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60 Mind-Blowing Health Facts Will Leave You Speechless

Give an interesting read to these interesting health facts that will inspire you to be a little more health-conscious in everyday life.

Most unknown health facts’ – often we get pulled to thumbnails on YouTube and social media posts that read like this. But how much of it should we believe in?

It is true that there is too much information floating regarding what is good for our health and what is not.

At times it leaves us perplexed as to which information to follow and which one to shun. Hence, here is an attempt to collate scientifically proven and validated health facts.

Table of Content:

  • General health facts
  • Health facts about water
  • Health facts about sleep
  • Health facts about fruits and vegetables
  • Mental health facts
  • Body health facts
  • Health and fitness facts
  • Healthy food facts
  • Good practice facts
  • Most unknown health facts
  • Surprising health facts

General Health Facts

#1. Walking Barefooted on Grass Is Good For Health

Knowing these surprising health facts can blow your mind and make you a little more health-conscious. Best way to make yourself healthy is to know them.A Jimmy Choo might be a mark of wealth, but your health lies in walking barefooted. It helps to create acupressure on the vital pulse point and nerve ends that are spread all across our sole.

It is not one of the most unknown health facts, though. If we go by our traditional wisdom, walking barefooted on the grass early in the morning improves our eyesight.

As per scientific research, when our feet touch the ground it facilitates earthing of our body. It connects us to Earth’s healing energy that helps reduce inflammation, relieves stress, improves blood circulation, and sleeps quality.

#2. Sunbath To Get Vitamin-D

Give an interesting read to these general health facts that will blow your mind and help to educate you. Science-based health facts about the human body.

It may come as a shocking health fact for a generation that has been lathering sunscreen lotions even while being indoors. We always covered ourselves from the rays of the sun because of UV that causes skin ailments.

However, in the recent past WHO has attributed several diseases affecting life expectancy and disabilities to the lack of exposure to UV rays.

Do you know that the rays of the sun are the best source of Vitamin D?

It is one essential vitamin that can’t be found in the food we eat. Rather, it comes through our skin when we soak the rays of the sun – much like the process of photosynthesis of plants.

#3. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Have you ever wonder what laughter can do to our body? Give an amazing read to these interesting health facts about the human body to take care of yourself.

One of the most amazing health facts that you would love to listen.

‘People who laugh more live longer.’ Maybe you heard this phrase million times and it really works.

According to WebMD, ‘laughter is the best stress buster’ and the best part is that it is one thing that you can’t help sharing. You never laugh alone. You always need other people to laugh along.

Scientific researches validate humor as one of the significant components for being healthy.

#4.  Lack of Exercise Leads to Chronic Disease

We often hear yogis say that human physiology was not designed to sit in one place. It’s meant to be wild, to run, to climb, and to hunt.

However, our contemporary work culture and urban lifestyle hardly leave any scope for that. And this leads to several chronic and auto-immune diseases.

Do you wake up tired every morning? Science says the way you wake up morning is decided by the factor of how you sleep at night? To take complete charge of your morning, try to take good control of your night. Improve your sleep quality with these super relaxing sleep yoga poses.

#5. People With Good Social Circle Live Longer

Improve your life with these helpful facts about health and fitness that will boost quality of your life. Interesting health facts about human psychology.

Having a good social circle has been identified as one of the common factors affecting health and longevity.

When you need immediate help due to some medical emergency, your immediate social circle comes in handy. Also being in the company of like-minded people keeps us healthy and hearty by this study.

Health Facts About Water

#6. Deep-Sea Drinking Water

Now, it’s time to put all your worries about the shrinkage of underground water to rest. It might sound like one of the shocking health facts, but seawater from the middle of the sea is not only drinkable but also nutritious.

The one that is not only good for health but also solves one of the major environmental crisis as well.

According to this study, deep seawater is not only pure and unadulterated, but also exhibits nutritional benefits of magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, and much more.

#7. Swimming In Ocean To Heal Wounds

Ocean water heals wounds, aches, and pains. Due to being rich in sodium, chloride, sulfate, and many such minerals, ocean water has proved to have healed skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

It is also helpful for hay fever and sinus conditions.

#8. Mild Dehydration Can Affect Your Brain Functioning

Do you know these unknown health facts about drinking water? Improve your health and wellbeing with these great water tips.

The hydration level of our body affects the functioning of our brain. It might be one of the most unknown health facts, but true.

As per the article published in Healthline, 1-3% fluid loss (0.5-2kg of body weight) triggered by dehydration can impact brain functioning.

Although drinking water is always a WIN-WIN game. But do you know that drinking water at right time can lead to maximum benefits especially if you are on weight loss, trying to get a glowing skin tone? Know the best time to have a glass of water for healthy you. 

#9. Proper Water Intake Can Aid In Weight Loss

Trying to lose some weight? Read on these amazing science-based health facts about weight loss and water. Interesting health facts you must know if on weight loss.

A 2013 study on 50 overweight women has proved that additional 500 ml of water/ fluid consumption thrice daily has aided weight loss to be faster as compared to their earlier weight loss records.

#10. Drinking Good Amount of Water Prevents Kidney Stone

Give a read to these scientifically proved most unknown health facts about drinking water that will improve your life and wellbeing. Helpful health facts.

Kidney stones can be excruciatingly painful while passing urine. It occurs due to minerals getting crystallized to form solid clumps.

According to scientific research, proper water intake helps in preventing kidney stones by increasing the volume of urine that prevents minerals from getting, crystalized.

Health Facts About Sleep

#11. 42% of adolescence Find It Hard To Wake Up

Improve your life with these simple health facts about sleep and insomnia. Know why you feel so hard to wake up in the morning with these unknown health facts.

Do you find it difficult to spring out of the bed right after waking up from sleep? Or feel confused? Sleep inertia or Dysania is a reality with reportedly 42% of adolescence being affected by it.

No doubt that living a sedentary life causes such issues. A healthy life is always designed by a healthy body. To gain that level, try adding some energizing morning yoga to your everyday routine.

#12. Sleep Deprivation Can Kill You Faster Than Food Deprivation

Sleeping is as significant as having nutritious food and adequate physical activity. That’s why doctors recommend a specific sleep quota for every age group.

This detailed study show relationship between the duration of sleep and all-cause mortality.

#13. Snoring Can Lead To High Blood Pressure

Do you know this shocking health facts about snoring? Improve your sleeping habits while educating yourself these amazing sleep facts.

It might be one of the most unknown health facts for people whom it does not concern. But to all whom it may concern, this quick fact about snoring can be life-changing. As it turns out – snoring is not as begin as it seems!

Study shows that it happens because of some sort of blockage in the upper airways that leads to disturbed sleep. It can further lead to several auto-immune diseases.

#14. Exposure To Natural Lights Promotes Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycle

Science says that natural sunlight promotes your sleep-wake cycle. Know more scientifically proved health facts about sleep and wellbeing.

Sun is the main source of vital energy on earth. It is best to soak sunlight as much as possible.

Science says – being out in the natural light helps to regulate our sleep-wake cycle.

Why we call this to be an amazing health fact is that we often tend to forget that the nature around us is a major contributor to our overall health and wellbeing. Hence, this is a good reminder!

#15. Circadian Rhythm Is Our Natural Biological Clock

Do you know that our brain has a natural biological clock? Know more scientifically proven health facts about the human body. General health facts about sleep.

Did you know there is a clock inside our brain? And that is influenced by light and darkness. It might come across as a shocking health fact. But true.

Our body indeed develops a sequence, rhythm, and way to perform every task. Scientists call this clock circadian rhythm.

Health Facts About Fruits & Vegetables

#16. Diet Rich In Fruits & Green Veggies Prevents Death From Cardiovascular Disease.

The number of people opting entirely for a plant-based diet is increasing consistently. And why not?

Vegetables are nutrient-dense for your overall health. Not only do they help you get sufficient nutrients but also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

From the study, your food choice can save you from life-threatening diseases or sudden death triggered by cardiovascular diseases, provided you pick at least 6-8 portions of fruits and vegetables.

#17 Blueberries Helps To Prevent Type-2 Diabetes

Know the reason why you should add lots of blueberries to your daily diet. Educate yourself with these life-improving health facts about food.

Rich in polyphenols, blueberries have anthocyanin bio-active compounds which are instrumental in aiding insulin production.

Study shows that Including blueberries in the diet helps to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Mental Health Facts

#18. Children Don’t Experience Mental Health Problems Is A Myth

Call it a shocking or heartbreaking health fact, but it is an act of self-denial when we say that a child can’t have mental health issues.

As good as 20% of children and adolescents are diagnosed with mental health problems. Three-fourth of health problems start between the age of 14 and 24.

#19. Mental Illness Affects One In Every Four People

Shocking mental health facts that you should know to deal with depression and anxiety issues.

Study says that no matter how much we try to push reality under the carpet, the fact is that most of us are dealing with some of the mental health issues. Either we are suffering from it or taking care of people who are affected by it.

#20. Medicines Can Cause Depression

Do you know the negative side effects of medicine on our body? Find more scientifically proven surprising health facts that will blow your mind.

Another surprising health fact is that the medicines can also cause damage as it cures us of diseases.

We have often noticed people with a long history of medication to be depressed or irritable. These are the symptoms of mental illness triggered by medication.

Several scientific researches prove that medicines cause depression.

#21. Mental Health Can Also Be Caused By Genetic Factors

60 amazing science proven health facts about mental health that will surprise you insanely. General health facts about human mind.

Can you blame your parents or family members for your mental illness? Well, as it turns out – it’s unfortunate but true.

Genetic factors influence our mental health. Even scientists have validated the fact that mental health issues such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and several others happen due to genetic reasons also.

We all want some dopamine boost for great mental strength while struggling with toxic people, situations, and work. Don’t we? Then what do you do to remain calm and focused under pressure? Do you keep your mental health in check? These super healing ways will transform you into a mentally strong person.

#22. Aerobic Exercises Helps To Reduce Anxiety & Depression

Want to reduce depression and anxiety? Try this cool and body soothing health fact to keep you fit and active. General health and fitness facts.

Physical exercises not only help you to tone your muscles but also help to fight several mental health issues.

It has been scientifically proven that aerobic exercises such as jogging, walking, cycling, and dancing can promote blood circulation in our body, including the brain.

It influences the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal that is linked with stress hormones. Thus, physical exercises help to promote your mental health.

Body Health Facts

#23. Brisk Walking Can Save You From Heart Disease

Have you ever tried these amazing health facts about doing exercise? Know more interesting health facts to boost your immunity and well-being. Walking facts.

Saving yourself from diabetes, blood pressure and coronary disease is as simple as going for a brisk walk for more than four hours a week.

A study conducted on 1645 elderly people aged above 65 years of age validated this statement.

#24. Consumption of Red Meat Leads To Bad Body Odour

Have you ever heard such weird health facts about food? Know more list of interesting facts about the human body. Food facts.Do you know that the food you eat can influence your body odor?

Every individual has a distinct body odor that does not match out another person. Lately, it has also been proven that including red meat in the diet worsens the body’s smell.

#25. Fat Leaves The Body Through Your Lungs

Have you ever heard these weird health facts about your body when trying to lose weight? Read more amazing things about fat and you.

The fat that you burned by working out so hard! Where did it all go?

Well, revealing one of the most unknown health facts, science says that fat converted into carbon dioxide and leave the body through the lungs.

#26. Sedentary Lifestyle Kill. But Here is How to Counter it.

Sitting for long hours at your office? You must know these amazing health facts about your body that can help you prevent the risk of early death.

According to Mayoclinic, sitting in front of the television for more than 5 hours can increase the risk of early death.

The same holds for sitting in your office cubicle. But not so much if you exercise for more than one hour daily.

#27. Move Your Body If You Want To Build Your Immunity

Want to build stronger immunity? Try to move your body as much as possible. Know more helpful health and fitness facts that can improve your life.

Nutritionists say this repeatedly and now even science has validated it. Among several health benefits of exercise, one prime benefit is that it prepares our body to fight diseases.

Health and Fitness Facts

#28. Want To Learn Faster? Run More!

How do you boost your brain power? Science says that running helps you a lot in learning and boosting creativity. Know more other interesting health and fitness facts.

Here comes one of the most mind-blowing health facts. We all know that aerobic exercise is a perfect go for your weight loss goals.

But did you know that it also promotes the generation of new brain cells?

A scientific study on rats proved that aerobic exercise such as running boosts adult hippocampal neurogenesis (AHN) which helps to improve brain functioning and learning abilities.

We all are learning and growing as our lives to move ahead. But what is the fastest way that can help us to boost our brainpower magically? Have you ever thought about it? Every yogi suggest practicing breathing techniques to 10x your brain power no matter if you are studying, doing a job, learning new skills, creating business, or history. You need this.

#29. Childhood Exercise Helps Maintain Cognitive Ability At Old Age

Wondered how some people are absolutely fit and active at later stages of their lives? Read more on such health facts that can help you get an active mind and body.

Have you ever wondered how some people are absolutely fit and active even at the later stages of their lives? The secret lies in their activity level when they were kids.

Science says that people who are more active as kids have improved cognitive functions in their old age.

#30. Eat Dark Chocolate Before Exercise To Boost Performance

Love for chocolates? Then you will love to try these amazing health and fitness facts about dark chocolates.

Chocolate helps to elevate your mood when you feel down. But did you know this amazing health benefit of dark chocolate?

Science recommends taking a bite of dark chocolate before starting your exercise to alter your glucose and insulin concentration.

#31. Exercise Is Your Medicine

Want to live a healthy and happy life? Try adopting these 60 interesting health facts about the human body that you must know.

One wisdom that is as universal as day and night and as ancient as Hippocrates is – ‘exercise is good for health.’

There are evidence of ancient physicians such as Susruta, Hippocrates, and Galen giving a written prescription for patients to exercise.

#32. Resistance Training Prevent Loss of Muscle Mass After 30

How do you think about the aging process after 30? Educate yourself with these most unknown health facts that will blow your mind.

Study says that our body starts losing 3-5% of the muscle mass after crossing 30 years of age. It is a natural aging process that leads to increased weakness, and risk of falls and fractures.

One of the most unknown health facts that everyone should be aware of is that it can be reversed by increased mobility against resistance. A diligent strength training regime can also be helpful.

Healthy Food Facts

#33. Omega-3 Found in Walnuts is Different From Salmon

Know some amazing healthy food facts that will inspire you to be on a healthy diet and food choices. Health and fitness facts you must know.

Plant-based Omega 3 fatty acid is different from the fish-based variants as per the article published in Forbes.

The plant-based variant is rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the fish-based variant has docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

#34. Blueberries Help At The Early Stage of Dementia

Try adopting healthy food choices with these mind-blowing food facts to inspire you for a healthy diet. General health facts about fruits and vegetables.

Here is a relief for people affected by Dementia. Blueberries are recommended for people at the early stage of dementia.

A scientific study has proved that elderly people showing early symptoms of dementia showed remarkable improvements when blueberry supplements were administered to them.

#35. Fermented Food Is Good For Gut Health

Study says that fermented food such as yogurt, pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, and misho are as palatable as they are good for intestinal health.

#36. Turmeric Aids in Age-related Degenerative Disorders

Know the key benefits of why to eat turmeric everyday? Give a read to these science proven amazing health facts to take a good care of you.

Among several health benefits of turmeric, it also helps in cognitive disorders among the elderly.

Scientific researches suggest that turmeric influences in-vitro peroxidation in the brain. It has been proved that a low dose of turmeric consumption is capable of preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Good Practices Health Facts

#37. Slow & Deep Breathing Influences Brain-body Interaction

Do you want your brain and body to perform at their best? Adopt these scientific proven health facts of your body that will keep you more fit, active and energetic.

Do you want your brain and body to perform at their best? Then just slow down your breathing pace.

It has been scientifically proved that voluntarily slowing down the breathing frequency during a meditative or relaxed state has impacted the Central Nervous System (CNS) and increased alpha power and decreased theta power.

Learn the most powerful meditation techniques suggested by most yogis.

#39. Pasture-fed Meat Increases Essential Fat

Try adopting healthy food choices with these mind-blowing food facts to inspire you for a healthy diet. General health facts about food.

It makes sense to find out what the beef, pork, or chicken has been feeding on before it became the steak or roast for your dinner.

Science says that pasture-fed meat provides more essential fat to our body as compared to grain-fed ones.

#39. Indoor Pollution Is Worse Than Outdoor Pollution

Most shocking health facts about indoor pollution that will blow your mind completely. General health facts that you should know to keep you healthy everyday.

Another most surprising health fact about living indoor life. When it comes to indoor we think getting protected from outside pollution. Don’t we?

But here is an eye-opener. An ill-ventilated office or apartment can be more damaging than outdoor pollution – Science says.

Most Unknown Health Facts

40. Men Are More Forgetful Than Women

Do you know why man forget birthday, and anniversaries? Quite normal but these amazing study on health facts are enough to blow your mind.

Do you know the man who is frequently forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and even very simple things?

Quite normal when we ask such things to any woman about his man. Right?

A 2015 study shows that the hippocampus (part of the brain responsible for memory) begins to decrease in volume faster in men than in women.

41. Want To Respond More Quickly? Eat Eggs!

Looking for the ways to keep your health and wellbeing in check? Get a list of most unknown health facts about human body to design your healthy routine easily.

If you want to improve your intellectual performance and respond timely on any given task and matter. Then eating eggs in your breakfast should be your priority.

According to this 2014 study, eggs contain amino acids called tyrosine which gets converted into norepinephrine and dopamine – a compound responsible for alertness and mood-lifting.

42. Beware! ATM’s Machines are as Dirty as Public Toilets.

How many times do you wash your hands after using the ATMs? Know the most unknown and shocking health facts to keep you fit and healthy.

How many times do you wash your hands after using the ATMs?

This surprising health fact is enough to blow anyone’s mind. This cleanliness test revealed that the cash machine has the same germs as public toilets.

When they took swabs from numeric keypads of ATMs and public toilets around Britain and compared the samples. They found bacteria that can cause diarrhea and other sicknesses were found not only on toilets but on ATMs also in equal amounts.

43. Being Optimistic Can Help You Live Longer

Seeing the bright side of life keeps you away from many life-threatening diseases. Know more amazing health facts that will lead you a healthy life.Optimism is something that we hear to keep and be almost from everyone. But frankly, how many of us really have such perspective in life.

But now, maybe the desire to live longer can help you attain this attitude. What do you think?

Research shows that seeing the bright side of life keeps you away from many life-threatening diseases and helps you to live a longer and healthier life.

44. Your Blood Makes Up Nearly 1/10th of Your Total Body Weight.

What do you think when you weigh your body every time on a weighing machine? Know the most unknown but interesting health facts that will blow your mind.

What do you think when you weigh your body every time on a weighing machine? This weight is total muscles mass and body fat? Probably you are wrong here.

A study shows that your blood makes up 7-10 percent of your total body weight. You have enough blood to fill a 1-gallon milk jug or a bit more. They say that an average adult has about 1.2 -1.5 gallons of blood flowing through their veins.

45. Lack of Exercise Now Causes As Many Deaths As Smoking

Are you lazy enough to move your body? This surprising facts about exercise can leave you speechless. Improve your life with these life changing facts.For many lazy fellows, it can be surprising health facts. But for active people, this is a well-known fact.

As per the BBC article, the Olympics estimated about 1/3 of adults are not doing physical activity which causes 5.3 million death per year.

They are suggesting to warn the public about the dangers of inactivity rather than just reminding the benefits of being active.

46. Newborn Babies Have Nearly 1 Cup of Blood

Surprising facts but true that newborn babies barely have any blood. Know more interesting health facts about human body.

Surprising facts but true that newborn babies barely have any blood. So what they are made up of?

According to LiveScience, a newborn weighing between 5-8 pounds has only 1 cup (0.2 liters) of blood in their body.

47. Sit-Ups Won’t Give You A Flat Stomach

Are you trying to lose belly fat with sit-ups? This shocking health facts is enough to guide you for your dream body.

Now, this health fact may surprise you a bit if you are trying to lose your belly fat with sit-ups. Normally everyone suggests doing situps exercise to get a flat belly. Even some fitness trainers call it a total myth.

But have you ever gotten into what it actually does instead of giving you a dream belly. Actually, it works on your abs.

According to celebrity personal trainer Nicola Addison, the secret of getting a flat tummy lies in weights, plank, and in the kitchen.

48. Shopping In Heels Can Make You Spend Less

Surprising but true that shopping in heels lead to better choice while spending less. Know more interesting facts that will leave you speechless. Wearing high heels make your choice better when shopping.

Heels can have a surprising hell and heave effect on women. But now this may blow your mind that it improves decision making and make you a smart shopper.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Marketing Research found that people shopping with heels had a heightened sense of balance which makes them make better choices.

49. Learning A New Language or Musical Instruments Gives Your Brain A Boost.

Want to give your brain a boost? Try Me! Find more interesting health facts to improve your mental health.

Whether you learn to play a musical instrument or speak another language, you’re training your brain to be more efficient, suggests a Baycrest study.

Try these brain training games to exercise your mind daily.

Surprising Health Facts

50. You Are More Likely To Die on Your Birthday

Seems funny but study prove it true. Know more interesting health facts that will leave you speechless.

It seems really funny but the predictions come true when we get through the research. According to Wikipedia, it’s called the birthday effect.

A study by Swiss researchers found that you are 14% more likely to die on your birthday than on any other day of the year.

Perhaps they hang on close to death to reach other milestones or take greater risks on their birthday, such as driving home getting drunk from a party according to BBC.

51. Chewing A Regular Aspirin After First Heart Attack Can Help Preventing Second Attack

Improve your life with these helpful health & fitness facts about human body. General health facts about sleep that you must know.

What AHA Recommend is, you should not take a daily dose of aspirin on your own without talking to a doctor.

But if you had a heart attack or stroke, your doctor wants you to take a low dose of aspirin to prevent another heart attack according to the heart org.

52. Chewing Gum Helps You Concentrate For Longer

Chewing gum can be so much beneficial, we have never imagined. Try this healthy hack if you want to concentrate on your work.

Feeling tired of losing your focus at work? Try this trick to stay focused for longer.

According to this new research found in the British Journal of Psychology, the participants who chewed gum had quicker reaction times and more accurate results compared to those who dint. It makes them alert.

The most interesting health facts appear when participants who didn’t chew gum performed slightly better at the beginning but were overtaken by the end.

53. Want To Cool Down In Summer? Drink Something Hot!

To cool down in summer, we most likely to reach into fridge. But do you wonder if we suggest drinking something hot to cool you down. Enjoy amazing health facts.

One of the most amazing health facts that can help you cool down in summer. It may sound counterproductive but also fun to hear.

When most of us are likely to reach into the fridge for some cool drinks, plenty of Indians prefer to sip hot tea even in the warmer month.

According to the Huff Post, when the drink is hotter than your body temperature, it triggers a sweat response in your body.

This might make you feel warmer initially and cause you to sweat more and therefore body cools itself quicker.

54. Book Helps To Calm Down Your Stress Hormones By 68%

How do you calm down yourself after a stressful day? Try this healthy hacks to keep your nerve in control and relax.

How come reading can help anyone reduce stress? Now, this interesting health fact can be useful for people who love reading books.

According to the world literacy foundation, stress can be reduced up to 68% by just reading a book. Only 6 minutes of reading can slow your heart rate down and relax your nerve.

So waiting for what? Engage yourself in deep imagination and creativity!

55. Procrastination & Impulsivity Are Inherited From Your Parents

Do you blame your parents for your procrastinating habit? Know more interesting health facts about your brain, habits and body.

Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but do you know this behavior can also be inherited genetically from your parents.

People who procrastinate more than others are simply can be suffered from inherited procrastination.

According to the research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, procrastination and impulsivity are genetically linked.

56. People Who Write Journals Are Happier Than Others

Expressing gratitude can do wonders to your life. Know more interesting life hacks that will improve your life for good.

Do you know that writing a journal can be so much healing and mind-boosting health facts for you?

Some people think it’s a very silly idea to calm down. But ask those people who use this trick to come stronger from their pan by writing about the things.

Especially for the people who struggle with frequent stress, anxiety, and depression, keeping a journal is a great idea according to the University of Rochester Medical Centre.

Express gratitude each day and learn how to live more mindful in life.

57. Eat Chocolate 5 Times A Week To Look Slimmer.

Getting a slim body can be so much fun you have never imagined. Find more interesting health facts about human body, brain and psychology.

Study says that people who eat a little chocolate 5 times a week are thinner than those who eat it less frequently. They have lower BMIs compared to those who ate it less frequently.

58. Mothers Who Remain Active During Pregnancy Beget Babies With Improved Learning Skills

Most amazing health facts for the pregnant woman who want her child to be mentally sharp with improved learning skills. General health facts.

The most amazing health facts for the pregnant woman who wants her child to be mentally sharp with improved learning, memory, and decreased anxiety-like behaviors.

The study says that these behavioral changes are accompanied by increased neurogenesis, neurotrophic factor expression, and neuronal activity in the offspring.

59. We Remember Less When Read On-Screen Than Papers

According to study, the growing popularity of digital print making us remember fewer things. Enjoy more amazing health facts about your brain power and memory boosting.

The growing popularity of D-print and social media makes us remember fewer things.

According to the study, reading online can distract your mind with ads, emails, and lots of other links that pop up there which makes us lose focus than reading to physical pages.

60. Taking Pictures Makes You Forget The Moments Easily

Next time when you go out in nature, make sure to put down your camera to cherish the moment. Find more smart hacks to improve your life.

Next time when you go on vacation, make sure to put down your camera and cherish the moment otherwise you are more likely to forget it later.

A 2018 study was conducted on students to know the photo-taking effects on memory who were asked to remember a painting in 3 situations: without a camera, with a camera, and with Snapchat.

They found that those who took pictures find it harder to remember the details of paintings compared to non-camera and Snapchat (where the original photo disappears).

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