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7 Unbeatable Ways to Handle Your Negative Thoughts

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson


‘You should be optimistic’, this is something that we have been told since we have been in school.

However, the majority of the people find it difficult to handle negative thoughts that consume their mind most of the time.

Every day, each one of us delves into some kind of negative thought. Only the time and degree of negativity may vary. Despite knowing very well that these negative thoughts will only lead us to self-destruction, we can’t refrain from it.

Today, we are here to see how to deal with negative thoughts and drive our focus towards positivity.

So let’s start with a story.

Who is the Mightiest of All? – A Story

Once, a knife and a sword got into an argument. Each boasting about their sharpness and ability to cut, pierce, stab and hurt more than one another.

In the meanwhile, someone was listening to their conversation and laughing silently. It was word. It is true that nothing can inflict pain as excruciating as harsh words can do.

Yet, there is one more thing that can pierce sharper than anything else in the world. It can even make things fall apart. It is none other than thought.

However, both words and thoughts also have the ability to heal, energize, and motivate better than anything else in the world.

How Thoughts Impact Us?

Positive thoughts can create wonders and negative thoughts can lead us to a debacle. Our thoughts can make or break us. Whatever we achieve or lose in our life is entirely the outcome of our thoughts.

Thoughts are formless, we can’t see them. What can a formless and invisible thing do to us? – You may ask.

Yet, the strangest and the most brutal reality is that our thoughts have the strongest influence in our lives. It is of paramount significance to be able to handle negative thoughts.

Although it seems difficult to control negative thoughts, but it can be done with a bit of mind training and developing good habits.

How to Handle Negative Thoughts?

These super saving tips can help you overcome negative thoughts and develop a positive perspective at the same time. Best tips to manage your stress and anxiety.
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1. Remember, They’re “Just Thoughts”


“Change your thought and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale


Yes! Thoughts are powerful and they impact our actions deeply. But always remember that thoughts can be changed. All it takes is one conscious decision to identify your negative thought and behaviors.

One of the best ways to engage your mind into something positive is to learn something new. That can be a new skill or fun thing. As you bloom and flourish gradually the negative thoughts make its way out of your mind.

When you tell yourself such encouraging things, you are telling your brain to produce more chemical that make you happier and optimistic.

2. Say “Its okay” to Be Negative Sometime…You Will Be Fine

Sometimes its quite normal to have such thoughts. Saying “its okay” develop more inner strength and courage, need to handle negative thoughts at that time.

Most importantly, it all depends on the way we deal with them. Don’t be hard on yourself with the being positive statement. Question your thoughts – “why should I take you seriously?”

Just shift your emotions and attention. Refuse to believe in them. After a while they will float away.

3. Talk It Out

It is always better to vent out your insecurities and negative thoughts.

If you speak it out with someone, you can get a fresh perspective from that person and that might help you to change your thought.

4. Go for Sweat

Best workout quotes to burn your fat and negative thoughts at the same time. Find amazing tips on how to handle your negative thoughts smartly.
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To drive away your negative thoughts, you have to constantly drive your mind towards positivity.

Sweating your body is like throwing out the downloaded negative energy from your system through workout, running, jogging, cycling or any activities that move you intensely.

Healthline shows that physical activities stimulate the release of dopamine – a brain chemical that boost up your mood and calm you down.

There is no better way to reinforce positivity in your mind than ‘looking good and feeling great’! Let your stubborn fats melt away and take your negative thoughts along with them.

5. Refuse to Engage


“The replacement of negative thought with positive thought brings about a spiritual and physical change that can heal” – Betty Shine


Make sure that you are not rude or forceful towards your negative thoughts because even that would lead you to get engaged with it in some way or the other.

Be cordial. Just like you would deal with a colleague or neighbor who likes to indulge in backbiting or some kind of a conversation that does not match your taste.

After a while, when they realize that you are disinterested, they leave. Your negative thoughts will go away in the same manner.

6. Practice Live In the Moment

We are either dwelling in the past or contemplating our future. And in the end, we are left with a void.

This happens because neither our past nor our future exists in reality.

What actually exists is just the present moment. And we should learn to live it to the fullest. If you really focus on the moment, there is actually no pain or pang of any kind in the ‘now.’ It is a fresh moment – pristine and full of life.

You can practice these things to live in the moment –

  • Come back to Your Breath

The best thing to do at that moment is to start taking slow and deep breaths and watch your breath till the time your mind becomes calm.

Whenever you get agitated your breathing pattern changes and once you start taking a slow and deep breath, it helps you to calm down.

Thoughts have a weird pattern. One thought leads to another. It’s like you are walking unmindfully and one road leads you to another and you keep walking till the time when suddenly you are back in the moment and find that you have lost your way. It is the same with our thoughts.

Try these powerful breathing exercise for instant relaxation.

  • Try to Be Mindful
Practice mindfulness to remove negative thoughts and stress. Try these super saving tips to reduce emotional stress and negativity.
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Mindfulness is a powerful tool to promote mental health. But it does not happen overnight. You need to be at it consistently.

Just be in the moment and observe what’s happening around yourself. You could focus on the flame of a candle and just observe the glow and the colors. Or, you could focus on the birds flying on an evening sky.

But make sure that you just observe. Refrain from engaging with it. Make mindfulness a daily habit to keep negative thoughts at bay.

7. Seek Professional Help if Needed

Sometimes negative thoughts can also be a result of certain clinical reasons. Such cases need professional attention and there is no room for any argument here.

These are cases where no amount of self-motivation or self-help seems to be helpful. What becomes important in such cases is to identify the issue at the right time and take action.

These super saving tips can help you handle negative thoughts instantly. But if you have habit of developing huge mental drama, then start practicing bellowed mention things to burn your negative thoughts pattern.

Save Yourself For the Next Time

Boost your mental health with these positivity boosting tips to remove negative thoughts and stress. 7 best overcome your negative thoughts tips that work amazingly.
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Develop habits of practicing these things to handle negative thoughts cycle as much as possible.

1. Notice What Trigger You Most

Negative thoughts and emotions have a certain trigger points that differ from person to person.

Know your trigger points. It could be your colleague, relative, friends or anyone with whom you need to cross path on a regular basis.

You may have hurtful memories with them that gets reiterated in your mind whenever you meet them. That could be some work related issues, parenting issues or some other thing.

You should identify your trigger points. Either avoid them or try to forgive and move on.

2. Develop Habit of Gratefulness

Start being grateful for even the small things such as getting up every morning with your family around, having the good fortune of having food to eat or a peaceful night’s sleep.

You will see the dramatic transformation in your life. After a while, you may even start feeling that all your choicest wishes are being granted with very less effort.

Try these common ways to develop good habits of gratefulness in your daily life.

3. Join Positive Thinking Groups

Positivity is an attribute that is very intrinsic to our soul, yet it needs to be cultivated.

It is difficult at times to explain the modus operandi of the human mind. Yet, one of the best ways to deal with negative emotions is to make conscious efforts to practice positive thinking.

One awesome attribute about positivity is that it spreads and becomes stronger if you share it. So, join a group when positive thinking and habits are practices in a collective manner.

Share your gratitude list with other people. Pick up habits and positive attitudes of other people. Discuss case studies where people have changed their fortune by changing their thought patterns.

4. Always Start Your Day With a Positive Thought

It is said that morning thoughts have profound impact on our mind and subsequently our lives.

Start your day with gratitude. First thing in the morning you should count your blessings and remind yourself that your life is beautiful in so many ways.

A positive start of the day makes it lots of easier to lead your emotions and energy in more optimistic way of thinking.

5. Eat Well and Sleep Enough

A malnourished and sleep deprived body is the root cause of an unhealthy mind.

Make sure you have a nutritious diet and have a good night sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day.

How to Save Someone Else From Negativity?

Overcome negative thoughts with these super saving tips to handle negative stress and boost positivity.
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Add positivity to someone else life if negativity dragging them down.

  • Be kind to them
  • Help them
  • Don’t be judgmental
  • Just be there
  • Listen to them patiently

Whoever had said the words – “the mind is but a child”, had said it right!

Taking care of your mind and keep it away from negative thoughts is much like bringing up a child and keeping him away from a bad company.

It requires constant vigilance, hand-holding and counseling to ensure healthy and happy growth.

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