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12 Easy Ways To Raise Your Consciousness In Everyday Life

“When you consciously choose to be ordinary, you becomes extraordinary.” – Sadhguru

Consciousness is everything you experience.

It means simply being aware of things inside or around us. That may be the song humming in your head, the sweetness of a cake that lingers in your mouth, or the throbbing sensation of a toothache.

One may ask – what is the big deal about it?

Yes, we have our five senses functioning properly. Hence we are aware of everything in and around us!

But as it turns out, it’s not that simple.

Saints and yogis have spent centuries to understand the real essence of being conscious.

Yet, despite centuries of debates by philosophers and spiritual gurus, it remains puzzling and controversial.

Though it seems to be familiar, yet the most mysterious aspect of our lives.

Consciousness helps you to be more aware of your life, your breath, your body, soul, mind, surroundings, peoples, work, relationship and everything.

“Things grow where your consciousness go”

It is said that attaining a high level of consciousness helps you to live life in a more meaningful and profound manner.

Today’s world is tired of every petty issues that keep troubling us in our day to day life, and we often find ourselves turning to self-help groups.

The answers that we search outside is actually lie within us.

It requires us to delve deep inside our minds. And for this, all you need is a little guidance to raise your consciousness to explore more clarity, joy, freedom, and calm state of mind.

How to Raise Your Consciousness?

When it comes to raising your consciousness, there is no shortcut.

It always comes by holistically treating your body and mind everyday. Some effective ways can help you to higher your consciousness in everyday life even if you are not a regular yoga and meditation practitioner.

1. Stay Healthy

If you want to achieve higher conciseness without yoga and meditation, then start switching to healthy eating habits.
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A healthy body equates to a healthy mind. As the old English proverb goes – you are what you eat.”

The food you eat has an immense impact on your body and mind. Developing the habit of eating healthy food is another most effective ways to higher your consciousness easily.

Try avoiding processed or junk foods as they act as consciousness blocker in your body.

After food, the next step towards being more conscious is exercises.

Doing regular exercise helps to raise endorphin levels in the brain, enhances blood circulation, oxygenation in lungs, and nourishes every part of your body. It makes you feel more empowered and balanced.

One of the most time tested exercise that help to get optimum mind-body equilibrium is YOGA.

It open up your chakras that are the storehouse of energies in your body.

2. Practice Meditation

After you empowered your body, the next step to raise your consciousness is to empower your mind.

And this can only be achieved through meditation.

Follow these simple steps to achieve your higher consciousness:

  1. Fix up a time for meditation.
  2. Find a quiet and peaceful place where you can stay uninterrupted for a while.
  3. Sit straight or lie down and take deep and slow breaths.
  4. Relax your mind and body, and just watch your breath.
  5. Just be observant without getting engaged with your thoughts.
  6. You can also play soothing music or some mantra chanting to soothe your nerves.
  7. A great way to start is by sitting with legs crossed and back straight.

Several types of meditation are there and you can chooses the one you feel more comfortable with.

3. Read Books

6 books that will help you to broaden your mindset and higher your consciousness.
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A life without books is as good as the life of a frog in a dark well.  

Reading enhances our intellectual capacity and helps to broaden our outlook.

These 5 spiritual books will help you to awaken your consciousness and change the way you see the world –

  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Sold over 2 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over 30, this book takes readers on an inspiring spiritual journey to find deepest meaning of present moment. It helps to reach the ultimate in personal growth and spirituality.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” – Echart Tolle

  • The Most Direct Means to Eternal Bliss by Michael Langford

This book puts together a comprehensive guide for seven different methods of meditation including – The Awareness Watching Awareness Method, The Abandon Release Method, The Eternal Method, The Infinite Space Method, and The Loving All Method.

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

This great self-help book inspired in hinduist and spiritualistic concepts to fulfill your dreams. The book will guide you how to nurture yourself and your family through giving back, expressing gratitude and enjoying the journey of your life.

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” – Deepak Chopra

  • The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo

  • Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life by Thich Nath Hanh

  • The Path of Energy: Awaken Your Personal Power and Expand Your Consciousness by Synthia Andrews

4. Positive Affirmation and Mantra Chanting

Chant mantra and repeat the positive affirmation to higher your consciousness and boost your mind power.
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Positive affirmations are very easiest way to raise your conciseness especially when you can’t find enough time to meditate everyday.

The repetition of affirmations change your limited belief system that turns into a deep conviction, and positive changes begin to happen in your life.

Chanting of mantras can also lead to higher consciousness. It is a form of yoga that connects you with the higher vibrations of the universe.

Purely on a psychological level, when we produce sound vibrations and allow them to resonate within and around ourselves, we are stimulating the Vagus nerve, which regulates recovery from the harmful effects of stress.

This, in turn, puts us in a better mood, improves our immunity, and contributes to healthy aging.

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a pure state of being present by focusing on our awareness in choice-less thoughts.

Slowly, the mind learns to let go of the past and also becomes free from the inhibitions of the future.

6. Listen to Uplifting Music

Truly uplifting music has the power to raise our level of consciousness and awareness. Try these 12 powerful ways to higher consciousness.
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Music helps to refresh and rejuvenate our souls. It has immense control over our emotions.

Truly uplifting music has the power to raise our level of consciousness and awareness. Especially people who have developed a liking for some soothing instrumental or classical music can feel the tunes resonating in their hearts.

These inspired music act just like chanting mantras. They are in sync with the universal vibrations and thus help to elevate our levels of consciousness.

They energize our minds, release tension, awaken compassion, and create devotional feeling within our mind.

7. Observe Your Daily Life

Observe your daily life to higher your consciousness and boost your mind power. Try these 12 simple ways to raise awareness easily in everyday life.
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Life happens moment by moment, day by day, month by month, and year by year.

When you start observing your life, like, how you are spending your time, you automatically started shifting to higher consciousness.

Always be aware and attentive about your daily schedule. Track everything you do after waking up to going to bed at night.

Give at-least 15-20 minutes to observe your day spent. It will help you to be more aware of where you are spending your most of the time unconsciously and consciously.

This way you can save your mind from lots of unnecessary distractions and become more productive in life.

8. Read Quotes

“Remember that your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness.” – Eckhart Tolle

Quotes have power to motivate you, encourage you and strengthen you.

When you feel unhappy, lacking motivation, tired, under-confidant, sad, stressed and hopeless in life, that is the time when you should train your mind to gain your strength back.

All you needs little push to take actions, and quotes have power to do that.

Print out some great inspirational quotes and tag them on your refrigerator, frame it on your office wall, or your living room, so, you can read them every day and see your life taking a dramatic turn.

These magical words will slowly make their way into your subconscious mind and alter your thought pattern and raise your level of consciousness.

9. Always Keep Your Spine Straight

Your spine is the physical gateway of higher consciousness.

With over 100 billion nerve cells or neurons, connecting the brain to the spinal cord and nervous system.

It helps in functional breathing, keeps you more interiorized, evens out energy levels, and balance your mood.

Sitting straight can also help to deepen your meditation. This is why proper spinal alignment is essential during meditation.

10. Choose Your Friend Wisely

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This is another cool way to raise your consciousness unknowingly. Choose your surrounding very wisely.

Yes! It can do wonders for you.

Happy, loved, calm and spiritually oriented peoples can help you to level up and access your higher consciousness wi9thout putting extreme efforts.

Surrounding yourself with the right people makes you more positive and optimistic. We pick up a lot of daily habits from these friends and also take their opinion while taking vital decisions.

11. Listen to Yogis

There are so many things that we struggle through alot but yogis are mastered into.

Feeling or thoughts that pulls us down and torment becomes to easy to deal with when explained by a yogi.

Jaggi Vasudev, known publicly as Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi, and an author has enlighten our path on raising human consciousness in his many ways.

12. Be Kind

The most natural instinct of human beings is nurturing. Apparently, words like nurturing and forgiving sound like actions that benefit other people.

Well, that it does.

But in the process, it heals and nourishes our inner-selves like none other.

The ability to create a positive difference in someone’s life makes our soul feel blissful. Hence being compassionate towards all living creatures helps to raise our consciousness to a higher level.

It helps you to become a better human being.

This way you will be able to rise above the petty issues that bog you down every single moment.

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