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5 Most-Inspiring Yoga Tutorials on YouTube for Beginners

Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transform the person. – B.K.S Iyengar

Yoga is a journey that you can embark on any stage of your life.

The amazing thing is that it is always ready to shower the incredible rewards on you.

Once you start doing yoga regularly, it becomes easier to pick up any healthy habits; tasks become easier, and life becomes much more effortless in so many terms.

We known, inside somewhere we all are struggling to make ourselves a better person that looks great and feels awesome everyday.

This desire keep us motivating to find all the possible ways available to work-out our body even in this lockdown.

Also, the hefty annual subscription to a local gym or fitness class won’t go waste now.

Its no-frill-no-fuss way to give your whole body some TLC. It requires zero to minimal equipment that is mostly available at your own house.

Just a yoga mat and you are good-to-go.

Few expert advise are always free on the internet, you just need to find them out from the sea of fitness.

Here we will connect you with those best yoga instructors who touched millions of lives through their easy-to-do yoga tutorials on Youtube.

Benefits to Get Trained from Best Yoga Tutorials

Get trained in yoga with these most influenced yoga teachers online who touched millions of lives. Best yoga channel on Youtube for new yogis.
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These yoga instructor can help you to integrate an incredible workout regime into your daily life without going to the gym.

They will enlighten your path and make your journey easy-to-go as they –

  • Take away the awe and enigma that is usually attached to yoga.
  • Give you the courage and confidence to approach yoga with free mind.
  • Help you to set a fitness goal for yourself.
  • Design tutorial for yoga practitioners at diverse stages of their proficiency.
  • Offer duration that ranges from as short a span as 15-20 minutes to even 45 minutes-1 hour.

Best Yoga Teacher on Youtube

Learn yoga with these highly influenced and practitioner yoga instructor on Youtube.

1. Yoga With Andriene

Yoga with Andriene is a free YouTube channel that helps you to find at-home yoga. It helps you to find faith in yourself.

The Texas-based actress, writer, and international yoga instructor engage over 6 million free subscribers every day with her exclusive yoga tutorials that aim to inspire and guide yoga practitioners at every stage of their yogic journey.

2. PsycheTruth

PsycheTruth is more of a curator of several fitness regimes that include yoga, pilates, massages as well as nutrition.

It hosts videos from some of the best yoga instructors who, through their crisp and motivating tutorials help yoga practitioners to master the poses effortlessly from the comfort of their homes.

The yoga tutorials are designed putting together an indigenous mix of easy to challenging poses that help to rule out all the inhibitions from the mind of early learners.

These tutorials initiate you to an enjoyable journey of knowing your own body and learning to love it.

3. SarahBethYoga

Is your yoga mat still gathering dust because you are not an early riser?

No matter what your story behind procrastinating your yoga practice is, ace yoga teacher Sarah Beth has got you covered.

With unique yoga workouts designed into crisp packages with a user-friendly duration of 10-20-30 and 40 minutes each and most importantly, for different times of the day.

SarahBethYoga is the biggest myth buster of all time and helps you to build strength, flexibility and has a holistic impact on your entire body.

4. Boho Beautiful

Hosted by Juliana and Mark, Boho Beautiful offers an indigenous mix of yoga, pilates, fitness, and meditation at the backdrop of picturesque locations that ensure you don’t have a single dull day on your yoga mat.

Touching lives of more than 1.5 million subscribers, Boho Beautiful has emerged to be a go-to for beginners, intermediaries as well as advanced yogis.

Check out their Transform series that leaves you more energized and fit at the end of the series.

5. Natasha Noel

Turning to yoga and meditation was the only option Natasha Noel had at the darkest hours of her life.

Indeed for her, it proved to be a journey from darkness to light.

A true phoenix that rose from her own ashes, Noel attributes all her achievement to yoga and meditation. And now it is time for her to give it back to the world.

Apart from her yoga studio in Mumbai, she also teaches through her YouTube channel that is named after her.

Her yoga tutorials break up each posture in the simplest manner to make it easy for the practitioners to get it in the most flawless manner.

Do you know more inspiring Yoga tutorial? Comment us below. Your suggestion are valuable to us. We will surely reach them out to update your favorite yoga channel in our list.

Featured Image: Freepik

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