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15 Super Easy and Achievable New Year Resolutions Ideas

Some easy-to-achievable New Year resolutions ideas that won’t expect a lot!

With the New Year just around the corner, we are all set with our plans to party hard and enjoy the last few days of this year.

Some of us might be all set with the New Year resolutions list. But, to be honest, we all know how far that is gonna go! 😉

This happens every year with all of us. However, when it comes to following, the first week goes quite OK and everything seems to be working quite well.

But as soon as the second-week approaches we start slipping into our same old routine.  And by the 1st-month-end, BAM! We are back to our original selves.

So, this time, let’s make some easy-to-achievable New Year resolutions that don’t expect a lot and not survive more than a month.

If we pay close attention to our New Year resolutions, most of us would agree on being so hard on ourselves.

Well! Yes, we are being hard with the name of resolutions. Most people’s resolutions list consists of things like losing weight in a month, starting a gym, and visiting places without even thinking whether it is practically possible or achievable.

And, after a few days, everything seems so boring and hard that finally, we end up doing nothing. So, why keep being so hard on making New Year’s resolutions and then break.

Why not try something fun this year? Why not take small steps? And why the hell not let this New Year’s resolutions be an achievable one?

Let’s break all these “BIG” resolutions into small steps that are easy to achieve and bring lots of positive changes to our life.

To love your life more than last year, we have come up with some easy-to-follow New Year Resolutions ideas that will be worked on this year.

Creative New Year Resolutions Ideas For You

These funny, crazy, and achievable New Year resolutions ideas are a must-try for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

1. Start Eating Healthy, Not Less

On this New Year, start eating healthy, but not less. These small healthy resolutions will make you feel good and help you lose weight slowly.
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For people who set their goals to lose weight but end up feeling more lethargic, drained, and empty. This trick can be a game-changer for them.

Before you commit to any weight loss diet consider this instead – Eat healthy, not less.

Start adding more protein to your diet. Eat outside only once a week and then once a month. Taking these small steps will make you feel good as well as help you lose weight slowly and steadily.

Something is always better than nothing!! These New Year’s resolutions ideas are what you were looking for.

2. Get A Fitness Buddy First

Before taking a fitness challenge, get a fitness buddy first. We keep planning that we are gonna join a gym, do yoga, or something to look great but end up curling in our bed.

But this year you’re doing things differently to keep your fitness inspiration up. These changes will be fun to join, make you motivated, and keep your energy higher.

Now, working out is no longer a boring and exhausting job for you with a competent.

3. Click A Picture of Something You Love Daily

Setting your New Year Resolutions? Don’t miss to capture those loving moments to remind yourself how beautiful life is. Create some happy memories by own.
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This year, add something funny to your wish list. Something that makes you feel more connected to your surroundings and feel alive.

Cherish memories and capture something beautiful every day that reminds you of how beautiful your life is.

4. Instead of Visit, Make A Call!

Time to make life more meaningful and emotionally more satisfied.

This year, rather than making fake promises to yourself, like, you’ll visit your loved ones daily, make more achievable New Year resolutions – Make a call!

Each Sunday take some time out and catch up with your girls, granny, mom, or anyone important to you. Be more inclusive and give your close ones more time.

5. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A night of relaxing and deep sleep is what we all crave, but always end up being owl all night gawking at our phones.

This year make a simple resolution of shutting your phone off 30-minute before you sleep. Then turn on a beautiful melody and just drool on to the melody until you sleep.

Just 8 hours of good night’s sleep can make a great change in your life. You will feel much fresher and energetic for the whole day!

These funny resolutions quotes and sayings are quite enough to express your pain of holding New Year, New Me goals! 😉 Ahhhh! Screw Me!

6. Digital Detox Day

Try these 15 easy to achieve New Year Resolutions to live a rocking year. Get ready for all the adventurous and joyful things that you will be happy to do.
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In this age of flying cars and the hi-tech world, we are so much taken up by technology that we miss nature and surroundings. So, make a resolution dedicated to the physical things around you.

Get rid of your phone for a day and spend some quality time in nature.

7. Learn A New Skill

This year learn something new, something fun, and crazy. Sign-up for a dance class, or a painting class, or a drama club, or something you always desired to start.

Learn pottery, sculpting, or join a writer’s club! Get a hang of the new course you have been postponing or simply just go for a meditation session.

8. Complement Yourself Each Day

This year no more low feeling and body-shaming thoughts. Make sure to be your own reason for smiling and complimenting each day. Tell yourself how beautiful and blessed you are!

Try this for a few days and feel the change.

Say These Things To Yourself Daily –

  • I am beautiful
  • I attract positive people in my life
  • I am worthy and loved
  • I am free from worries and regrets
  • I am talented, creative, and successful
  • I am growing stronger everyday
  • I am becoming more confident and powerful
  • The positive energy around me is continuously increasing
  • Good things are going to happen in my life
  • Today is going to be a great day.

These positive affirmations will help you realize your inner strength.

9. Explore A New Place

For the days when you don’t know what to do, just explore!

Explore a new place every week. Be it a small café you pass everyday and think of giving it a visit or a cozy place down the city, give it a go girl!

Make sure to visit all those places that you have been thinking of for a long time! Be a vagabond and enjoy the beauty of exploration.

10. Quality Family Time

This year, make one resolution to spend some quality time with your family. Find 15 more easy-to-do New Year Resolutions to make this year happy and joyful.
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Don’t miss out on the most important part of your life anymore!

Spend some quality time with your family this year. Create some mesmerizing memories and cherish your loved ones.

Take out your sister for shopping, take your parents on a dinner night or just watch the TV laying next to your family. Take your grandparents for a picnic or just simply write a meaningful message for your aunt.

Make every moment count and let them know that they matter a lot.

11. Say “No” To Things

Some of the biggest problems are created when we are too afraid to say “No”.

Say NO! when you don’t feel like grabbing a drink with your friends and just wanna lay on your bed with a tub of popcorn and a romcom?

Say ‘No’ to them and do what makes you feel more comfortable and warm inside.

12. Let Go of Grudges

Holding on to grudges makes your heart feel heavy!

If you are also holding on to too many grudges, this year is your year to get rid of those and make some room for new memories!

Apply this simple mantra, if you can’t change it let it go!

But if still, you feel more sticky to those emotions then try this trick – write all that you have been piling up in your heart and just burn it.

You will feel a lot better and remind yourself…it’s okay! It’s okay for the pain and misery, Just get up and move on.

“Falling is an accident, but staying down is a choice.”

13. Add Some Color and Fragrance In Your Life

To keep yourself emotionally healthy. Plant some fragrance inside your home. It will detox your mood and give you sweet emotions. Find more 15 simple New Year Resolutions to feel happy.
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Small changes can create a big difference in your life.

Add more color to your wardrobe and room. That can be a beautiful painting, plants, flowers, room fresheners, essential oil spray, or anything that makes you mesmerized when you enter your house. You will see the difference from the very first day.

Develop a habit to take care of your plants every day. It’s an investment for your physical and mental well-being.

You’ll feel more connected to nature and emotionally healthy. Try it and let us know how these New Year’s resolutions ideas worked for you?

14. Explore New Hobbies

Like singing? Love dancing? But don’t know what else you like apart from that?

Well, this year it’s high time you find out more about yourself. Simple try new hobbies and see what makes you feel good.

15. Appreciate What You Have Achieved

Try these 15 easy to do and achievable New Year Resolutions to love your life more intensely. Fall in love with every moment and keep capturing beautiful moments this year.
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Last but not least, appreciate yourself for your achievements so far.

Be it a good grade you got, or the extra pounds you lost, or simply just the fact that you tried, appreciate your efforts. This will make you feel more motivated and self-confident!


This year, no more old boring resolutions. Try these fun and easily achievable New Year resolutions ideas that will not only add more vibrancy to your life but also give you the inspiration to lead a happy and satisfying life.

Add more meaning to your life with these easy-to-achieve New Year resolution ideas and let us know which one you are planning to go?

Planning to quit on resolutions? These motivational New Year resolutions quotes will help you to gain strength again. 

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