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5 High-Class Reasons Why You Should Never Chase A Man!!

Represent yourself as a high-class woman while dropping these hard rules to never chase a man.

The moment you stop chasing them, that very moment they start noticing!

Why to chase you, when I am the catch? – Woman

It is said that a man is called to chase their yearnings. Are you willing to gaze him only you when there is a room full of gorgeous ladies!

It isn’t wrong in showing interest in a guy who has caught your attention. But it is said that if a girl falls for a guy before he fall for her, makes him lose interest quickly. He seem to be blasé and often backpedal at the situation.

They have their own pace to catch up girl things. Do you ever think why it is important not to chase a man?

If you are willing to make the man on your terms, then keep some patience and act like a high valued women while dating a guy.

You should know when to draw a line so things don’t go haywire for you.

Men are not as difficult as women but yes they do have their own mysterious boxes that stay unturned until someone actually enters their life whom they are willing to reveal that side to.

They have their own way around things like we have. All you got to do is save your dignity and not initiate in a way that seems desperate and clingy.

Why You Should Never Chase A Man?

Chasing a man can create more insecurities in you as man have a pulled-away attitude  when a women give him enough attention and care.

She looks like a uninteresting baggage to him that he don’t want to carry. And, eventually you’ll end up pushing him away that can trigger you anxiety.

Instead, work on these high-valued dating tips that will make you stop the chase and let him approach you first.

1. You Will Seem Clingy

If it is you who is chasing or pursuing a man, then do yourself a favor to take a back step, no matter how you feel.

The more you’ll chase him, the more desperate you’ll look. Instead, do something that can turn the whole game of chasing and he become the one who follow you.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t express your feelings. Instead you should wait for the right time unless and until he become interested in you.

Any chivalrous man will be there to chase you if he is really interested. But the moment you chase him, you lose the game.

2. You Will Not Be Treated Well

I do not want to be treated like a princess, I just want to be loved. – Pushpa Rana, Just the Way I Feel

Heard of a doormat?

How everyone steps on it and moves on! You would become the same if you chase him and he is yours.

He will not value the relationship because he didn’t worked for it. Remember, you’ll be the first to make every move, to say sorry, to take initiation, to maintain the relationship, to compromise things, and to think about everything.

It will always sound as one-sided relationship.

You are likely to be treated for granted and he will not be that attentive towards you while he could have been if he had chased you.

Perhaps, girls if you are willing to be treated well then let the guys do the chasing and you just keep patience for let it happen.

3. Your World Will Revolve Around Him

While the chase is on from your side, you’ll be always occupied about what you should do to makes him stay with you, or makes him look at you. This will lead to self-questioning and you will not have time to think about yourself.

Never ever give up your personal time for people who aren’t worth it. Time is a big investment my ladies, wisely spent it on those who respect you truly and make some efforts.

Spending time on people who neglect you will only make you feel deflated. This activity can also make you lose yourself as a person.

4. Your Self-Esteem Can Be Stroked

Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention.

A woman is always looking for a man who tends to reciprocate her feelings and actions. It makes them feel enamored.

If the same isn’t happening to you, remember ladies your self-esteem is at high stake levels. Before loving anyone you should love yourself first. Never let it get hampered by anyone’s actions.

If you chased your guy, it gives him an upper hand not to retaliate your actions, feelings, and make you feel disrespected.

5. You Will Be On An Unstoppable Emotional Ride

The worst thing that can happen to a person is when their emotions start to rule their life.

Always remember it is you who is responsible for your actions. If you continue chasing a man, this can really fill a packed up negative void around you, leading you to be an emotional wreck.

Always keep this in mind that this chase ride will be a roller-coaster which will make you experience a lot of vicissitudes that you may not even handle.

It can lead to utter despair as you will be conflicting with your emotions due to his responses. Hence, ladies stop the chase and rather become the catch.

How To Make Him Chase You?

Best 5 dating tips on why you should never chase a guy and what to do instead. Best relationship advice ever.
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Before you think of chasing a guy always remember the repercussions of it, as they can be really harsh.

Some bellowed tricks can label you as a high-value women who deserve love and respect but not meant to chase a man. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Show him that you are busy.
  2. Spend more time with your friends.
  3. Always stay mysterious, do not reveal everything in the first or second talk.
  4. Don’t express too much.
  5. Keep your personality crystal clear.
  6. Stay the woman of your words.
  7. Don’t instantly say yes to everything, make him wait.
  8. Show him your worth.
  9. Set your boundaries and let him know.
  10. Do not reach out to him more than he does.

End Words On Never Chase A Man

Chasing a man can be the most disgusting thing in a relationship especially when he doesn’t value your worth. That’s why you need to make a hard rule in your life about not chasing any man.

Whenever you feel the urge to call or text him, just remind yourself that what damage chasing a man can do to your inner self.

For some time you may feel weak and break the rules. But it’s okay. Don’t be so hard on yourself as we all are human beings. Sometimes we break our own imposed rules, but with practice and self-discipline, you can do that.

Always remember this affirmation, ‘Never chase a man in your life.’ You may break it but once you realized the damage it did to you. You will stick to the rule in the future.

Always be a high value women that a man adore. Try adopting these 8 mindset that will make you a high value women.

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