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20 Little Things That Girls Find Attractive In Guys

What are the pretty obvious things you know that girls find attractive in men?

Maybe it is the way they dress up or can be the scent he uses, or maybe the way he walks!

Every girl tends to look at a man in a different way. But when I read the above line I find it to be mundane. Every person looks for something new and different, so do women for the fact!

There are some points that even men wouldn’t know but is a fair crack of the whip in turning on a woman. A man not knowing what is he doing that turns on a woman, sounds hilarious to me but alongside interesting too.

Let me walk you down the lane of my picks that can make me go head over heels for him.

List of Things That Girls Likes About Guys

The most common question which pops up in every man’s mind again and again, “What does a woman look for in a man?”

Here are list of impressive qualities that girls find attractive in a man. Let’s drive her crazy about you!

1. Give Your Time

Look for the qualities that women love most about men. Find little ways to impress her with these best relationship advice.
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This is a note to all men out there. How much busy you are, but if you choose to spend some time with her, remember, you own her and she will find it most attractive traits in you.

When I think of it, if a person is ready to devote even few minutes of his day to just ask about me, he wins my heart. That is the thing girls like about guys.

I am not saying text or call all day, but from your entire day choose to prioritize me too. You will not have to work extra hard to gain my attention.

2. Placing His Hand on the Lower Back

It is unfathomable but a big power up when a man puts his hand on the small back of a woman.

It is known that if he puts his hand on the upper back, the gesture is a friendly one. When it comes down to the lower back it is kind of a big deal and kind of sweet I will say.

This gesture implies the chivalrous and desirable man in you. This thing attracts me to a guy majorly.

3. Hugging From Back

Sway her in your arms from the back and she might find her ultimate comfort place. You know it is said that a woman requires to be hugged a minimum of once a day. It calms them.

When men choose to hug her from behind, she feel surrendered to nirvana. Especially when you are out, this gesture states that she is your girl and you are proud to express that. One of the most romantic traits in a man that most girls find attractive.

4. Their Voice

A voice of a man serves to be imperative for a woman. It is an essential cue to physical attractiveness.

Men with low-pitched and deep voices are known to be attractive in a different kind of way. This is perceived to be all about the physical features being perfectly hypnotic.

A hello will make me go bonkers and thanks to that bold voice I am attracted to it.

5. The Candy Eye Look

20 little ways to make a girl want you badly. See what are those qualities of men that women find attractive?
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Men are known to be the dominant kind of breed and can be pretty assertive. That is what makes them so charming.

You know when a woman is getting dressed or maybe during a movie while she is laughing and enjoying her bit, and he chooses to look at her, it is even more beautiful. The girls are so attracted to this trait that makes their heart pump harder.

6. Wearing Black Clothes

Frankly no reason for this, but I have personally experienced when I look at a man wearing black with a nice body my mind and heart flutter at the same time. They look stunning and physically attractive in black outfits.

7. Offering Your Jacket

I don’t need to explain this gesture, I feel you know.

It is one of those gentleman moves of a man to offer his coat or a jacket to make his girl feel protected and a big revelation that she is his forever.

This is a kind of intimate and charismatic move of a man that attracts a woman. This is what a girl wants in her man.

8. Height

At times I feel it all comes down to hugs and security. The woman usually prefers men taller than her as she can feel safe in his arms when the storm hits her.

9. An Intent Listener

Women love to talk, as they want to lighten up their hearts. They do not look for solutions usually, it is all about them venting out and someone there to listen and comfort them.

Even though the information is mundane it feels good that someone is there to listen. This quality reserves a high position in attracting a woman. It would work out with me for sure.

10. The Head Chef

If you want to attract any friend zone women as your girlfriend then work on these 20 little things that will make her notice you.
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You know food and love are known to be the perfect amalgamation of all times.

A woman is impressed and attracted by a man who owns his apron in the kitchen. It is just like watching a woman do tasks like repairing her vehicle.

11. Pull Out the Deep Down Lover in You

You know I have noticed a lot of men think that planning expensive dates is the only way to express love.

Sorry! but you are mistaken here because the woman loves the small gestures. If you choose to make her breakfast or write a small note and stick it on the mirror. That is what we call romantic and impressive.

You can also use these flirting pick up lines to impress her.

12. Man of His Words

Trust is the base of every relationship, and if you have managed to do that, you have attracted her assuredly.

Always remember whatever you say, be firm on that as women tend to find it super attractive.

13. Working Passionately Towards His Dream

Women love and are attracted to men who work on his dreams. They do not like excuses that involve fear of commitment because that can affect the relationship too.

This is another traits that girls find attractive in a guy, especially high value women.

14. Veiny Forearms

One of the physical traits I am attracted to is a man who has veiny forearms. We cannot seem to get enough of those, as they look vigorous and attractive after those workout sessions.

15. Sense of Humor

20 little things that women find attractive in men.
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I am not asking for a comedian, but the man I want in my life should be funny at times. This shows that even in stressful situations he can lighten up my mood.

This quality is super impressing especially when you’re trying to win over a friend-zone girl as your girlfriend.

16. A Crystal Clear Communicator

It is stated that women are more emotional than men. Their emotions can heighten up to extreme levels. Therefore, you should discuss every matter to her and try to be available.

Women are always up for knowing what they did good or where they go wrong, because that helps them process their next step towards you.

So, do not dodge this conversation and communicate instead. Do not make unnecessary judgments or assumptions about them.

17. A Generous and Lovable Soul

Some men think only the tough side of theirs is appealing and that will lead them a long way when it comes down to women.

Here you go wrong.

Women also like to watch sweet, kind, respectful and affectionate side of you, not only with her but everyone in your surroundings.

Believe me! It leaves a big mark. This quality of yours can be on the top most list to attract her.

18. Be Adventurous

You know there as some men out there who believe their life revolves only around work. Sorry guys, you are wrong!

Women like men who are up for adventures anytime. They want to see the wild side of you when it comes to traveling.

You know when life gets humdrum being around the same surrounding, adventure helps to bond again by doing activities together, exploring the world. This quality of a man is a definite attraction to a woman.

19. Rolling A Buttoned-Up Shirt

So, ladies what do you think of this trait?

I find it a turn on myself. It gives that manhood vibes. Don’t you think so? I am so enticed to this quality in a man.

20. A Smiling Face

Looking to impress your crush? Work on these 20 qualities that women love most about man.
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Not all girls are in for those serious dudes who think they look good with their intense faces.

Some prefer the bubbly and smiling face men as they throw out the optimistic vibe making the other one feel warm. “One smile can do wonders”.

All I want to say is that the little things matter. It is not always about the big gestures you make, but the little affection and affinity are enough to attract a girl towards you.

Always remember to learn to be true to her, she needs to have this sense of security that she can rely on you.


This is what a woman really seeks in a man. A man who is not stereotypical macho but mindful and loving by nature.

Most of the guys think that it’s an expensive dinner and gifting the fancy items, but the very little and common things that girls find attractive in men. Only these qualities can separate you from the list of the friend zone to the special zone.

Hey girls! Don’t forget to share if there are other qualities that you find attractive in a man?

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