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Still Figuring Out This Life? Learn 4 Tips to Find Purpose In Life

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West.

Plethora of things in life involves various emotions, career, love life, family and passion that keeps us juggled among them and we try to balance all of it at once, tend to only get hold of one or two and the rest falls off.

Our expectations are high even when we reach the dead-end ironically hoping for a positive response but it all fades away at once and gets us back to reality.

We forget what we actually want and chase what we think we are made to do which creates a puzzled mind leading us to weird but adventurous journeys.

“Purpose” From A Yogi’s Point of View

“The only purpose of this life is to live your life happily.”- Dalai Lama

Sadhguru once said, “People who think they have a God-given purpose are doing the cruelest thing on the planet”.

He elaborates this statement in a very convincing way by telling us if the people have framed a particular mindset prior, they tend to forget their purpose in life.

People happen to forget that they are the ones because of whom the universe is existing.


Find Your Purpose in Life

Each one of us is born with unique life purpose as we all are born with a set of talents or through persistent practice we develop these talents into skills.

Identifying, acknowledging and honoring this life purpose is the perhaps the most important actions every successful people take. How they bring out best from everything, how they think, how they look at life and so many things that provoke us to find out purposeful, fulfilled, and happier life.

So, lets explore our inner wisdom with these purpose tips to find our greater potential to live this life.

1. Learn to Explore What You’re Given

Humans are of paramount importance to this world. When one reaches a particular age he/she finds it to be the milestone to make decisions about the major things in life.

But let me update you one thing, there isn’t any specific age to make decisions.

At the age of 18, a person can become a millionaire by figuring out the right things for him or her whereas a person of the age of 25 is yet wondering what to do with their life.

Henceforth, it is okay not to figure out because life has its own way to surprise us. Just trust the process.

Instead start building comfort out of your discomforts, as life is a Ferris wheel at times you are on the top and sometimes down it totally depends on how you make it for yourself.

Judgments are easy to be stated therefore learn to explore what you are offered as it always has a purpose behind it.

2. Value Your Time

Value your time to figure out your life. Stop procrastinate and start doing things by today itself.
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Procrastination is a thief of time as it tends to pull a leg further even though just a foot is offered. It can be a major pull away in one’s life.

On a regular basis, people tend to delay their work hoping to do it in the future which leads to major drawbacks in life.

In a blink, the deadline is at the doorstep knocking us out and making us wonder when and how did the time fly. Make it a habit to finish it on a daily basis.

Major example of procrastinating is the recent pandemic the entire world is facing that is Covid-19 (Coronavirus) or let’s call it the deadly virus that has shaken up the entire world.

Who knew this would suddenly land up in our lives where yesterday all planners were filled with the next day schedules and chores not done on the present day.

A beautiful and relatable quote by Abraham Lincoln says, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”.

Similarly, there are many other points to focus on, like, start questioning yourself by indulging in the depth of the topic, it will help you to develop a learning attitude that will help a lot.

3. Start From Where You Are

Don’t wait for the right moment, start from where you are. This is the best way to figure out your life.
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If you are really pertinent to doing something, start to save up and continue to answer your door as you know which opportunity clicks you the best.

Start creating possibilities and prohibit yourself from making bad decisions especially when in a low mood as it leads to bad results.

Experimenting in life is a very positive practice as you stop over analyzing things and focus on your present self, also you tend to move in a direction that is the most magnetic to you.

You can then take the utmost final step and follow all your actions and turn them into reactions to create an output.

At times things can be in juxtaposition too henceforth never burnout by testing your limits and outrunning yourself as we are all exhausted so always wait for a positive sign.

Jay Shetty explained these lines in his version by stating, “Despite our best efforts in life sometimes life goes just spare like in bowling” and to hit a strike we need to focus on happiness and your own ways to achieve it as that is the only key to this ambiguous lock.

4. The Way You Look At Life Matters A Lot

The way you look at life matters a lot. The positive and negative side of situations is your own sight.
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Oscar Wilde once quoted, “All of us are in the gutters but some of us are looking up at the stars”

Always remember no one’s opinions can decide your future. It is you who matters the most and your thoughts.

Millions of species will come and try to pull you down but it is only you who can block them by fencing them out of your life. As these negatives are like viruses once you are in contact they tend to stick to you for a long time until you have given up.

Once a case study was conducted in a classroom wherein the children of a very young age were provided with a sheet that mentioned only one question that was, “what do you want to become in life?”

Every student responded quite positively mentioning their dreams. Some wanted to be a lawyer, a doctor, a writer, a designer but there was this one answer that caught the teachers’ attention that said “HAPPY”.

She then asked the student confused as she thought he misunderstood the assignment but his answer in return cleared all her doubts when he said, “Miss I think you have misunderstood life”.

Everyone’s priority in life should be according to their needs but it should always involve happiness too.

A fun fact that will also amaze you is Bhutan also measures its GNH which is “Gross national happiness” so that they are also updated on the well doings of the people in their country.

Therefore, don’t feel pressured, don’t let yourself down because of what others said, stay focused, and try to be an additional 1 % happier each day and surely you will get what you are made for in life.

Let life explore you!!

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