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10 Habits of Unhappy People That You Must Avoid


“Happy people focus on what they have. Unhappy people focus on whats missing.”

Happiness is often connected with different objects and accomplishments in life. However, we hardly ever talk about unhappiness and unhappy people.

To give you a very new and different side of judging people, we will discus about very common habits of unhappy people. These habits or signs are often easy to capture but have profound and disturbing meaning.

Figure out if you have any of these traits of unhappiness and how to avoid them.

Some Bad Habits of Unhappy People

Research shows that a person’s tendency to see others positive terms comes from his own positive personality traits.

In other words, when you see other’s negativity stem, you see from your own negative perspective.

“How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is.” – Sadhguru

These easily detectable bad habits of unhappy people can drain your entire energy and lead to unhappiness most of your time.

Check out if you have any…

1. They are socializing with negative people

10 habits of unhappy people that you must avoid to live happily. Figure out those negative people who drain your energy and put negative influence on your mood.
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“The unhappiest people in this world care the most about what other people think.” ― C. JoyBell C.

We often do not know who our real friends are. Many people around us often criticize us for our attempts or pursuit of happiness. When we listen to them, we become unhappy.

Think about these incidences when someone scolded you or wanted you to change the way you behaved. You must have felt a pang of hurt.

That’s when you want to try something new and better in your life, but others you trust are not allowing you to do that. These people often have a negative influence on your mood. You can rectify it.

Solution: Try to keep in lesser touch with these people. Do what you want in your life. Seek those paths on which you want to move on for a better life. Never depend on these people for your eternal happiness.

2. They stuck In the past or future

Another essential traits of unhappy people. If you are making too many plans for the future, you are going to upset yourself. Similarly, if you regret what happened in the past too much, this won’t make you any happier either.

Over the period, if you keep making plans without working on them, you will end up unhappy. Or, if you keep thinking about what you could have done or said in the past, it will only make you worse about yourself.

Solution: What has happened should be put to rest. You cannot change it. Face it. The same goes for the future. It’s certain. You can try to influence it by working hard on your future. So, put your focus on today and what you are doing right now.

3. They live sedentary lifestyle

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Habits of unhappy people can also be determined by knowing how they live, and what they eat. If someone pigs out a lot of junk or fast food, it’s evident that a person will not be happy. Do you know why? The answer should be clear enough.

Green leafy vegetables, fruits, and lentils have the exact amount of multi-nutrients our body needs to stay happy and calm. But when you unwanted junk food, chances of bad cholesterol, blood cell blockages, heart attacks, hypertension, and other mental or physical problems increase.

When they increase with time, as you might also become obese, the sadness surfaces in your mind.

Solution: Get on a proper diet. Start slowly by drinking detoxifying drinks or fruits daily.

Eat different fruits or vegetables daily for the upliftment of your mood. Do not depend on adulterated or hard drinks for the elevation of your attitude.

4. They constantly comparing with other’s success

If you compare your success or failures with others, you will be the unhappiest person in the room. I do not mean to scare you saying that. It’s true, though.

Why does that happen?

Because everyone has their own struggle and a fair share of happiness. What you see in others is the result of the months or years of conflict. The same is or might be your journey in the future.

Solution: Realize that people grow at their pace in life. Some become successful at a very young age, while others achieve their financial goals when they turn 50 or above.

You must then stop comparing your immediate failure with other’s success. You do not know their real back story, and neither do they know yours.

Keep life simple and live up to it. Forget comparing your achievement with others. Set personalized benchmarks for yourself.

5. They getting angry too soon

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The most common signs of unhappy people relate to being angry and fussy about every trivial matter that transpires.

If you are one such person, this is another reason you are unhappy. This happens because you are putting your notion of happiness on others too much. Otherwise, the major anger issue can be related to your psychological dis-balance of emotions.

Solution: Follow anger management classes, tasks, and activities. Stop finding happiness in others—they will always disappoint you.

Make your body and health the only rich and reliable source of true inner happiness. If matters are worse, consult a clinical psychologist for anger management sessions or Cognitive Behavior Therapy Classes.

6. They victimize them

People who victimize themselves with every other trauma that transpired in their life are quite unhappy.

They feel that there is no scope to be saved in this world. Such people can be you or those around you. They might smile out front, but inside, they feel that no one in this world can help them.

They might even start blaming themselves for being in a situation where they have no control over the external factor. Such people miss commitments, make false promises, avoid confrontation, or have an extreme mood status.

Solution: Learn to get rid of these traits of an unhappy person if you want to be saved.

Consult a psychologist to help you recover from the possible case of PTSD. Otherwise, talk to your friends, family members, or mentors whom you trust.

7. They always find something negative in everything

Check if you have the traits of unhappy people and how to break these bad habits that cause most of your unhappiness.
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One of the most habits of unhappy people relates to finding negatives in every other situation.

Such people never notice any hope in any opportunistic or risky situation. They feel that only worse is going to happen in their lives whenever they break routine or try something new.

The primary reason for their pessimistic behavior is that they have been mentally conditioned in that way. Their personality has been like this because of the parenting or the surrounding of their society. Or, it could be in their genes too.

Solution: Learn to take calculated risks in life. With calculative risks, you would grow an appetite to lose meager things to achieve new experiences.

Try new things quite often, even if they are minimal. Put yourself into slightly uncomfortable situations to tackle the horror of unwanted situations in your mind. This is only you reconditioning your mindset towards life.

8. They create too much drama

These are the attention seekers.

These people are not satisfied with their personality. They always need validation from others. This could lead to a nasty scene from their end if others are not paying heed to their wishes or demand. They are spoiled children from inside who have not learned to grow up.

Solution: To deal with such people, you must use an authoritative tone. They must know who the boss is in the room. These people take time to calm their minds and see things clearly as they are. They do not apologize quickly.

If you are an attention-seeker, try meditating, go for solo-travel trips, do things alone, and get social life detoxification to learn who you are and where you want to go.

9. They are not growing in life

10 easily detectable traits of an unhappy person that you must aware of. These bad habits lead to drain your energy and cause unhappiness most of the time.
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“I’m not unhappy,” he said. “Only people with no purpose are unhappy. I’ve got a purpose.” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

One of the most easily detectable traits of an unhappy person is that he or she doesn’t want to grow. Or, they are aimless.

They do not know where to head in life. They think life is too big or too chaotic. They are not able to put their mind to rest or in a particular direction. Or, they are someone who procrastinates things.

Well, that might be many of us. But, here, procrastination would mean not even achieving a single thing in life or not even bothering to try.

If you do move ahead in life, while others are trying their best to be the best versions of themselves, it might be severe or mild depression. You might not be happy with your life, or else, you would have wanted to do something about it.

According to Eric Jaffe’s Research, ‘Your inability to manage emotions are the roots of  procrastination which leads to stress, anxiety, guilt, shame and unhappiness.’

Solution: Eat a lot of vitamins, proteins, and omega-3 acids to deal with depression. Set small and achievable goals in life. Find the mission of your life and make it happen bit by bit.

10. They always want things without efforts

Such is the emotion that many of us already go through. This is an utter state of jealousy and envy.

We always want what others have without going through the struggle of what others are going through or have been through.

These are one of the ultimate signs of unhappy people. Because if you feel so, you are letting out negative emotions of jealousy and envy into the universe.

You are not feeling gratitude about the things which you already have.

Solution: Learn to appreciate people, things, and resources you already have in life.

Shift Your Attitude – Unhappy to Happy:

These above mentioned habits of unhappy people prove that happiness has lot to do with how you react in every circumstances.

This popular quote of Sadhguru will enlighten you deeply on this –

“Do not try to fix whatever comes in your life. Fix yourself in such a way that whatever comes, you will be fine.”

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