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6 Soul-Inspiring Things Happens When You Start Loving Yourself

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard but must be felt within the heart. – Hellen Keller

Love is a word too deep but upfront, dark but light, positive but negative, can leave scars and even heal too.

Usually love is undefinable but when the literature encounters us we ought to know that there are seven types of love in which Philautia refers for self-love.

Self love is a beautiful concept where we find relaxation, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, confidence and so many things.

While taking care of everything in life, we often forget to take care of our own needs. This is the most important skill that we must develop to fill our cup first.

There is no better time to start self love rather than today. Yoga and meditation are another soul inspiring ways to find self love.

And when your soul starts the journey of self-exploration, self-love is ought to happen as all the answers you were looking for comes right there to satisfy you.

An Inspiring Story to Find Self Love

This little inspiring story narrated by Jay Shetty in one of his speech 

One day, a deer was roaming around the river side.

While roaming, he smells the amazing pleasant aroma. The aroma was so mood-boosting that he want to find out the source where it was coming from.

He chases that smell from river to river…one place to another, but all in vain. At the end, he was totally exhausted, so, stopped running and sat down.

After sitting quietly for a moment, he realized that the aroma was not coming from anywhere but from within only.

That fragrance was produced in a gland of his own body that he was searching for everywhere.

Like deer, we are also running to find happiness, love and peace outside the world, and forget the truth that everything happens within us.

This story comes with a great explanation of why it is so important to find the self love in your life.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. – Buddha

Welcome these amazing soul-inspiring things to your life that happened upon falling in love with yourself. These self-love quotes will revitalize your life energy again. 6 Signs of Self-Love

How deep is your inner love? Here are some sign to guarantee you that you’re in love with yourself.

1. You Becomes a Better Version of Yourself

Self love is our fuel; which is foundation of our existence and foundation should be strong and solid enough to bear the weight of all life’s sufferings.

The day you start loving yourself, you start building a healthy relationship with your soul which bring a positive shift to your life and help you move effortlessly.

Naturally, everything start balancing; your relationship, health, and life become clear expression of your inner-self which is loved enough now.

This happen only when you start taking care of your own needs and prioritizing yourself. And in doing so, develop into a person we strive to be.

2. You Fills the Gap of Loneliness

Always remember, loneliness is just a feeling, not a fact.

Your mind is designed to pay attention to past pain and suffering when alone. (most of the time). Because loneliness has power to trigger your painful scary memory.

The best way to get rid of loneliness is spending your time on things that you love to do.

Being a gorgeous lady, i love to do beauty regime, getting a relax detox bath, doing my hair things and pampering my body.

All these things happens when you are loved enough. Only then you start setting healthy boundaries to people and situations that are not adding values or serving you.

The more you prioritize yourself, less you tolerate to be treated like trash.

3. You Stop Seeking for Others’ Approval

Who knows emancipating the chained soul would cause so much relief?

Once you ignore other’s stereotypical judgments and trust your own decisions you are more likely to create a positive environment.

Despite so many challenges in life such as anxiety, criticisms, failures, broken heart, depression and so many downfalls like these, you wake up next day hoping for better.

I don’t care what you think of me. Unless you think I am awesome in which case you are right! Carry on…

Love yourself quotes that will power your inner strength. Boost your self-love with these very simple ways.

4. You Get a Balancing Mantra

The moment you stop comparing your lives with others, self-love start happening.

Its all about taking ownership. Ownership of your actions, emotions, and life energy.

When you take complete charge of yourself, you refuse to adopt a victim mentality.

Prioritizing yourself not only empower you but also reward you appreciation of being different and stand strong.

5. You Become a Grateful Person

We know you have comes up a long way. Your feelings, treated to be unworthy and taken for granted, had been scratched many times.

You paid the price, and chosen to be on the path of self love to explore the positivity in life.

You start feeling blessed and grateful for the everything around you. This is the first thing you do every morning to fill your soul with kindness, love and healing.

You feels grateful for peoples, food, love, money, job, situations, and everything in your life. It boost your sense of satisfaction and acceptance as the things are.

Appreciating the beauty of differences has transformed your perception completely and suddenly everything falling for you that we called as “Good Luck.”

6. Your Act as a Magnet of Happiness

Happiness is an internal state of mind, it has nothing to do with the external things. When you start loving yourself, you start attracting more of that energy.

You naturally comes across such happy peoples and situations that will makes your soul happy. But for a long lasting happiness, you must turn your journey inward.

That’s why self love is very important. First, it pour your cup of love and then shower on others.

You act as magnet of happiness, and love. The more your feel it internally, the more your life become expression of it.

It will not only makes you feel better but also reward you internal peace. The day you start loving and appreciating yourself, other peoples also start overlooking your flaws to accept the new you.

6 Ways to Find Self-Love in Your Life

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place. – Unknown

Put yourself always on the top priority. This self-love tips will open your ways to get closer to your soul and help you experience your new self.

1. Start Meditating

“If you cultivate your body, mind, energies, and emotions to a certain level of maturity, meditation naturally happen.” – Sadhguru

It is just like if you keep the soil fertile if you give it the necessary manure and water and if the right kind of seed is there, it will grow and bloom into flowers and fruits.

Therefore start your day with this beautiful art of providing peace and internal happiness.

2. Appreciate Yourself Every Morning

How would you feel if the mirror you look into responds you back with the smile and enthusiasm every day?

Just do it every single day.

Prescribe yourself to say the phrase ‘I am my favorite’ every day for a happy, healthy, and beautiful day.

3. Start Traveling

Nature is the best way to put your soul into the right place.

Henceforth start going for nature walks or treks with random groups or alone. This will help you to explore the new you.

4. Trash the Unwanted

Delete the venoms in your life. The day you remove the toxic people from your life, this earth becomes a better place to live.

Don’t let anyone hamper your soul by providing the tag of ‘unconditional love’ or ‘well-wisher’.

Let your caged heart be free to explore the self-love. As the process of seeking happiness externally is chaos, on the contrary, internal happiness is a crown of magnanimous love.

5. Take a Bubble Bath And Journal Your Thoughts

Drain your thoughts in a bubble bath to detox your body and mind.

Journal your thoughts is also another great way to find self love. Just write those 10 things that make you happy and positive everyday.

The main reason strengthening you is only self-love. Loving yourself can be tricky but once figured out, it all blossoms up.

6. Make Books Your Best Friend

Indulge yourself into reading about things that calm and interest you.

If you are a new yogi and want to inspire your journey then read these most impacted yogis biography.

But if you are struggling to build an empire in your career, then these most powerful woman entrepreneurship journey will always be there to give you a quick boost.

Life is too short to tolerate things that don’t make you happy.

Final Thought: Start loving yourself today.

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