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7 Healthiest Homemade Drinks To Replace Soda

Struggling to cut down soda from your life? Prepare these sweet-tangy drinks to replace soda.

We know, cutting soda from your diet can be little frustrating initially, but at the end, it proves as one of the best healthiest decision you have ever taken.

Not only for your health, but also for your wallet as whenever you go out, find yourself with a glass of soda unconsciously. Right?

According to this report, an American spent more on soda drinks than any other food items. Surprisingly true!

If we talk about some of its disadvantages – it increase belly fat, decrease bone strength, cavities and gum disease, obesity, and high blood pressure are some of them. These health issues are not only dangerous but also costly to manage.

This is the reason why every nutritionist and fitness experts suggest to cut down soda for physical wellbeing.

To make your No-Soda-Challenge journey easy, we have come up with some of the healthiest and delicious homemade drinks recipes to replace soda.

These summer drinks will satisfy your soda craving while lowering down the other dangerous health risk.

Refreshing Summer Drinks To Replace Soda

Finding alternatives to quench your thirst with a healthy punch of Bubbly and refreshing drinks? Then these no-soda drinks recipes are perfect for you.

These are much better than buying commercials one with lots of added sugar, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

Let’s get started with the list…

1. Delicious Fruit-Infused Water

Delicious fruits infused water recipes to replace soda. Best home-made soda alternatives drink for summer. Detox drinks recipes.
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This vitamin water is one of the greatest alternatives to soda.

This delicious and tangy water is the flavor of fresh cuts, pinched and squeezed fruits such as lemon, oranges, cucumber, watermelon, cucumber, mint, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, and limes.

You can easily prepare this detox water at home.

Take a pitcher or jug filled with filtered water and add freshly cut fruits. Now, keep it aside for 3-4 hours or overnight to mix fruits flavor, vitamin, and minerals into the water.

Add some ice cubes if willing to drink chilled.

You can also chop up fruits in an ice cube tray, add water and freeze it. Now add these colorful fruits cubes to your beverages for instant freshness.

Now, whenever you feel a craving for soda, treat this fresh flavored soda alternative drink for yourself.

But if you want to prepare these detox for body cleanse, then have a look on these recipes.

2. Hot & Iced Green Tea

Green tea?? We don’t need to convince you guys.

You know what we mean… when it comes to drinking something healthy, Green tea always rank first.

It’s a perfect healthy booster for your body and mind. This rich anti-oxidants tea soothe your throat, calm you down, improve your metabolism, keep your heart healthy and make your skin healthier.

If these reasons are not enough to make your habits to drink green tea regularly. Then probably the next reason might turn your mood on…

What’s that?

Help to Slim your waistline. Sounds awesome!

This is the reason why most people prefer green tea for weight loss. Even the weather change won’t disturb your regularity. You can drink it hot, iced, or with honey, however, you want.

Want to freshen up?? Have some green tea…

3. Fresh Fruit & Veggies Juice

Credit: Freepik

These are another healthier and tastier drinks to replace soda.

As we all know that fruits and veggies are loaded with lots of powerful nutrients that make us feel better throughout the day.

You can select the endless combination for juices, like, only fruit juice, fruits and veggies mix, just green veggies juice or smoothies.

The fresh juice offers a quick, low-calories (depends which fruit you select) way to quench your thirst.

Veggies contain less natural sugar than fruits, but it’s high in sodium, so make sure you opt. for low sodium options for juice.

Avoid adding extra sugar to your juice as fruits are higher in natural sugar.

4. Add Fruit Juice to Your Favorite Sparkling Water or Seltzer

Another way to replace soda drinks is by mixing 1 part of juice to 2 parts of sparkling water or seltzer.

In this recipe, you can use 100% no-sugar-added juice, like, pure thick tart pomegranate, grape, or cherry juice.

Although its common misconception that fruit juice is good for you because it’s made from fruits. But, honestly, even juices are also higher in sugar and calories depends on which fruit you select.

That’s why no-added-sugar is what mostly nutritionist recommend. But it doesn’t mean they are not good for health. Surely juices offer lots of other nutritional benefits that soda lacks.

So, when it’s about to replace soda, prefer citrus fruits juice.

To cut down fruit sugar more, you can add 3 part of sparkling water or seltzer in 1 part of juice to make a light and bubbly concoction.

5. Homemade Lemon or Lime Citrus Fix

How to cut down soda drinks? Try this fresh lime soda alternatives drinks to replace soda. Healthiest homemade drinks for people on No-Soda Challenge.

This homemade refreshing drink is perfect for your strong soda craving.

What you need is just a lime or lemon, and a glass of sparkling water or seltzer water. Now, add few slices of lemon or lime and a dash of stevia-based sweeteners in a glass of sparkling water.

And your homemade citrus flavored drink is ready.

Long ways to go….? This healthy low-calories drinks is what you were waiting for.

6. Brew Some Loosen Herbal Tea

Herbal tea – as the name suggests – Flavors of herbs.

Feeding these herbal foods and spices to your body is like taking steps to heal yourself internally.

Yes! Herbs do wonders to your body. Now you decide, how you want to consume these herbs? As a tea, medicine or spices…?

All work amazingly…

But when it’s about to soda alternative drinks, then brewing some herb is always a healthier option.

Loosen herbal tea is a low-calorie choice that allows you to get its maximum health benefits.

Just brew some loose tea in infuserA device that holds tea leaves in a chamber which you submerge into hot water. It works wonderfully to extract out the flavor of your tea.

White, green, and oolong are some best relaxing herbal tea. If you’re trying to lose some weight then these herbal tea for bloating is best for you.

7. Other Healthy Soda Alternative Drinks Recipes

Apple cider vinegar sparking water to replace your soda drinks. Try these homemade healthiest drinks to overcome your soda habit. Best soda alternatives drinks.

You can also try some of these healthy homemade soda alternatives.

  • Strawberry:

Blend a cup of strawberries with ¼ cup of honey (or other natural sweeteners). Now, put 2 tbsp. of this mixture into a cup of and pour sparkling water. For cold concoction, use frozen strawberries.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Sparkling Water:

Add 1 tablespoon of ACV, ½ teaspoon grated ginger, and sweetener as per your taste in 2 cups of sparkling water. If you love this concoction, try increasing ACV over time to increase its health benefits. It’s a perfect energy booster.

  • Root Beer:

Mix sparkling water with a few drops of root beer extract (Organic, if not chemical), and sweetener as per your taste (Stevia extract).

Some Tips To Kick off Your Soda Habit

When trying to skip soda, don’t replace it with another bad habit.

For example, if you drink 4 cups of soda throughout the day, then switching to 4 cups of coffee or tea is not going to do anything. It’s called replacing with another bad habit.

The best thing you can do to cut soda is –

  • Change your taste buds
  • Decrease your cravings
  • Switch to a homemade citrus concoction

For example,

If you drink 4 cups of soda every day, then try replacing 1 cup with just plain hot water, 2nd cup with hot green tea, and remaining 2 cups with other healthier alternatives.

To make your drink more refreshing like soda, add ice or flavored fruits infused ice cubes.

Soon, after few days, your taste buds will accept these taste and your new habits will be set.

These healthy homemade refreshing drinks will help you to cut your soda craving and sugary drinks easily. So, If you want to live healthier and longer, choose healthily and rest healing will be done automatically.

Just take one step ahead for yourself and soon you’ll feel the difference…

Quit Soda With These Healthy Drinks:

Want to cut down soda? Try these 8 best healthy drinks to replace soda. Fruit infused water, detox drinks and other homemade refreshing drinks to quit soda.

What is your favorite soda alternative? Want to help others with your recipes?

Share with others.

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