go outside, meet people, visit the places you had memories with.
  • Talk to the parents about it, if possible and needed.

How to Motivate Yourself to Clean

Here, you are most probably lazy or feel disgust towards dirty things. We all do. However, one has to get up and keep things clean in the surrounding.

Here is how you can motivate yourself to clean –

  • Invite visitors and use it as an excuse to clean the house.
  • Play music while dusting and cleaning and make it interesting.
  • Imagine the after-effect of the cleaning.
  • Remind yourself that you deserve a clean ambiance.
  • Reward yourself when you’re done.

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

  • Self-talk helps.
  • Make a gym buddy.
  • Post your dream body everywhere at home.
  • Have friends with similar interests.
  • Remind yourself your body won’t change in a day.

Use any tricks to boost motivation and inspiration. Remember, a healthy mind goes a long way.

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