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When You Say Marriage Is Boring. This Quora Reply Is For You

Hey, singles! Don’t think marriage is just changing dippers…

I don’t know why this old fashioned stuff of “getting married” is so attractive that I can’t resist myself thinking about it. (Dreaming of fairy tale wedding)

Let me think again….

No! No! A Big No!!!

I can’t live with the same person for my whole life…..its so boring!

Eating the same food in dinner, and loving the same person for my whole life is not a beautiful thing Man!

This is what we single thinks about marriage… Right?

What do you think…? Comment below!

Beyond All These Single’s Things, I Intensely Feel That –

What if marriage is sinking…It’s rising too….

What if marriage is hurting…it’s healing too…

What if marriage is noisy…it’s peaceful too…

What if marriage is boring…it’s interesting too…

You just have to be with the right person to make you fall in love with the concept of marriage.

From intensely fighting and thinking to leave to loving him or her more passionately is of-course not easy.

It need some work done…

So, don’t imagine only a fairy tale side of it. I hate you but still i want you, is how marriage looks like. 😉

Things never go as we think. In order to work it differently, we need to keep changing our perspective for better.

This viral reply from Quora can help you to see other positive sides of a relationship.

When you think marriage is boring, just remind yourself of these beautiful things about relationships. Best relationship tips for singles to fall in love and get married.

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