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10 Powerful Ways People Trying to Manipulate You

“Manipulation, fuelled with good intent, can be a blessing. But when used wickedly, it is the beginning of a magician’s karmic calamity.” – T.F. Hodge

A psychologist stated that manipulation is not a black magic, instead some principles that work wonderfully well.

People using these shortcuts to trigger the brain immediately for instant decisions.

A manipulator holds the power to turn the tables around by playing and plotting up tactics to do the same.

They have a very strong power that can make people believe in their perspective by getting into their minds.

Most of us are aware of the foul experience we come across of being emotionally manipulated, the judgments are really hard to make.

It isn’t at all easy to figure out the hypo-critic faces drooling around. Even your own facts go wrong if you aren’t rigid.

Everyone around molds in a chocolate ball but the bitterness inside is unidentifiable. Their words are persuasive enough to change your direction.

“When it comes to controlling human beings, there is no better instrument than lies. Because you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts.” – Michael Ende

Manipulating yourself for good thing is a positive act, but don’t allow yourself to get  manipulated for the things you don’t want to do.

Know these powerful and most popular ways of manipulations people using for their own good.

And be aware of these mind games when it happen to you. (Ofcourse the negetive one)

Popular Ways of Manipulation

Considering that everyone requires a life based on loyalty, respect, and security even though exposed to their flows and vulnerability.

I am sure no one likes to be manipulated as it isn’t a choice one abides by.

Powerful quote on manipulating people. Know these 10 popular ways people trying to manipulate you for what they want.

1. Play With Words

The nature of a manipulator comes with a whole baggage. One thing that pricks them is, not accepting their own fault.

These people can basically tagged as ‘swipers’.

Considering the fact they cannot accept their flaws, they tend to play with the words and make it look like your mistake.

2. Acting As If They are Superior to You

A doomed reality that is stated everywhere is that narcissists think highly of themselves. They carry the tendency to belittle you by stating themselves as the superior one.

This act can either happen through words, facial expressions, or by yelling at you. Their purpose is just letting you down to make them respect.

3. Hardcore Diplomats

It is quite easy to make commitments but when the time approaches it is even easier to back off.

These manipulators have this trait inbuilt it seems. It’s like a skill they possess in which they excel.

They can go to any extent to make you believe that they are right. Even they lie to cover up all their mistakes.

4. Emotional Play

Powerful manipulation techniques people use to control you for their own good. You must know these 10 ways people trying to manipulate you.
Credit: Freepik

Emotions are human’s biggest weakness, when it comes to manipulate people. Here, manipulator gets an upper hand on this side.

They never hesitate to mess with your emotions in order to get what they want. Moreover, they practice all the emotional hits on you until you fall on their feet.

Even if it is by hurting you or bringing out the rage in you. Where feelings are involved they can make you weak and do anything.

For Examples:

  • I love you.
  • I am angry to you.
  • I am sorry.

We all hear such words in relationships which is very common manipulative trick among couples. In order to take benefits from you, they convince you for what they want, not for what you want.

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5. Show as ‘Victim’

Call it sadistic or a conscious act to manipulate you smartly.

The manipulators possess this trait of hijacking your mind by coiling your thoughts. Furthermore, the act is performed in such a manner that you are busted for your actions that you haven’t even performed.

The manipulator thereby frames the scene as if they are the victim.

This makes you question your steps and ultimately fulfills the manipulator’s goal. That was putting you in a “guilt trap.”

For example:

  • I thought we were friends!
  • I can’t believe how selfish you are!
  • I have always been there for you but you didn’t moved a finger for me.

6. Free or Favor Policy

In this world, nothing comes free. Everything has a cost, may it be paid monetarily or by returning a favor.

There are always expectations when anything falls in your ways as ‘favor’.

The malicious intent of the manipulator, is to meet the expectation after they tend to do some favor for you even if strings are attached.

If the expectations of the manipulator aren’t met they will tag you like the “most ungrateful person.”

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7. Silent Treatment

This behavior is one of those horrific stages of manipulation only if you know how to read a person’s mind.

It is basically called “cold behavior.”

Such people tend to remain silent even after a major fight. The manipulators give you death stares to make you feel guilty.

This act can end you find yourself apologizing or talking to them.

8. Gang Upon One or Bullying

Powerful manipulations trick they use to hurt you for their own benefits. Know these 10 ways people trying to manipulate you.

This is one of the most mind deafening behaviors. And why not? It works wonderfully well.

To let down anyone, a group of peoples gather up, collectively mock and pass remarks.

They practice this bad habit by bullying people for their look, color, work, and so many others.

For Example:

  • Go get me food from that table! (an order plus a bully threat statement). This can rot a person deeply that can lead to depression and suicides even.
  • Physical violence.
  • Verbal violence and abuse.
  • Make fun of people’s look.

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9. By Setting Up Deadlines

Pressurizing is another strong technique followed by manipulators.

If they want you to do work done on time, they will make you believe about the time limitations by setting up false deadlines.

For Example:

  • Sales or coupons based on deadlines.
  • Teachers giving deadlines to children during projects or examinations.
  • Bosses setting up deadlines for their employees.

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10. Sweet Tooth

“Why am I letting you comfort me?” He stared over her head. Because I’ve made sure you have no one else to turn to.” ― Kresley Cole, Lothaire

Everyone these days has this urge of seeking appreciation.

Various survey released the results that people work more productively when appreciated.

It is a technique to think highly of yourself. Due to this, manipulators takes work from you quite smoothly and easily.

What I suggest is, if manipulation used rightly, can be considered as a “Positive Act.”

But when they put you into action to hurt and suffer, then recognize their behaviors and stop their “Negative Manipulation Act.”

Some Other Ways of Manipulation People Use

There are so many ways people using these days to manipulate you for shake of their own good.

  • They won’t hesitate to lie.
  • They crack dirty jokes on you.
  • They spread fear.
  • They yell at you.
  • They try to ignore you.
  • They make you fit into their reality by dominating you.
  • They make you feel guilty.
  • They try to exploit your weakness, such as, sex, money, power, fear, or anything.
  • They poison your thoughts.

The manipulator can be your friend, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, teachers, colleague, stranger, adviser, and almost everyone around you, affecting and manipulating you consciously and unconsciously.

Just figure it out, whether its good or bad for you?

And, choose the manipulations smartly to protect yourself from this powerful mind-game.

Featured Image: Freepik

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