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5 Practical Ways to Stop Overthinking

“Stop overthinking and quit making up the problems that don’t exist” – Buddha

Overthinking – that all of us has fight for at some point of our life. Be it our work, relationships, situations or even day to day chores.

Even if we start thinking about how to stop overthinking sometimes, we end-up overthinking more about that. Funny isn’t it?

Most of us might not consider overthinking to be such a big problem. Well, if that is what you think, you might want to run your eyes through this fact.

In 2013 a study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology reports overthinking your shortcomings, mistakes, and problems increases your risk of mental health problems.

Now, you might want to give it a good thought, don’t you?

If you want to consider someone’s opinion who has been there then take my advice to figure out some practical ways to stop overthinking.

Overthinking not only leads to mental health problems but also unable us to live joyfully.

Remember the guy you had a crush on but you ended up overthinking while someone else asked him out? Or do you remember the time when someone asked you something but you too busy overthinking and could not spit out a single word out of your mouth?

If you have had instances like this then welcome to club pal, you are an overthinker. But nothing to fear, we all have been there.

Today we’ll talk about some of the best ways to stop overthinking from over-thinkers and how they come out of it.

Before You Overthink, Listen This

That’s True! We build up problems in our mind only. Let’s take a step ahead to clean our mind instantly before it turn into disasters.

1. Be Aware

Being aware of your situation and the facts can win half of the battle itself. If you’re fully aware of overthinking, you can consciously give it a check.

Whenever you tend to worry about anything that agitates you, remind yourself that you are an overthinker and this can take you to the road, you don’t want to walk on.

This thought will immediately put an end to whatever you are thinking at that moment. It ‘ll break the cycle and prove to be a big savior.

Take some time out and pen down all the trigger points that you have; anything that leads you to overthink, agitate you or panic. Be it any worst experience, any specific topic, past relationship, or anything that you are afraid of.

Once you note down all your triggers, you know where to stop now. That will help you to stay away from such triggers.

2. Start Writing What You Think

Start writing a journal about what you think, how you feel and what makes you feel grateful to stop overthinking. These 5 practical ways will help you to reduce overthink.
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One of the best solutions that most of the over-thinker gave us is  “start writing.” It help when you don’t want to discus your problem with anyone.

Even me, when I was going through such phase in my life, started writing a journal to track every thought came to my mind and reach the trigger point.

And hopefully, this worked for me! Similarly, it worked for maximum people struggling to come out from their own battle.

So, just start by simply writing the things that trigger your overthinking nature.

Soon but gradually, you’ll see the difference.

For some people writing daily dairy is also helpful. You can write whatever happened to you during the day; what made you happy or what made you sad.

This is a very good and motivating way of venting out all your feelings without anyone knowing.

3. Workout

One of the quickest ways to stop overthinking is working out.

Workouts help you vent out a lot of negative energy. Simultaneously, workouts release happy hormones and therefore make you more calm and satisfied.

If you dedicatedly workout for 30-40 mins daily, you give your brain a break.

So, next time whenever you feel agitated and want to vent out the things, hit the gym and release the excess energy that your brain is using to overthink.

This will not only help you stop overthinking but also motivate you to achieve your goals.

4. Focus

The basic reason why overthinking is harmful is that it completely take your mind off the problem and you end up thinking about something else linking.

You lose focus from the main picture while you keep panicking about small details that don’t even make sense.

So, its very important to do small activities that help you improve your focus and boost your problem-solving skills. There are many techniques you can try like meditation, yoga, deep sleep, aromatherapy, and many more.

You can also try out painting or craft or dancing, or anything that makes your soul happy from inside.

5. Express More

Show gratitude and you’ll feel light. Try these practical ways to stop overthinking and avoid unnecessary problems.
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The more you express, the more you feel light. So, just start expressing whatever you have been thinking or feeling.

If you don’t like anything, Say It.

If you love something, Say It!

Say everything that makes you happier or sad.

But if you don’t have someone to express your thoughts or feelings then write or speak to yourself looking into the mirror or record your voice or make a video.

Just vent out every single thing that you have been keeping deep inside you.

Once you’ll start doing this, you’ll notice how peaceful your mind is becoming rather than overthinking.

Try them out and see what puts an end to your problems. And stop all that negativity right away with these hacks.

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