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7 Powerful Strategies to Execute Your Plans Successfully

Are you feeling exhausted because of not executing your plans successfully?

All the time you are failing to meet your goals and now totally confused, hurt, and desperate to find out solutions.

We all have been there and somehow managed to get out of that situation, but those who are stuck, couldn’t find a way out, failed miserably because “Ideas are easy, but it’s the execution that separates the sheep from the goat.”

A review article by Candido and Santos, published in 2015, has said the execution of strategy has a lower rate of success, on average of 50% success rate can be seen in any strategic execution.

This essentially means your execution of plans has a 0.5 probability of success on average.

According to Forbes the challenges of execution of ideas are many; starting from a communication gap in business to the lack of commitment on a personal level.

So, if you are in that tough spot and puzzled then follow these 7 strategic steps to execute your plans & business ideas successfully.

How To Execute Your Plans and Strategies?

Motivational quotes to boost your plans and ideas into action. There is no wonder that most business plans fails to deliver their desired results. It’s not because of lacking of concept and ideas, but lacking of a system that implement them.

Discover some of the basic formula to execute your plans successfully.

1. Mind Training

From the beginning of civilization, scholars have always wondered about how our mind works. Even today’s scientists are always searching for the answer.

Targeting for a goal and achieving it through proper execution is something that everyone wishes. And, the very first step toward it should be your mind training.

Your mind is an amazing tool, and if it’s not optimized, it can be very hard to execute anything.

If you read the autobiographies of successful people, you’ll notice that their mental strength was on a different level. They have forced their subconscious mind to do the right thing.

They all have some sort of daily ritual which they follow rigorously; LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Kobe Bryant, Joe Rogan, and many other people meditate religiously for the better functioning of their mind.

So, if you want to work on better execution of your ideas then don’t ignore the power of mind training to boost your mental efficiency.

Remember, Meditation is the key.

Mindset is what separates the best from rest. Make these inspirational quotes your wallpaper to reach your goals faster.

2. Work Ethics

After setting your goals, now it’s the time for the main game – WORK.

It doesn’t matter how ambitious and smart planner you’re, unless and until you don’t put your energy into work, all are meaningless.

When it comes to work ethics, many people get stuck in the dilemma of hard work and smart work.

Some people say don’t do hard work because smart workers will win, while the opposition says we don’t believe in smart work, you have to work hard to be successful.

But I’ll say you should do both.

Robert Half also recommends doing both and called it “efficient work”. If you think that smart work means escaping the hard work then you are wrong.

Suppose if you are running a business then the smart work is to make a relation with your customer and the hard work is to invest in that relation not just by increasing the value of your product but also investing in customer relationship.

As Tony Robbins says,

If you do what you always have done; you will get what you always have gotten.

3. Hyperfocus, Scatter Focus, and Deep Work

You can read the book Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey, it’s an amazing read. In the book, he explained the distraction and meaningful works.

He has researched the topic, conversed with many world-renowned scientists in the field of psychology, happiness, productivity, and came to the conclusion that we have two modes of focus; Hyperfocus and Scatter focus.

When a football player plays, sometimes they don’t see anything but their target, they get involved so much in their target that they take only the necessary inputs from the outside. We call it zoning. This is something very common in sports personnel. But the good fact is you can get that zoning effect too.

Hyperfocus is the process that trains your mind to get tunnel vision and take you to the zone.

This feels very great because when you come out from that deep intense focus and realize that you have done something that would have normally taken more than 1 month, you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction. After all who doesn’t like to get a dopamine hit after work?

Inspirational quotes to boost your focus and determination.

4. A Daily Dose of Motivation

Executing your ideas comes up with many ups and downs. And the target is to make yourself optimized for every situation.

Mental toughness is the prime focus if you are working towards achieving your goals. It is about making a system that will force you to routinely work and level up.

Your success depends on many factors; some are rational, mean, totally in your control, while others are not.

If you read autobiographies of successful people you will notice that they didn’t achieved anything in one day. It was years of hit, trial practice, and dedication that brought them success.

Make these Steve Job’s motivational quotes your wallpaper to keep lightening the fire.

5. Keep Tracking Your Success

When you are targeting your goals and planning to execute your ideas, then introspection is mandatory as not having a work journal or tracker can lead de-motivation.

Motivation always comes from a positive source, no matter how small you are growing. Tracking even small steps can help you a lot in longer run.

When you feel de-motivated,  just go back to your tracker list and see how far you have comes up. It will help you to boost your insights and plan the next target toward achieving goals.

Track your success to reach your goals and plans with these inspirational quotes about executing your ideas.

6. Keep Rewarding

You are not a robot or a machine who can work 24*7. You are a human being, you have life, cravings, and desires. So, reward yourself whenever necessary even for the small achievement.

Do daily goal setting and say, if you achieved this x target by today then you will get a glass of wine, coffee treat, or whatever you desired.

Figuring out which structure is best for you and implementing it every single day can help you create an optimized system which lead execution of ideas successfully.

7. Use Your Resources Smartly

Rub the mobile to bring the technology genie. When the whole world is distracted and letting devices controlling themselves; you start getting control over these gadgets.

Use To-Do lists to mark and schedule your meetings, plans, and important tasks on google calendar or other time management apps.

Also, use the blocking apps to stop Social Medias get you to distract from work.

Yes! Many tools can devour your entire time. The choice is yours!

How you use your smart gadget is totally in your hand. To-do lists, habit trackers, planners, digital note-taking systems, and other time management apps are a few that can help you to increase productivity and efficiency.

So rather than cursing the devices, use them for the timely, productive execution of your plans.

Why Most People Are Not Able to Execute The Plans?

Take action quotes to encourage you to move forward. Best motivational quotes for success.

Execution of plans is not an easy task. According to Forbes, the challenges of execution of ideas are many; starting from a communication gap in business to lack of commitment on a personal level.

If you ask the individuals why aren’t they able to execute a plan, the answer will be I am not good enough to do this, or I’m too lazy.

But it can be due to many multiple reasons-

  • Lack of communication ( in case of a business)
  • Lack of empathy
  • Ambiguous or contradictory planning
  • An unclear vision towards the goal
  • Resistance to change and fragmented action
  • Sub-optimization of failing plans
  • Insufficient managing qualities


To execute your plans, you need to analyze your own things. Ask questions about how to overcome them to achieve your goals.

Just commit yourself to routine work along the way optimize yourself by meditation or exercise to build hyperfocus. And keep tracking yourself.

A bonus tip is never to ignore the learning. Instead, gather knowledge as much as possible in your field of work. It will save your time and effort while building a system of execution.

Executing any plan or idea is very hard at a glance but if you are trying to figure out which strategy suits you best then you can easily build a system around it. Then the execution of your ideas will become just a matter of time.

If you find any aspect that we have missed please let us know we would love to hear from you. Keep motivated and keep striving for success.

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